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Update, Backup, and Restore Your Drivers With Free SlimDrivers

image Free driver update applications are very hard to come by. And, even if you can find one, generally the restrictions make them virtually useless. But, with a little bit of digging you can find, what should be, a suitable application.

Recently, we reviewed and recommended the driver update utility – Device Doctor, a very simple application which uses a minimalist GUI approach, (as the following screen capture shows), but which excels in fast download speeds.


There’s no doubt that Device Doctor is a terrific application, with its fast download speeds emphasize, but, if you’re looking for something more in this type of application, then take a look at free SlimDrivers Beta. SlimDrivers offers a whole lot more than just fast download speeds, including:

Driver updating

Driver backup



The following screen shots (taken during an earlier test), shows the application located new drivers for my video device, as well as a new driver for my audio device.



All of that was very cool – it’s great to have all drivers updated at one go (notice the “Download all” button). But, the real strength of this application lies in its Options menu.

From here, you can not only update your drivers, but you have the option of backing up and restoring, either on an immediate basis, or you can choose to schedule an automatic check for updates.




Fast facts:

Automatically scans hardware to determine the right driver and actively downloads and installs the most current driver directly from the manufacturer.

Updates driver software to provide the best communication and function for sound cards, printers, video, motherboards, Webcams, Bluetooth devices, flip video devices, Smart- phones, USB drives, routers, Windows and other peripherals and operating systems.

Optimizes the interaction between software and hardware, making applications and devices run faster and minimizing system errors, freezes and crashes.

In the past, running Beta software could be challenging, but I have noticed in the last year or two, Beta software can often be as stable as the final release.

Still, since this application is in Beta, take sensible precautions prior to executing. This should include setting a new restore point.

Updating outdated system and peripheral drivers can often boost system performance. I recommend that you give this application a close look.

System requirements: Windows – tested on Win 7 Enterprise 32 bit.

Download at: the developers site.

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