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MyProtect – A Free Armored Browser Service

imageSince system security (while you surf the Net), starts with the Web Browser – armored, virtualized, sandboxed, security add-ons, privacy, (or the lack of), secure browsing – are all words (and many more besides), that are part of the “safe surfing” Browser Wars lexicon.

Applications that promise to keep you, and your computer system safe, as you wander the raucous and potentially dangerous neighborhood that the Internet has become, (employing one, or more, of the technoligies mentioned above), are emerging like dandelions following a Spring rain.

MyProtect, a free secure Internet browsing service, is one more application/service in the Browser protection scheme marketplace – with a bit of a twist.

From the developer’s site:

MyProtect provides you with a protected browser session from any PC. When you launch MyProtect, a new instance of Internet Explorer with an orange border and toolbar will open on your desktop. Any web sessions within that browser are protected from a variety of security and privacy threats.

Note that you can launch MyProtect from browsers such as Firefox, but the secured browser itself is always IE.

You can keep a MyProtect armored browser open for up to 2 hours; after that, you’ll need to come back to the site and re-launch MyProtect. There’s also a 30 minute idle timeout.

How MyProtect Works:

MyProtect works by downloading a small, temporary agent onto your PC when you launch MyProtect from the site (registration required). This agent then launches a secure “armored browser” session, identified by a distinctive orange border and toolbar.

Information entered by you into the armored browser, or delivered to the armored browser by a web site, is protected from malware – even if you’re using a machine which is already infected with malware, the MyProtect armored browser session is secure from threats such as keyloggers, cache miners, and frame grabbers.

All sensitive session data such as browser cache files, cookies, passwords, and history information is kept private during the session and is completely erased when your MyProtect session ends.

Secure Cleanup – At the end of the session, all encrypted content is deleted and overwritten using a U.S. Department of Defense specification

Developer’s site: MyProtect

System requirements: Windows XP SP2 or later (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit), or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit). Internet Explorer 7 or higher installed (session can be started with any modern browser). JavaScript enabled. ActiveX or Java applets enabled.

Note: MyProtect shares its name with a rogue anti-spyware application.

Bottom line:

I ran with MyProtect for several days, and in the end, determined – this is the type of service that fits into my personal “it’s not worth the trouble category”. Which is not to say, that MyProtect may not have value for other users – perhaps you.

Whether it has value to you or not, will depend on the methods and the applications you currently use to safeguard your Internet sessions.


I test many more software applications than ever appear here in a review article. Some applications don’t make the cut because they simple don’t live up to the developer’s hype. Others, are just more trouble than they’re worth.

Occasionally, as in this case, I will post a review on an application or service which doesn’t make the cut.

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