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Giveaway of the Day – Glary Utilities Pro 2.41 Free – Today Only

imageIt might surprise you to learn, I’ve reported on (by way of review), or linked to –  Glary Utilities (freeware edition) 23 times in the last 24 months. No, I don’t hold shares in the company – wish I did Smile .

There’s a much more transparent explanation – Glary Utilities Free – designed to tweak, repair, optimize and improve system performance; and its ease of operation – makes it ideal for less experienced users.

If you’re part of the community here – I’ll wager that the free edition of Glary Utilities has found a home on either your Hard Drive or, the portable edition has been installed to a USB stick.

If you’ve passed on making the decision to purchase the pro version – no worries. Today only – Giveaway of the Day, has a super offer – Glary Utilities Pro 2.41 Free!.

You can read my last full review of the freeware edition here – Free Glary Utilities Is Indispensable. Really?

Since reviewing software (both free and commercial), is a good part of what I do as a blogger, I’ve tested and evaluated more than a thousand applications in the last few years. Sad to say, 30% or so, have turned out to be “not fit for consumption”. No, you normally don’t get to read reviews on the dreck – better to focus on what lives up to expectations, and not what doesn’t.

A quick application overview:

Disk Cleaner Removes junk data from your disks and recovers disk space

Registry Cleaner scans and cleans your registry to improve your system’s performance

Shortcuts Fixer eliminates the errors in your start menu & desktop shortcuts

Startup Manager manages programs which run automatically on startup

Memory Optimizer monitors and optimizes free memory in the background

Tracks Eraser erases all traces, evidence, cookies, internet history and more

File Shredder erases files permanently

Internet Explorer Assistant manages Internet Explorer Add-ons

Disk Analysis provides detailed information files and folders

Duplicate Files Finder searches for space-wasting duplicate files

Empty Folders Finder removes empty folders (I love this feature)

Uninstall Manager completely uninstall programs

And – much, much more

I think you’ll agree – it’s hardly surprising that this noteworthy system utility is at the top of the pyramid in its category of system tools.

Languages: 23 Languages available.

System Requirements: Windows 7, 2000, XP, Vista. 32/64 bit versions.

Download at: Giveaway of the Day

There were 18 hours 42 minutes left to take advantage of this great offer, when this post was put up.


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Free License For Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.1 At Giveaway of the Day

I make no bones about the fact that I don’t get involved in low end software license giveaways – you know the type – “Contest: We have 5/10 licenses to giveaway to your readers”, or something similar. It’s a mugs game – the only winner is a software developer.

In the meantime, the Blogger does all the back end work – testing the application (although I’m aware of some Bloggers who don’t), writing a review, replying to the contest entries; setting up the drawing to pull the winning entries; notifying the winners, etc. All of this for what – so that 5/10 readers out of perhaps as many as 3/5000 daily readers, get a free one year license for a piece of software?

No, there are much better alternatives, including the website Giveaway of the Day which specializes in – you guessed it – free, fully licensed applications – a new one every day. Definitely beats a low end 5/10 license contest hands down. There’s no entry to fill out, and then having to trust that lady luck will reward you. Best of all – there’s no waiting.

I’m not suggesting that each and every offering at Giveaway of the Day is worthwhile – it’s been my experience that they are not. Nevertheless, depending on your needs of course, you’re likely to find something of interest from time to time.

As an example – todays free fully licensed application is Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.1 – Performance Edition.


From the site:

Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.1 – Performance Edition delivers robust, multilayered protection to address all possible Internet risks including known and zero-day viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and intrusions, spam, and more. Enhanced with SmartDecision technology – Personal Virus Adviser for users, Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.1 ensures your fast decision-making in security issues.

Why choose Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.1?

Enhanced Anti-Malware with award-winning virus, spyware, rootkits detection and blocking rates;

Two-way firewall and Web Control tools to keep PC connections secure;

Advanced proactive protection to preemptively block unknown and zero-day threats;

High-speed performance with no system slowdown.

Limitations: upgrades are not available, one technical support request, NB! License includes unlimited one-year priority databases and configuration updates.

System requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP SP2+, Server 2003 SP1+, (x86-/x64-/multi-core).

Download: Visit Giveaway of the Day for download information.

Note: Offers at Giveaway of the Day are limited to 24 hours. At the time of this posting there are 16 hours 33 minutes left, before this offer expires.

Note: Since its inception more that 10 years ago, Outpost technology has been credited with many awards and accolades from top testing authorities and reviewing organizations around the world.

