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MalwareBytes Accuses IObit of Theft

image IObit is offering their anti-malware application for free until November 11. On the face of it, I considered this good news.

That is, until a reader informed me that MalwareBytes, the developers of the highly regarded MalwareBytes Anti-malware application, announced yesterday that they have developed evidence that IObit “is stealing and incorporating” their “proprietary database and intellectual property into their software”.

You may want to read this claim from MalwareBytes here. In the meantime, I recommend that you consider the implications carefully before downloading this “free” offer.

If this accusation is true, and it appears to be, based on MalwareBytes investigation, I don’t think it’s appropriate to support such reprehensible behavior. As I said earlier, consider the implications of supporting this kind of behavior, and downloading this free offer, is tacit support.

MalwareBytes offers a free anti-malware solution that is recognized as one of the premier products in the field, and they deserve our support. If you would like to take a stand against theft of intellectual property, you may want to consider the following course of action as suggested by Malware Bytes.

“If you feel the same way we do about this theft, we encourage you to send an email to hosting services such as Download.com and Majorgeeks.com requesting that all IOBit software be removed”.

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