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NetSpeedMonitor – A Double Duty Network Monitoring Tool

https://i1.wp.com/technabob.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/usb_typing_wpm_speedometer.jpgRegular readers here will remember, that I’m an advocate of utilities which provide users with the capability to double check which of their applications are connecting to the Internet – including the capability to monitor open ports and Internet connections.

CurrPorts is my tool of choice, since it allows me to view a list of ports that are currently in use, and the application (keep in mind, that malware, for all practical purposes – is an application) that is using those ports.

Recently, I came across a neat little application (free – but donations are encouraged), which duplicates some of the features of CurrPorts but in addition, includes a number of secondary capabilities which should be of interest to those users who need to monitor their data consumption on a session, daily, or monthly basis.

Directly after installation, NetSpeedMonitor sits in the system tray and displays data on current upload/download speeds – as shown in the following screen capture.


Hovering over the the NetSpeedMonitor icon generates addition data – Month/Day/Session.


Better yet, right clicking on the icon allows a user access to supplementary data from an expandable fly-out menu.


In the following example, I’ve selected “Network Connections” and its submenu, for illustrative purposes.


Again, from the fly-out menu, I’ve selected “Connections” and……..


…. the data displayed includes – TCP and UDP connections (established, listening, or closed), remote address, process ID for each connection, and the application/s using the connection/s.


Overall assessment – a cool little application that generates data which should prove valuable for those users who have a need to keep an eye on data caps or, users who have a need to monitor ports and connections.

System requirements: Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Win 7 (with a little finagling I ran the application on Win 8).

Languages: NetSpeedMonitor is available in multiple languages including, English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian.

Download at: Developer’s site.


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Take a Virtual Trip on Your Browser – Get PicLens 1.6 Free

piclens.jpgWant to take a virtual trip on your browser? Want to wander outside the reality of the Web? Well I just did, and you can too!

PicLens 1.6, a wonderfully fluid and superbly crafted add-on for Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, will take you to places you never thought possible on a web browser.

I took a trip to the Louvre in Paris, courtesy of PicLens and Google Images, (search: art in the Louvre). With the sweeping panorama displayed by PicLens I felt as if I was wandering casually down an immense hall hung with the world’s finest art. The reflective quality of the bottom strip of pics added a slightly surreal quality to the experience. What a trip! What a price!

If you’re a FaceBook fan, (and who isn’t), PicLens will definitely enhance your experience as you browse your FaceBook friends’ pics.

The developers of this free, neat Internet Browser add-on, as well as being the developers of Cooliris Previews, a tool I couldn’t function without on the Web, are a superbly talented group of people with a great insight into how to create and develop tools to expand the internet horizon.

Expand your own Internet horizons, download and install PicLens 1.6, and while you’re at it download Cooliris Previews. You’ll be glad you did.

PicLens Features:

  • Enjoy photos in full-screen mode
  • New! Quickly drag, click, and zoom in a “3D Wall” interface
  • New! Search for web images within PicLens
  • Play a slideshow of image search results and photo albums
  • Fly through 1000s of images in a split second
  • Search in multiple languages
  • Jump from PicLens to the corresponding webpage
  • Sit back and explore photos with your Apple® remote


 Take a look at a couple of videos on PicLens!


Supported Browsers: Firefox, IE, Safari

Download at: PicLens

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