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Spyware Terminator v2.5

It must be upgrade week for the arsenal of antivirus/malware/spyware software that I use.

Spyware Terminator v2.5 is now available for download (free). It has some nice features that were not previously available on v2.3 (the last version I had loaded).

One thing that irritated me about Spyware Terminator was asking me every time if I wanted to run certain programs. This was just a minor annoyance but the positives with this fine piece of software far outweighed the minor annoyances I mentioned.

The latest release helps fix those annoyances by giving you the option to “remember the program”. You only need click it once and Spyware Terminator will “remember the program” for the next time you run it. So in a nutshell, my previous minor annoyance is fixed.

Spyware Terminator offers the following features:

  • Spyware/Malware realtime protection
  • WebGuard (you can enable or disable this feature)
  • HIPS protection (host intrusion)
  • Integration with ClamAV (antivirus)
  • Automatic Updates
  • Automatic Scanning (enable or disable)
  • FREE!

I’ve been using Spyware Terminator for about a year now and can’t recommend it enough.

Download at: Download.com

Guest Writer: This is a guest post by Glenn Taggart of The Crazy World of G, who brings a background as a high level super user, to the Blogging world.

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