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Working From Home? Are You REALLY Working?

imageIf you work from home, the chances are high that you really are working. Despite the friends, and critical neighbors, who can’t get their head around the idea that one can be productive working from the same location where they hang their hat.

Frankly, I find it less than amusing when I hear – “working from home is not the same as having a real job”.  A common enough comment from those who are stuck in a time warp.

Connected technology and the Internet, have dramatically changed not only how we work but, for many of us, it has changed where we work. Working from a home office has exploded in recent years – and, with good reason. Although, I must admit, I’ve maintained a home office for more than 20 years.

There are more than a few good practical reasons for working from a home office including; working in your PJs, not having to shower before sitting down at your computer, not having to put up with assorted smells on the Subway during “rush hour”…….

On a more serious note, the real advantages of working from a home office, especially for a freelancer, include –

No commuting – the cost savings can be substantial.

Big savings based on not maintaining an outside office.

Less life stress – tied in to “no commuting”.

Flexibility in establishing work hours. Depending on your personality, you might find that you work longer hours than you might otherwise. Knowing when to hit the “off” switch I find, takes some practice.

No ever present boss’s “watchful eye” (if you’re not self-employed).

You can dress comfortably and casually and, maybe save some money on not having to buy into the latest fashion look.

And, many more good reasons, I’m sure you have.

My home office – not big, not fancy, but – it works well for me.


What you need to travel with the “big guys” while working from a home based office.


A dependable high-speed internet connection.

At least one fast workhorse computer and a large LCD monitor. A tablet computer can be a very handy extra.

The appropriate software for the task at hand.

A multi-purpose printer that includes fax, copier and scanning capabilities. I might add, that a Laser printer, given their current low price, can be a good investment.

A dedicated business line with voice mail capabilities.

A smartphone – for those times when you’re on the run.

Nice to have:

A separate space (with a door), dedicated to office use only.

Lots of desk space and storage.

A neighborhood IT guy who likes you.   Smile

Working from home is not all “wine and roses” of course. It’s been my experience that working from home is HARD work. Work discipline, and dedication to results, are more important than  the latest in technology, or an ultra comfortable work space.


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