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Dial-a-Fix – Free Advanced Computer User Tool

I’m quite comfortable in having the world come to me. After all, that’s one reason (although not the primary one), I’m on the Internet.

For example, in my community we have Dial-a-Bottle (beer), Dial-a-Brew (beer), Dial-a-Law (uh oh), Dial-a-Bus – well you get the point. So, when I discovered Dial-a-Fix, an advanced fix-it utility for Windows, I was intrigued and I’m glad I was.

Quick overview:

Dial-a-Fix is a great little application that assists users in solving specific annoying Windows system issues.


Fast facts:

Dial-a-fix applies solutions that are based on Microsoft Knowledgebase articles

Convenient front-end for known Microsoft repair procedures

Restores selected settings to the OS defaults.

System requirements: Windows: 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, and Server 2003

Download at: Softpedia

Users of this application should have a reasonable degree of operating system proficiency. If not, the assistance of a well-informed geeky friend, or a professional technician, is strongly recommended.


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