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Get FrostWire Free – P2P File Sharing – No Content Filtering!

FrostWire (newest version: 4.13.5) is free, open source P2P software, for the Gnutella and BitTorrent protocols. To insure broad appeal, FrostWire is a multi platform program running on Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Linux, and some flavors of Unix.

This application has been developed by the open source community to avoid the threat of potential legal action faced by LimeWire, from which it has been forked, and to maintain the freedom that P2P users have come to expect (right or wrong), in the sharing of copyrighted material. Some reviewers have compared FrostWire to the old Napster, the controversial file-sharing pioneer.

The project was started in September 2005 by members of the open-source community, after LimeWire’s distributor considered placing blocking code into LimeWire, which it was developing in response to RIAA pressure. It has been reported that if this code was activated it would block users from sharing licensed files.

FrostWire includes all of the free LimeWire version’s functionality as well as a number of the features of LimeWire Pro including multi-threading downloads, and Turbo-Charged connections. An added benefit in using FrostWire; you won’t have to put up with LimeWire’s nag screen or ads.

According to CNET, FrostWire has moved up to the number 7 position with 253,102 downloads last week alone, on their “most popular downloads chart”. Based on these figures, it would be difficult to dispute the continuing popularity of file sharing applications

Fast facts:

· Open-source

· Firewall-to-firewall transfers

· Built-in community chat

· Connects to more sources

· Creative commons license support

· Broadband network connection

· Junk result filters

· Turbo-Charged download speeds

· iTunes integration

· Gnutella support

· BitTorrent support

· Proxy Support

If P2P file sharing is one of your interests, then you’ll find that this program should meet all of your needs.

Download at: Download.com


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