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Here’s a Complement – Not!

As a matter of principal I make it a habit to reply to all comments left on my Blogs. After all, if someone has taken the time to read an article I wrote and then took the time to comment on that article, they deserve an acknowledgement of the comment.

There was a kind of delicious irony involved then, when a scammer/phisher recently commented on my article “Rogue Security Software on the Rise – What You Need to Know Now!” The article described in detail the concept of rogue software and how to guard against it.

In this particular case the cyber crook simply wrote “good job”, as his comment. Now he might actually have meant this to be a complement, perhaps something along the lines of 🙂 “Hey, you know what we’re really all about, don’t you?”. More likely I suspect he assumed that if I replied to his comment, I would do so without verifying the integrity of both his email mail address and his referring web site.

Because cyber crooks use every method that they can to defraud us, I am as careful in responding to comments as I am to any other form of web activity. So it’s my standard practice to verify email addresses and referring websites of those readers who choose to leave a comment, unless of course they are regular commentators.

On checking the website referred to in this reader’s comment I found the following site information through McAfee Site Advisor.

This example points out, once again, that all of us need to be armed with the appropriate tools to keep us safe on the Internet. None of us is safe from potential manipulative attempts to defraud us. In this particular case, McAfee Site Advisor was up to the task of keeping me safe and protecting me from this phishing site.

It’s also possible that this site is even more dangerous than it appears. Very likely it is seeded with drive-by downloads, as well as being a phishing site as pointed out by McAfee Site Advisor.

If you don’t have McAfee Site Advisor and you would like to read a review and download it then read my article, “Don’t Have McAfee Site Advisor? Then How Do You Know Where You Are on the Net?

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