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SecurityXploded – A Site Designed For The Geek In You

imageSo much to see – so much to do – and, not enough time. Sort of a synopsis of my experience on the Internet. Not much different from yours, I expect.

Years back, I used to write for Makeuseof.com – a cool site run by a super bunch of people. Despite the income loss – yes, you can make money writing for the Internet – I pulled back on the reins, and resigned as a writer, within a year.

The issue? In a nutshell – not enough time. The time to seek out and develop appropriate content. Not much has changed in that sense – it’s still a chore finding content that appeals to me – which by extension, should appeal to the majority of readers who drop by this site (hopefully   Smile  ).

So, any time a regular reader recommends an application or a web site, one that has proven to be valuable to that reader, I’ll jump on that recommendation. Not only because of the time/work that it saves me – but, what can be better than a recommendation from a reader whom I have come to know, is on top of the game?

A perfect example:

Here, I’ll let regular reader Richard J. explain –

Hello Bill,

I thought that I’d drop you a line about a website that offers a few decent security tools. I’ve only used a few of them – on Windows 7, but there are a few good ones in the list of products available, and they’re free.

Many of them can either be fully installed or else offer a portable version. Most of them work with Windows 8. Personally I’ve chosen to only use the portable versions.

The ones that I’ve found most useful are:


This one helped me to identify a service that was installed even though I’d removed the associated program.


This one identified one data stream needing analysis but everything else showed up clean! I think that Windows 8 is not supported at least according to the website. This one adds a VirusTotal uploader to your desktop.


This one adds a VirusTotal uploader to your desktop.

I must admit to, not having heard of this site previously – despite the fact that the site is in the top 50,000 sites on the Web. A good example of that “not enough time” thingy.

The site, as it turns out, is similar to Nirsoft  – a site which offers 100+ freeware utilities ranging from Password Tools, Network Monitoring Tools, to System Tools, and more. Utilities and system tools, which I have reviewed individually, and in bulk, any number of times here.

Just like the tools over at Nirsoft, the applications at SecurityXploded are designed to be used by sophisticated users. Since these applications in many cases, dig deep into the operating system, replicating the behavior of hacking tools on the one hand – and malware on the other hand (a number of the recovery utilities are in fact, hacking tools) – you should be prepared for your AV solutions going into overdrive.

From the site:

SecurityXploded is a popular Infosec Research & Development organization offering FREE Security Software, latest Research Articles and FREE Training on Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis.

So far it has published 50+ research articles and 90+ FREE security software. Most of these software have been listed and received top awards from leading download sites including Softpedia, BrotherSoft etc.

Below, I’ve listed just some (some – so that you don’t have to cursor down all day   Smile   ), of the applications/tools that are available.


Password Recovery Tools:

AIM Password Decryptor

Asterisk Password Spy

Browser Password Decryptor Updated

Chrome Password Decryptor

Digsby Password Decryptor Updated

Dreamweaver Password Decryptor Updated

Excel Password Recovery

Facebook Password Decryptor

Filezilla Password Decryptor Updated

Fire Master

Fire Master Cracker

Anti-Spyware/Anti-Rootkit Tools:

Advanced Win Service Manager Updated

Dll Hijack Auditor Updated

Exe Scan

Shell Detect

Spy BHO Remover Updated

Spy DLL Remover

Stream Armor

Virus Total Scanner

Network Tools:

Directory Scanner

LDAP Search

Net Database Scanner

Net Share Monitor

System Tools:

Auto Screen Capture

Browser History Spy Updated

Download Hash Verifier Updated

Hash Compare

Hash Generator

All of the tools listed here – and many more – are available for download at the developer’s site: SecurityXploded


Richard, thank you – I’ve had a super time checking out some of these freebies. I suspect that regular readers will have some fun as well.


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