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My ID Score – Assess Your Identity Theft Score With This Free Tool

image Unless you’re in the cyber security business, it’s unlikely that you’re aware of this rather startling statistic – a cyber crime goes down every ¼ of a second.

It’s just as unlikely that you’re aware of these statistics:

One in four consumers is a cybercrime victim.

An identity is stolen every three seconds online.

Nearly 10 million people have reported identity theft in the U.S. alone, in the last 12 months.

There’s a popular misconception, held by most people, that they’re just not worth a cyber criminal’s time or effort. This is another cyber security myth. Cyber criminals will steal you blind, no matter how much, or how little, you have.

The free Norton Online Risk Calculator, recently released by Symantec, will help you evaluate how valuable you are to the cybercriminal economy. The calculator is easy to use, and bases its assessment on a number of simple questions  concerning your net usage.

Please consider taking this test. If you are aware of just how much value you have as a victim, I’m sure you will take all the appropriate steps to ensure you don’t become a victim.

One of those steps should be developing an awareness of the risk you face of having to contend with the aftermath of identity theft. And, to make that assessment easier, My ID Score offers a free risk assessment tool.

Unfortunately, this tool is only available t0 residents of the US, and since I live in Canada, it’s not possible for me to test this service. Nevertheless, in the interest of keeping you safe, the following information has been taken directly from the developer’s site.

My ID Score gives you real–time actionable insight into the risk of you becoming a victim of identity theft.

My ID Score is a statistical score that’s based on technology currently used by leading communications, financial services, retail companies, healthcare providers, government agencies, and consumers to assess your risk of identity theft. These companies use ID Analytics’ scoring technology to ensure that fraudsters do not apply for goods and services in an innocent consumer’s name

My ID Score calculates identity risk by looking at the use of billions of identity elements like name, Social Security number, phone number, date of birth, and address across multiple industries.

Get Real-Time Insight Into Your Risk of Identity Theft

My ID Score is a quick, easy, and free way to assess the risk that your identity is being misused. It can be an essential fraud detection and early-warning tool for consumers who are concerned about identity theft.

Detect Misuse

Detect the possible misuse of your identity as early as possible.

Take Control

Take the necessary steps to control your identity.

Peace of Mind

Technology used by Fortune 100 companies is now available to you.

The process seems simply enough, as the following screen captures indicate.



Given the high incidence of identity thief, it seems prudent to develop as much information as possible on the risk factors you might be facing. I can’t endorse this service without a through test, but I do recommend that you checkout the developer’s site – you might find that this is a worthwhile resource.

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