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Tips for Making Your Website Look More Custom

imageAnyone can launch a website these days, but not everyone can successfully make their website resemble a custom-made one. This becomes a problem when you’re trying to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other stock websites that all have a similar version of the same theme as you. If you want people to take your site seriously, it’s imperative that you make your website look as professional as possible. Luckily you don’t have to be a computer genius or spend thousands of dollars to make this happen; you just need to implement a few changes.

  1. Simple, sleek logos

Far too often people get caught up trying to make their website’s logo as fancy and flashy as possible. Unfortunately these types of logos don’t do much for you because too much color and graphics are distracting. The best logos are the ones that have clean lines and a simple look. Think of all the successful companies and their logos; they almost all have one thing in common: they have one basic and unpretentious graphic and a nice, easy to read font. Retaining a minimalist look is more appealing to the majority of consumers.

  1. Avoid overusing colors

Less really is more, and is important to keep in mind when you’re designing your website. Don’t go overboard with several competing colors; instead stick to a neutral color palette with a few accent colors thrown in to give it a breath of life. Having too many colors thrown together cheapens the look of your website.

  1. Skip the website intro

Website intros have a tendency to make people click off of a website rather than be interested in learning more from it, so don’t make interested consumers sit through a Flash intro to get to the information they originally came to your site for. And if you do insist on putting one up then at least give them the option to skip it.

  1. Be smart with your text

The font on your site needs to be easy to read so it’s best to stay away from weird colors and unnecessary underlining of words. It can be frustrating and difficult to read when you’re on a website where the font or text color is inconsistent throughout the site, and it’s misleading to underline words because that usually indicates a link to somewhere else on the web.

  1. Use high quality graphics

Skip the stock images when you’re adding graphics onto your website and use high-quality, high-resolution images. These are the most visually appealing to people and make your website appear much more professional looking. They also give a nice visual complement to text, as people sometimes are turned off by text-heavy websites.

When it comes to professional looking website design the key is to keep everything as simple and sleek looking as possible, from the fonts to the pictures to the logos. When in doubt, err on the side of conservatism.

Author Bio:

This is a guest post from Laura Backes, she enjoys writing about all kinds of subjects and also topics related to internet providers in my area. You can reach her at: laurabackes8 @ gmail.com.

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Nemo Documents – A Powerful Free Document Manager

My Hard Drives can be a bit of a “black hole” when I’m trying to find a particular document. With literally thousands of documents – Word files, PowerPoint presentations, Excel Work sheets, not to mention, images, videos, and more, spread all over, I occasionally feel as if I’m lost in space.

Stepping into this void for me, is a recent find – Nemo Documents, a powerful freebie document manager from Danish open source developer IOLA.

With Nemo Documents running, I can now view all of my Word docs (for example), in an easy to read “Calendar” view as well as a number of additional file formats. Better yet, the program integrates with Windows Desktop Search so I can locate files based on phrases within the documents, file types, modification dates, and so on.

Setup is easy, and on the first run the program will audit customary file locations in order to index files.

Click on any graphic to expand to original size.


In my particular case, and perhaps yours as well, most of my documents are not located in the “usual suspect” places so, the ability to add locations is critical.


File support is fairly robust – including support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, images, video files, Google docs, and many more. You can choose which files to add and index, from the Settings menu.


Calendar view – selectable Day, Week, Month, Year.


Focusing on an individual  file allows you to view specific properties.


The “List” view provides additional file references.


The application can be run in a number of alternative languages including – Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Lithuanian, Russian, and Portuguese.


Since Nemo Documents adds an application icon to the Windows notification area, direct access is quick and easy.


System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7.

There is a version available for Linux here.

Download at: Developer’s site (nemo-docs.com)

Nemo Documents is not an application for everyone, but for those users who have to deal with a sizeable number of diverse document files, Nemo can certainly make the job much easier.

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PDF Converter PDFZilla Giveaway – Free Until February 5, 2011 – Save $30

PDFZillaThe developers of PDFZilla, are giving away a free license (in a limited time giveaway), for their highly regarded PDF Converter. This free offer is set to expire on February 5, 2011.

PDFZilla is a desktop application that quickly converts PDF files into editable MS Word Documents, Rich Text Documents, Plain Text Files, Images, HTML Files, and Shockwave Flash SWF Files.

I ran a single quick test on a 9 page (1 MB) PDF file conversion to a text file, which took under 5 seconds and produced an output file of acceptable quality. Certainly acceptable enough to be able to work with the output easily.

There’s no learning curve involved with  PDFZilla – the GUI is push button simple – as illustrated in the following screen capture.


Fast facts:

Convert PDF to Word Convert PDF to Word with all text and Graphical data.
Convert PDF to RTF Convert PDF to Rich Text Files. You can edit all text and graphic by Windows Wordpad.
Convert PDF to TXT Convert PDF to plain text files. You can edit text by Notepad.
Convert PDF to Images – Convert PDF to BMP, JPG, GIF or TIF files.
Convert PDF to HTML – Convert PDF to HTML files and automatically generate the Index file.
Convert PDF to SWF Convert PDF to Shockwave Flash Animation files which can be published on websites.
Page Selection Convert all the pages, or partial pages of PDF file.

Over 20 Languages Supported – Besides English, PDFZilla Also supports German, French, Spanish, Italian and all Unicode Language PDF Files.

Batch Mode – Convert More Than 10,000,000 PDF Files to Word.

System requirements: Windows Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/NT

To take advantage of this limited time offer go to the Download.com download page. Following installation, register the product with this registration code  – 8061822TWDV6YUK. Simply copy and then paste the license key into the application.

Quick reminder: This offer is good until February 5, 2011.

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Browse the Web Faster with Free Cooliris Previews

Get Picture-in-a-Picture browsing with a cool free browser add-on that lets you preview links and rich media content without clicking the link, or leaving your current page. With Cooliris, just place your mouse cursor over your link, or over the Cooliris icon, and a preview window instantly appears with the content.


I use this add-on frequently as I build a web page, to insure my links are working. What a time saver!

Fully interactive on just about any website, including Google, Yahoo!, MSN, YouTube, Flickr.  Try Cooliris on blogs, discussion forums, and news sites.


  • Preview web links, images, and videos
  • Stack previewed items into temporary bookmarks
  • Instantly send links to friends and family with just a click.
  • Automatically sub search Google, Wikipedia, or just about any searchable website by right-clicking on any phrase
  • Customize Cooliris to control preview window activation

    Firefox and Flock versions are the most robust and support Windows XP, Vista, OS X 10.4, and Linux. Firefox.

    Download at:  http://www.cooliris.com/site/


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