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Microsoft Security Essentials – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do – But, It’s Over; You’re Gone

imageSadly, Microsoft Security Essentials and I have had a falling out. We’re through – it’s over – that’s it. It’s broken the cardinal rule I’ve long established for all my applications – trust that it will perform as advertised.

It’s been replaced in my affection by another – one that lives up to its billing –  AVG AntiVirus Free 2013. Microsoft Security Essentials no longer does.

Frankly, I’ve avoided AVG’s products for years – with good cause I think. Applications that are slow, cumbersome, updates that crash systems ….. have a way of ending up in file 13 (the garbage), around here. In the past, AVG’s products were known for all of that, and more. It had its defenders of course, but I was not one of them.

As MSE has slowly lost its touch, AVG has bounded ahead. It’s sleek; it’s fast; it’s free – and, in the latest AV-Test.org’s (see AV-Test.org’s full results here), it pummels MSE – again.

In fact, for the second testing cycle in a row – Microsoft Security Essentials has failed certification as an effective security application.

Quick overview of AVG AntiVirus Free’s salient score points. Click graphic to expand.


Courtesy – AV-Test.org.

I’ve been running with AVG AntiVirus Free 2013 on a primary home system (a Windows 8 machine), since September 5, of last year. The verdict? I’m impressed – very impressed.

As you can see from the following screen shot, AVG AntiVirus Free offers substantial protection – not quite up to the standard of the company’s paid applications – but, more than enough (in my view), that an aware user should feel comfortable.

Keep in mind, that an educated user understands the limitations of relying on a single security application and, is conversant with the principal of layered security.

Windows 8 users will notice that the GUI (as shown below) owes a little something to Windows 8’s Metro (or whatever MS is calling it these days) GUI.


Multiple choices are available in the settings menu so that users can tweak and massage the application to meet their specific needs. I must admit – that was a major positive for me.


Running a scan: As is my practice – I run a complete scan on my machine’s boot drive every day. And a full scan on all attached drives, weekly.


Running a scan: 60 GB SSD – particulars as shown below.



Scanning time – just under 5 minutes with “High Priority” set.


Slip in a USB device – and….


System requirements: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

Download at: AVG

A Major Bonus – From the site:

It’s not just the software that’s free. So too is phone access to our team of support experts 24/7, 365 days a year (USA, UK, Canada). Kudos to AVG!!

You’ll notice a basket-full of additional free AVG products on the download page – you just might find something that fills a gap in your overall security plan.

Whether you’re an experienced user, or you consider yourself “average”, I recommend that you spend some time scouting around the application’s GUI – there’s lots to be discovered here. All of it good.  Smile


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Download Dmailer Backup – A Free Handy Dandy, Easy Backup Utility

If you’re looking for a free handy dandy, easy backup utility, that also includes 2 GB of free online storage, then take a close look at Dmailer.

One of the features offered in Dmailer, might appear at first glance to be a negative – but it really isn’t. Dmailer will not allow you to backup to an internal storage device.

Backing up to an internal device is of limited value, since this device is subject to the same exposure risks as the primary drive. You can however, backup to an external hard drive, USB device, or even an mp3 player.

Recently, guest writer Glenn Taggart in his review of Orb, a web based media streamer, made the comment “it’s so simple to set up, a caveman can do it”. The same words could be used to describe Dmailer. It really is a simple application.

Take a look at the following screen captures of my initial test session. The screen shots reflect a single continuous session. Using Dmailer is just as easy as the screen shots suggest.

Dmailer 1

Dmailer 2

Dmailer 3

Dmailer 4

Dmailer 5

Dmailer 6

Fast facts:

2GB of free online storage

Backup by file types, size and date

Restore your data in one single click

Unparalleled security

Easy set up and no installation required

Continuous and automatic live backup

Contextual help to guide you through the application features

Password protected and AES 128-bit encryption

Available in 19 languages

Mac and Windows compatible –

Supports Windows XP, Vista and 7 –

Supports Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6

You can store secure copies of your files – regardless of size – online for easy access from any computer.

Overall, I was impressed with Dmailer’s functionality – it’s easy, it’s fast, and you have access to the online storage function from any Internet connection. Should you need to, the fee online storage can be increased from the 2 GB level, for a fee.

Note: Do not launch the application from the .zip folder – I made that mistake. Instead, copy/move it first to its permanent location on disk.

System requirements: Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

Available Languages: 18 languages including English, French, Italian,German, Spanish.

Download at: Download.com

Note: This application is also available for Mac.

Update: June 8, 2010. This morning I received an email from Anthony Gianastasio, the Product Line Manager of Dmailer, the person in charge of the Dmailer Backup product – “As I can see in the comments, you and some of your readers have some questions regarding the name “Dmailer”. Let me explain that to you.

Dmailer is a small french company, based in Marseille (Provence). We first launched  an email management application in 2001. In French “demêler” means “To sort, To organize” and it was precisely the goal of the first software of the company: help people manage their email. We just turn “Demeler” to a more English sound and it became “Dmailer”. I agree it can be confusing because our backup software has nothing to do with email, but we will add an email backup feature to the product in a near future!

Finally, as we strongly rely on our user’s feedback to improve our software, feel free to submit any ideas/suggestions you may have. We just opened a new community site for that purpose. It’s available here.”

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