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Five Firefox Disposable Email Address Add-ons – Share An Email Address Safely

imageMost of us are familiar with this old line – “Free online registration is required – and oh yeah, give us your email address so that we can send you the activation code.” It’s almost inevitable that solicitations for additional products, or services, will follow – at a minimum.

Even on this site, if you want to leave a comment you must provide an email address. I do this in an effort to control comment spam. This past Saturday, for example, I had to deal with almost 600 spam comments – sheesh!

Fortunately, the only person who can see the actual email address on a WordPress Blog, is the Blog owner. This precaution effectively shuts out email harvesters. Still, I recognize that a certain amount of trust is necessary that I won’t sell, or profit, from a commenter’s email address.

My good buddy Paul Lubic, over at Paul’s Home Computing Blog, addresses this issue head on by appending “I don’t share your email address with anyone…no one; I hate spam too”, to every post. I know Paul, so I can vouch for the accuracy of this statement – he hates spam.

If you do too (and why wouldn’t you), and you’re a Firefox users, there’s an abundance of add-ons which can help to protect your Online privacy, reduce Spam, and still allow you to comment, register for newsletters, join forums, and so on – all anonymously.

Each application description has been taken directly from the developer’s Mozilla page.

Less Spam, please

You want to register, leave a comment or just have a disposable email address at hand ? But you want to be able to retrieve mail from time to time and to use always the same address for the same web site ?

This is the solution. Less Spam, please create a (partially) random email address for you, always the same for a given web site. It relies on services (without registration) such as YopMail, MailCatch, Humaility or Mailinator.


Create free disposable email addresses and paste them directly in forms. This helps to protect you from spam mails and could be useful when subscribing to forums or newsletters… The email addresses can be deleted at any time! This plugin uses the free TrashMail.net DEA service.


Create a temporary e-mailadress for 12 hours. Perfect when signing up on websites or forums and dont want to give away your personal e-mailadress.
All mails will be forward to your personal e-mailadress, after 12 hours the temporary e-mailadress will no longer work.

Spam Control

Spam control gives you easy-to-use control over who you give your email address to, and easy access to a number of spam fighting tools that help keep your inbox spam-free.

Spam Control adds a toolbar (which you can disable if you like) and a pop-up menu to Firefox. Whenever an input field has focus, you can use one of the buttons to automatically type an email address into the field, saving you having to type it or remember it.


As an anti-spam solution tempomail allows you to create a temporary email address redirecting each message to your mailbox for a given period of time. When this period of time expires, you will not receive any spam from the web sites on which you gave your temporary email address. Tempomail is not commercial and your email address will be stored in our logs only for legal archiving.

To create a temporary email address, just right click on a text field and select “tempomail” in the context menu. Then you’ll be asked for your real email address to which messages will be redirected during the time you selected. The temporary email address also appears in the text field as shown in the previews.

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