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FREE Online Backup – Mozy on Over!

Just like death and taxes are a certainty, the fact that your computer’s Hard Drive will crash one day and refuse to respond, is every bit as certain.

Computer industry statistics seem to indicate that the real-world annualized failure rate (average percentage of disks failing per year), was much higher than the manufacturer’s estimate – an average of 3% vs. the estimated 0.5 – 0.9%. The cost of recovering data from a failed hard drive can exceed $7,500, and success is never guaranteed.

So when that inevitable day arrives, what will you do?

If you are one of the few, out of the ordinary, computer users who regularly and faithfully backup, you will have a lot of work ahead of you but you will recover.

However, if you haven’t backed up, you have lost everything including:

  1. operating system
  2. applications
  3. correspondence
  4. pictures
  5. music
  6. customized settings
  7. email accounts, rules/filters, folders and messages
  8. data including, letters, graphics, music, databases/other projects

The operating system and applications can be replaced, if you have the original install media. But not all computers with preinstalled operating systems have the original operating system installation media supplied with the computer.

The message here then is: everything that can not be replaced needs to be backed up.

It’s now easier than ever to backup giving the large choice of relatively inexpensive media, including CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, external Hard Drives, and increasingly gaining popularity, Online Backup Services.

Perhaps the most popular of these free Online Backup Services is Mozy: Free Online Backup.

Mozy, which requires a broadband connection, is a free and easy to use, software service that gives you 2GB of space allowing you to backup your data over the Internet. When needed, the backed up files can be restored over the Internet.

Mozy includes a Windows Explorer context menu which makes restoring files very easy. Right click on the file you want to restore, and Mozy gives you a list of all previous versions of the file. As well, Mozy incorporates a virtual drive explorer in Windows that allows you to view the files you’ve backed up without having to access the Internet.

If you are not familiar with backup software, or you’re not comfortable with XP’s version, then Mozy might well be the ideal tool for you. Check it out.

Mozy Quick Facts:

Open/locked file support

448-bit Blowfish encryption

128-bit SSL encryption

Automatic or scheduled backups

New and changed file detection

Block level incremental backups

Bandwidth throttling

File versioning

Public or private key encryption

Download at: Mozy

Additional Free Online Backup Sites:

XDrive – XDrive supplies you with 5 GB of space. The backup software runs on Windows, and provides automatic backups of your data.

IDrive Basic – 2 GB of backup space Free Online Backup, Encrypted, Secure and Automated.

Humyo – Humyo allows you to store up to 25 GB of media files (photos, videos, music) and 5 GB for non-media files.


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5 More Gigs On-line Storage – Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive

skydrive1.jpgMicrosoft has officially launched an online storage service that lets you securely upload and share documents, photos and music on the web for free. 

Windows Live SkyDrive came out of beta format in 38 countries yesterday and contains a significant increase in storage size from 1GB to 5GB. 

Files can be easily accessed anywhere, at any time, on the web. Users can even share files via email whether the recipient has a Windows Live ID or not. 

The 4GB increase in storage capacity to 5GB gives you enough space to upload around 1,000 songs, 30,000 Office documents of average size, or 30,000 digital photos at a resolution of 1200×1200. 

SkyDrive has three options for storing and sharing files, ranging from keeping all files personal, sharing them with people you select, or making them public to anyone on the internet. 

Furthermore, with the permission settings users can limit the actions of others when accessing files in the shared area by letting them add and change files or only read files. 

From Microsoft’s Site:

  • 5 GB of free online storage, available from any computer with Internet access.
  • Create personal, shared, and public folders — you decide who has access to each folder.
  • Windows Live SkyDrive works well on any Windows or Macintosh computer with Firefox 1.5 or higher, or Internet Explorer 6 or higher.
  • Your personal folders are password-protected with your Windows Live ID, so only you have access.
  • When you create a shared folder, the friends you’re sharing with need to sign in with their own Windows Live ID and password.
  • Just like at your online bank, all file transfers are protected using Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

Learn more at: Windows Live SkyDrive


You can read more on additional free on-line backup sites on this Blog at, So You Want FREE Online Backup?

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