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Weathertainment – The Snowstorm Apocalypse

Who would have thought – a snowstorm in Toronto. In the Winter; no less!

Jumped out of bed this morning at my usual five AM – looked out the living room window, and there it was – SNOW! Not that I was surprised of course, since the Weather Channel, the Toronto Star newspaper, and virtually every form of new media imaginable, has been intent, in the past few days, on cranking up my fear index to new heights.

In Toronto, Twitter is currently abuzz with the likes of this – RosaHwangCTV @RosaHwangCTV – Miserable in #Toronto. Worst snowstorm in years. Anyone who tweets today about sunny weather where they live, I’m unfollowing. #TOstorm – which leads me to conclude, that Rosa needs to get a life.

Perhaps Rosa’s Twitter followers might prompt her to come to grips with the nuts and bolts of a Canadian Winter. And, help her to understand that her views are in sharp contrast to the not so mythical “rugged Canadian” who by all accounts, does not live in Toronto. Toronto, it seems is reserved for pussies.

Not to be outdone – The Star newspaper ramps up the angst  with this – Send us your snowstorm photos, tales of woe – “tales of woe” no less.

How is it, that Torontonians became a pitiful bunch of whiners and complainers over a rather natural event – snow in Winter? Where have the days gone when we embraced winter (as we should) and snow, for what it had to offer?

Where have the days gone when each of us made sensible preparations for snow events? Or, the days when we strapped on a pair of cross- country skis and frolicked through the neighbourhood following a major snow storm. The days when we celebrated the shutting down of life’s intensity for a brief respite.

Roosevelt didn’t have it quite right when he mused “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” No, it’s more than fear that we need to fear. As well, we need to fear the professional fear mongers.

Long gone are the days when we could trust the media (the new fear mongers), to provide us with relatively unbiased concrete data, designed to inform and educate. We now live in an environment in which so called “news”, is coloured and flavoured to meet the needs of the bottom line.

Truth, and accuracy be damned – potential sales, potential readership/viewers, drives the corporate wagon. And fear, is often the man holding the reins.

Rick Mercer – one of Canada’s premier comics – well know for his charming wit and social consciousness – covers the weather fear issue nicely, in his 2007  “Rick Mercer Rant – Canadian Weather.”

It’s worth a watch –even if you’re not Canadian.   Smile

Click on graphic to view on YouTube.



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