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Oracle Earns More Than Analysts Expected

imageOracle has been around for ages. As a developer and a provider of innovation and advanced technology, it has rivaled the top contenders in the market. Since its inception, it has kept a competitive stance against giants such as IBM and, has held it’s ground.

Despite rumors of dissolution, and the idea that it has been weakening over the years through various database attacks and criticisms it has received, Oracle has been completely stable and, has been raising its ante since day one.

Oracle and Its Change of Game

Since its inception, Oracle had kept a serious hand on the game and on the competition – acquiring firms one after another. Following Oracle’s announcement of its plan to focus on Internet based software, it may have appeared that Oracle was throwing in the towel in terms of software development. Oracle, however, made it clear that this was not the case. Instead, it was simply leveling the playing field into something more appropriate.

Oracle and the Future with Cloud Computing

Oracle found the future in cloud computing. Cloud computing – an Internet based database management system – is all the rage with its power to provide complete accessibility and permanent data storage. Unlike the old days, when cloud computing was rarely possible – the idea which Oracle developers have been advocating for decades, has become a reality.

Innovating More, Earning More

Experts never anticipated the surge that Oracle has experienced with its change of course. It was quite a gamble – but, led by CEO Larry Ellison, Oracle has found a way to deliver. Creating cloud based software for clients, Oracle has found its calling in the ever changing world of technology. Oracle has managed a twenty percent rise in its earnings in the past few years – since changing its focus.

Oracle Steadily Rising

Through cloud computing development, it has earned over $1 Billion and, it has become the second largest earner in this field. Oracle will continue to create Internet based software and cloud computing systems to meet the needs of the new market. Dominating this new field, is where it’s at.

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Microsoft Disparages OpenOffice – Validating OpenOffice As A Competitor

imageI’ve often wondered just how many users actually run a fully licensed version of Microsoft Office – one that they’ve paid for. I wonder, because Microsoft Office is so outrageously expensive.

Here in Canada, the Home and Student version goes for $160.00, with the Office Home and Business costing $350.00. At the top end, Office Professional 2010 will set you back a mind bending $670.00. (Sharp shoppers may be able to buy any version at a discounted price, however).

I will admit, that I run a licensed version of MS Office 2010 on one of my machines, and a licensed version of MS Office XP on another. But, I also run OpenOffice 3.2 on a Linux (Ubuntu 10.04) machine.

If you’ve been around computing for a while, then you’re probably aware that OpenOffice is the leading open-source (FREE) office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and …..

Since I now spend 70% of my computing time in Ubuntu, more and more I find myself using OpenOffice 3.2. While not a perfect replacement for MS Office, OpenOffice 3.2 more than meets my business needs. As well, OpenOffice offers me a big plus – it can read and write files from other common office software packages, including Microsoft Word.

I’m not going to write a review on OpenOffice 3.2 today, in an attempt to convince you that this free office suite can effectively go head-to-head with MS Office (I’ve recommended O.O. here, numerous times) – I’ll let Microsoft do the convincing.

Most of us are pretty familiar with negative political ads. You know the type – the candidates disparage each others accomplishments, experience, ability, fitness for the job, and on and on.

Microsoft has taken a page from this playbook, and has recently begun a campaign to tear down OpenOffice by focusing on what Microsoft considers to be the downside of working with OpenOffice. Watch the following YouTube video then you be the judge.

While watching this video, keep in mind that it is sound business practice to go after only those who are considered competition – why waste time on those who can’t hurt your sales.

Obviously then, Microsoft now considers OpenOffice to be a threat to their core MS Office product line. If OpenOffice wasn’t every bit as good as most observers consider it to be, it seems to me Microsoft wouldn’t be making any effort to convince consumers otherwise. They would simply ignore OpenOffice.

But no, they see the threat and are reacting to it.


OpenOffice is available for the following operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, and others.

To learn more about this outstanding open source Office Suite, go here.

There is some discussion at the moment as to whether Oracle will continue to support OpenOffice, but according to an Oracle statement dated October 13, 2010, it appears that they will.

Oracle’s growing team of developers, QA engineers, and user experience personnel will continue developing, improving, and supporting OpenOffice.org as open source, building on the 7.5 million lines of code already contributed to the community.

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