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Western Digital WD TV – Impressive!

Western Digital TV 3 If you are a computer media junky like yours truly, getting that media to your analog and digital television can present a challenge. Like in, how does one do it?

Wonder no more my friends. Western Digital has a great affordable answer to this challenge.

I bought the Western Digital WD TV set top box about a month ago, and have been putting it to the test with various types of computer type media. To put it bluntly, I’m impressed with this unit. In the past 30 days, I have yet to throw a file at it that it won’t play or view.

For those of you with analog TVs, it features a composite cable output. For those of you with up to 1080P high def TVs, the WD comes with an hdmi hookup.

Western Digital TV

Because my TVs are somewhat older and don’t utilize an hdmi input, I have been using the composite cables to view the media. Once you have the WD TV hooked up, you need only to copy your media files to a flash drive (thumb drive), or any USB connectible storage medium. I have tried it on both a portable WD hard drive, and a flash drive, and both work flawlessly.

Types of media:

  • Music
  • Video
  • Pictures


  • Plug and play. If you can hook up the cables, this thing pretty much guides you to the point of playing your media. Very user friendly.
  • View’s nearly every media format out there. I have yet to have it reject any media.
  • Comes with remote
  • Small footprint


  • Remote is small – you could lose it.
  • Slight delay sometimes with selecting media with remote – this is a very minor con.
  • If you lose the remote, you will have to buy a new one because it is the only way to control the unit.

Rating: 10/10. Simply put, WD TV hits on all cylinders. It is simple to use, plays almost all formats of media, and is very affordable for what it does. Highly Recommend.

Price as tested: $90 from Newegg.com

Guest Writer: This is a guest post by Glenn Taggart of The Crazy World of G, who brings a background as a high level super user, to the Blogging world.

Why not pay a visit to Glenn’s site at The Crazy World of G.

For another take on this amazing product, checkout “Review of the Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player” by fellow Blogger Rick Robinette, at his site What’s On My PC.


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