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Access Denied in Windows 7? – Download Free TOwnership (Take Ownership)

I love Windows 7, since it was built with more security in mind than previous Windows operating systems. No, I’m not saying that it’s perfect, but Windows 7 is a significant improvement.

I’m all for enhanced security but, I get plenty ticked off when I need access to a specific file, or folder, and I find out Windows 7 won’t allow it. It doesn’t even trust ME, and I have administrator privileges!

Here’s an example of operating system paranoia, when I requested access to MY local settings folder.


Now, wait a minute – that’s just wrong! I’m the one in control here – not some bloody computer operating system. Computers will do as I command; not the other way around.

I understand, up to a point, why Microsoft programmers decided that some users shouldn’t have access to certain files, or folders, in order to prevent unintentional, or intentional, file or folder modification. Microsoft’s habit of “hiding”system files, by default, is one example of this “safety first” thinking.

Frankly though, I don’t allow any files or folders, on any of my systems, to remain hidden, or inaccessible. I want to know what’s there, who put it there, and most importantly – what it does.

It’s easy enough to change the default setting in Windows Explorer so that system files are no longer hidden. And, I highly recommend that you do so; since malware is notorious for sitting in these files, and attacking/changing them.

Here’s what to do, so that you can at least see these files:

On the Tools menu in Windows Explorer, click Folder Options.

Click the View tab.

Under Hidden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders.

However, doing this will not change restricted access to certain of these files, and folders. Microsoft does provide a solution though – if you want to work through an 11 step process. I kid you not – 11 steps!

A much easier solution to this aggravation, comes in the form of a neat little free application – TOwnership.

Take Ownership is a Shell extension which adds a Windows Explorer context menu option – “Take Ownership” to all folders and files, which will allow you to take ownership of a file, or folder, thereby gaining access.

Following installation you will see the new “Take Ownership”, command in Windows Explorer context menu (right click menu), as the following screen capture shows.


When you take ownership of a file, or folder, you will see a screen similar to the following screen capture, as the application goes through its machinations.


Remember the “access denied” warning at the top of this article? After installing and launching TOwnership, it has been replaced with the following, which indicates I now have complete access to my local setting folder. So take that Windows 7!


This is a great free application that can save a user a ton of steps when taking ownership of a file, or folder, is necessary. I highly recommend it.

Download at: Softpedia

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