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Caution – Trend Micro’s HouseCall Spoofed

The Internet is increasingly like the Wild West – at least the Wild West we’re use to seeing portrayed in the movies.

The strong, fast with a six shooter, secure tough hombres (read – informed), survive; while the weak, the insecure and the unarmed, (read – uninformed), get their butts kicked. Once again we have a situation where this scenario is likely to play out.

In the last six months or so, I have focused primarily on Internet security issues on this Blog, with a particular emphasis on the massive number of rogue security applications flooding the web.

Since not all security scanners are equal, or 100% effective, I have recommended, in a number of articles, that online scanners are a viable alternative to installed malware scanners as a double check to ensure computer systems are free of malware infections. One of the scanners I have always recommended is, Trend Micro’s HouseCall.

Cyber-criminals, not satisfied with exploiting installable malware scanners, are now trying to exploit Trend Micro’s free online scanner HouseCall. The uninformed Internet user is, once again, the primary target of these cyber-criminals.

According to  Trend Micro, a surfer using a search engine such as Google, with a search string such as, “free online virus scan by Trend Micro”, can end up on a spoofed version of  HouseCall by clicking the link returned by Google. Not surprisingly, the spoofed site informs users their computers are infected with malware, and then teases them to purchase a fake anti-virus application in order to remove the fake threat.

Regular visitors to this site are aware of the substantial threat posed by rogue security application. For more information on this issue, checkout “ Rogue Security Software on the Rise – What You Need to Know Now!” on this site.

Trend Micro advises all users to go to their website home page directly for product information and services, instead of clicking on links to individual pages brought up by search engines. This advice should, in fact, be followed for all searches.


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