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Are Mischievous Kids Responsible For Most DoS Attacks And Bots?

imageI frequently read the comments posted to other blogs, and tech forums. It’s an elementary way for me to keep in the loop on what others are thinking, relative to their computing experiences.

Often, I’ll find a bit of helpful wisdom in a comment – but, from time to time, I’ll come across a comment that just rubs me the wrong way.

For example – what’s wrong with the following point of view?

“Most of the Denial of Service attacks and other similar “bots” are written by 10 to 14 year old kids that are just being mischievous or looking for some acknowledgement from their peers”.

Other than the fact that’s it’s fanciful thinking (which is statistically unsupportable), it underplays, or ignores, more than a few basic realities:

Cyber crime has evolved dramatically from the days when it took little effort to be a hacker. The days when antimalware applications were either non-existent, or crude.

Organized crime is  the major player in the cyber criminal field. Money is the motivation – economic gain is the driver.

Cyber crime is a multi-billion dollar industry that encompasses identity theft, monetary theft, social and personal scams, extortion, industrial espionage, state-sponsored espionage, and more.

Today’s malware is sophisticated, extremely dangerous, difficult to identify and remove – and coded by experts who are as talented, if not more so in some cases, as any who are employed in legitimate enterprise.

On the face of it, you may think that this point of view is harmless – but that’s questionable. At the very least, this type of statement helps to perpetuate the myth that hacking, and cyber crime, is essentially an activity engaged in by “kids that are just being mischievous”.

The unassailable reality is – highly organized cyber criminal gangs ransack computers, and computer networks, for data that can be used for criminal purposes – not ten to fourteen year children, or older teenagers, seeking a badge of honor.

Surprisingly, it has been my experience that a lower level computer user is more likely to believe this myth, than not. Little wonder that cyber crime ( carried out by committed professional criminals), is rampant on the Internet, when the real perpetrators are seen by some computer users as little more than wispy netherworld figures that may – or may not – exist.

Something to think about – Do teenage hackers exist in any significant number? More to the point – do they constitute a threat to your security on the Internet?

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