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Free Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0 – Today Only at GOTD (Save $40)

We first reported on Wondershare Time Freeze (Version 1), a relatively new, and easy to use, intrusion prevention system, in June of this year, in our article – For Added Internet Protection – Virtualize Your System with Free Wondershare Time Freeze.

After testing this application for a few days (all that’s required for this type of application), we gave it high marks for ease of setup, ease of use, and most importantly – functionality. The bottom line – a perfect virtualization application for an average user.

Now, Version 2 has been released which includes increased functionality over Version 1. (including 64 bit compatibility).

For a limited time (today only – August 25), the new version of Wondershare Time Freeze, is available at no cost (regular price $39.00 (USD), at the Giveaway of the Day, web site.

To obtain this super program for free – download at Giveaway of the Day, then visit the developer’s site to obtain the license code which will be forwarded to you by email.


Version 2 Fast Facts:

Consistently Easy, but More Flexible, Effective, Intuitive & Compatible

More flexible switch between virtual system and real system: To enter virtual system, you don’t need to reboot computer; to return to the real system, just exit system protection mode, and you can discard virtual system data or save them to the real system freely.

Auto hide system tray icon: Annoyed by the flashing system tray icon? It is gone in Time Freeze 2.0. You can set to auto hide the tray icon. And just press Alt+Ctrl+F8 to show/hide system tray icon.

Revolutionary new interface: The interface of Time Freeze 2.0 is a new design. It is as easy as that of Time Freeze 1.0, but more intuitive that you will not be lost at any step.

Compatible to 64-bit OS: Time Freeze 2.0 added support to 64-bit Windows 7, XP, Vista and Windows 2000. It is running as stable as always.

Virtual system safeguards real system: Time Freeze creates a virtual environment as a twin (copy) of the real system, on which you evaluate applications, watch online movies, and perform other activities. While the real system is isolated and under protection, you no longer have to worry about attack of viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, malware and other threats.

MBR protection added in System Protection: MBR protection of Time Freeze 2.0 enhanced protection to the boot sector of hard disk so as to guarantee the normal startup of computer.

Virtual system performance increased 60%: Physical Memory Buffer Mode lets you save virtual system data on physical memory rather than on the hard disk, so as to greatly improve the efficiency and performance of virtual system.

Prolong service life of hard disk: Using Physical Memory Buffer Mode can minimize the frequency of writing/reading hard disk and prolong its service life.

USB stick protection: Prevent virus/malware threats from USB sticks to infect your computer, and prevent authorized users to copy your important files using USB sticks.

Improved software kernel: The software kernel of Folder Protection is rewritten and can bring higher-level defense against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms and other threats.

Keep protected files safe and clean from malicious threats.

Effectively protect privacy: Prevent unauthorized users from viewing or changing your files.

Flexible protection mode: Time Freeze 2.0 now supports setting different protection mode for different folders, while Time Freeze 1.0 only allows users to set one mode for all protected folders.

Change icon of protection folders: Help you easily manage protected folders.

Password setting: Manage the program with a custom password setting.

Keep inexperienced users from making change to your settings and configures.

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Free DiscRipper at Giveaway of the Day

Here’s a quickie: I just downloaded and installed DiscRipper which normally retails for $29.95, from  Giveaway of the day, at no cost.

Testing this application, very briefly, I found it appears to work as advertised.

If you’re looking for a free DVD ripper this Christmas, this program might be just what you’ve been looking for.

This free offer expires at 12:00 AM PST – TODAY.

From the site: Giveaway of the day.

DiscRipper is a software program which simply does two jobs: ripping audio CD and DVD video discs.

DiscRipper can rip DVD disc into MPEG4, AVI, WMV, XVid, and many other formats. Also, DiscRipper can convert video for portable devices such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, Creative Zen, and 3GP / 3G2 for mobile phones. You can select preferred DVD titles, audio language and subtitles if available on a DVD disc. Furthermore, you can freely configure the output format by changing video / audio bitrate, frame rate, frame size, and other options.

Besides ripping DVD video, with this little but powerful program you can backup your audio CD into MP3 format, rip CD into APE files, OGG or WAV audio file formats. DiscRipper will automatically fetch all CD tracks information from CDDB internet database; grab album covers and even lyrics for all songs. All this information will be stored in mp3 tags (both Id3v1 and Id3v2, so there is no need to do that manually anymore).

System requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7

Download at: Giveaway of the day

Unzip the package you’ve downloaded, and carefully read the instructions which you can find in the readme.txt file. Follow the instructions carefully to install and activate the software.

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