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BitDefender QuickScan – Scan for Malware Inside Firefox Or Chrome

Interested in a cloud based malware scanner that can scan your machine from inside your Web Browser, in under a minute? Then you’re going to love BitDefender QuickScan.

BitDefender, offers BitDefender QuickScan as a Firefox, or a Chrome add-on, which is designed using cloud based technology ( a continuously updated malware database and the scanner, hosted on remote servers), making it blazingly FAST!

Following installation of the add-on, BitDefender QuickScan sets a quick launch Icon in the Browser Status Bar, for easy access.

The following screen shot shows BitDefender QuickScan completed scanning 911 critical files and modules on my Win 7 machine in 22 seconds, in an initial scan. My Internet connection speed is – 16 Mbps (download) and 1.5 Mbps (upload). Your results may vary, depending on your connection speed.


BitDefender claims – the more you use the application, the faster the scan. The following screen capture (second scan), shows a 50% improvement over my initial scan speed – eleven seconds, versus twenty two seconds. The time it takes for me to take three breaths. That meets my definition of FAST!

image Following the scan, you’ll have access to a full report. The following screen capture is only a partial representation of the report, (it’s just too big to insert in this article).


Fast facts:

Very fast scanning

Runs online from any Internet connected PC

Based on BitDefender anti-malware technologies

Detects running malware

Detects hidden threats (rootkits) and keyloggers



Network activity

Autoruns and critical files

Browser plug-ins

Note: No cleaning capabilities are included. If BitDefender Online Scanner returns a positive indication of a malware infection, use your onboard antimalware application to clear it.

The main reason I’m recommending BitDefender Online Scanner is: Today’s malware is quite capable of shutting down onboard antimalware applications, while allowing the user to believe the application/s are fully functional. A simply one minute scan can provide an early warning of such activity.

Download: Firefox

Download: Chrome

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