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Checkout CNET’s Top 20 Hot Downloads

imageMy favorite download site, by a substantial margin, is CNET’s Download.com. I trust the programs I download from this site to be free from adware, spyware, and the multitude of other malware that floats freely on the Internet.

Since CNET adheres to a strict policy of offering untainted downloads, regular readers of Tech Thoughts know, that when I review an application, if the program is available for download at Download.com, I direct interested readers there.

If you’ve ever wondered what applications make it to the top of CNET’s vast repository of software, then take a look at the top 20 downloads for the week ending July 2, 2011, listed in terms of popularity.

Here’s a look at what’s hot:

1. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011

Downloads last week: 1,149,295

2. RealPlayer

Downloads last week: 775,522

3. WinRAR (32-bit)

Downloads last week: 734,754

4. YouTube Downloader

Downloads last week: 708,205

5. Avast Free Antivirus

Downloads last week: 640,589

6. FreeZ Online TV

Downloads last week: 392,594

7. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Downloads last week: 390,689

8. TeamViewer

Downloads last week: 389,105

9. Advanced SystemCare Free

Downloads last week: 363,161

10. Camfrog Video Chat

Downloads last week: 355,868

11. Virtual DJ

Downloads last week: 316,837

12. PhotoScape

Downloads last week: 289,353

13. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Downloads last week: 286,598

14. Internet Download Manager

Downloads last week: 276,425

15. MyVideoConverter

Downloads last week: 274,045

16. Ad-Aware Free Internet Security

Downloads last week: 246,708

17. VLC Media Player

Downloads last week: 223,572

18. GOM Media Player

Downloads last week: 203,111

19. UMPlayer

Downloads last week: 183,894

20. CNET TechTracker

Downloads last week: 183,430

Keep in mind that an application’s popularity is not always indicative of its strength, but I’ve tested the majority of these programs, at one time or another, and found many to be every bit as good as advertised.

Additional high quality download sites that are worth investigating:


MajorGeeks is here to help you get the most out of your computer mainly by offering tools to the beginner or advanced user (hopefully you someday). Try not to be overwhelmed, just take it one step at a time. Your hosts (Jim and Tim) are both self taught, as are many of our visitors.


SourceForge.net is the biggest and best place to download and develop free open source software.


Freeware, shareware, and trialware files for your PC.


Freeware, demo and shareware programs to download in several categories. Also features latest updates and most popular downloads.

I’m always on the hunt for safe, clean download sites so, if you’ve got a favorite site I’d be happy to hear about it.

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Control A Remote Computer (And More), With Free TeamViewer

image If you’re a person who’s often asked by friends, to help them, their friends, their neighbors, ……..the list goes on, to reconstruct a computer that is not responding appropriately, has become loaded with malware, etc., then free TeamViewer is worth taking a look at.

TeamViewer connects to any PC, or server, within a few seconds; which allows you to control a remote PC as if you were sitting right in front of it. Best of all, a typical (non geek) computer user using TeamViewer, doesn’t need to know anything about ports or protocols, or any other complicated Firewall jargon.

Some of my friends, who are only moderately techno competent, have used this neat little tool to rescue their family’s and friend’s computers. Most have commented that it feels just as if they were working side by side with the remote user, on the same PC. I second that perception. Awesome!

Running this free screen sharing/remote control application, is simple – perhaps the easiest I’ve used. The user interface is plain, functional, and uncomplicated – as illustrated.

Click graphic to expand to original.


Since the application has considerable functionality, over and above remote tech support, including file-transfer and business collaboration, there are substantial options available. In the following screen capture, I’ve chosen to illustrate Remote control options.

Click graphic to expand to original.


To get up and running:

Have your friend/partner/associate etc, download, install and run TeamViewer – then email you the session ID and Password, once they have launched the application.


Here’s an example of TeamViewer at work.

The following screen captures illustrate that I’ve taken remote control of TeamViewer’s test computer, by entering the session ID and password provided by TeamViewer – acting as the friend/partner/associate.


Once in control, I opened the remote machine’s WordPad and did a little typing.

Click on graphic to expand


Once you’ve installed TeamViewer, you can do the same thing to give yourself a little practice.

Fast facts:

One solution for everything – While most competitors offer different packages for remote support, remote administration, training and sales (and also charge for them…) TeamViewer is the one-stop solution for everything you need: TeamViewer includes all modules in one simple and very affordable package.

File transfer – TeamViewer comes with integrated file transfer that allows you to copy files and folders to and from a remote partner – which also works behind firewalls

Highest security standard – TeamViewer is a very secure solution. All versions feature completely secure data channels with key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding, the same security standard used by https/SSL.

Remote support without installation – With TeamViewer you can remotely control any PC anywhere on the Internet. No installation is required, just run the application on both sides and connect – even through tight firewalls.

Remote presentation of products, solutions and services – TeamViewer allows you to present your desktop to a partner. Share live demos, products, and presentations over the Internet within seconds.

Works behind firewalls – The major difficulties in using remote control software are firewalls and blocked ports, as well as NAT routing for local IP addresses. If you use TeamViewer you don’t have to worry about firewalls: TeamViewer will find a route.

Optimized performance – Whether you have a LAN or dial-up connection, TeamViewer optimizes display quality and speed depending on your network connection.

Encryption – TeamViewer includes full encryption, based on RSA private-public key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding. This technology is based on the same standards as https/SSL and is considered completely safe by today’s standards.

Access Protection – In addition to the PartnerID TeamViewer generates a session password that changes with every software start to provide additional security against unauthorized access to a remote system.

System requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Mac, Linux, Mobile systems.

Download at:  Team Viewer

Note: A portable version is also available.

Bottom line: If you have the skills, and you have the opportunity to provide tech support to your family or friends, then TeamViewer might just be the tool you’ve been looking for.

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