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Kill Malware And Fix Windows With Free UVK – Ultra Virus Killer

imageI’d venture to guess, that the majority of computer users take it for granted, that – if they should become infected by malware –  their antimalware application will do all the hard work in detecting and removing the infection. All will be well, once more, with the World – so to speak.  Good luck with that!

Given the complexity of much of today’s malware, its removal can hamper normal Windows operations; leading to an unstable system (or worse). To deal with that, most users will have to seek professional help. Unless, that is, they can turn to a specialty system repair tool like UVK – Ultra Virus Killer (portable version available).

Given the application’s name, it would be easy to assume that the focus here is on scanning for, and removing malware. And, to a point, that’s true – the application can be set to scan with MalwareBytes, SUPERAntiSpyware, and Hitman Pro (these applications will be automatically downloaded and installed, if not already on your system). Additionally, you may choose to run Kaspersky TDSS Killer and ComboFix.

The real strength of the application, in my view, lies in the repair tools which have been designed to repair Windows (if necessary), after the disinfection. On top of that – users may create and run scripts that perform complete system repair and maintenance.

Quick walkthrough:

The following “Welcome” screen is the business end of the application. From here you can –  analyze and clean your machine of malware, spyware and adware, and perform complete system repair and maintenance.


This is a rather full program with a range of capabilities. I have chosen to highlight just a few, for this short review.

Startup Entries and services and Drivers/Tasks:

Delete startup entries, infected services, drivers or scheduled tasks and corresponding files simultaneously.
Select and manage several entries at once.
Verify startup entries files signatures.
Search information about a file over the internet.
Submit one or more entries files MD5 to VirusTotal using the VT API.
Open the registry key where the entry is located with regedit.
Open the entry’s file location.
View the entry’s file properties.
Maximizable window on these sections for a better view.


Run UVK Scripts:

Disinfect your computer by pasting lines from UVK log to delete corresponding registry entries and files.
Use custom commands to download files, execute programs, delete or add registry entries, terminate processes and delete files and folders, run cmd scripts and register system dll’s or run UVK Fixes.
Create system restore points, empty the recycle bin and all users temporary folders.
Create and run scripts that perform complete system repair and maintenance.
Automatically run any of the UVK fixes or scans.


Repair system and UVK Fixes:

Fix your computer with more than fifty exclusive fixes: Fix file extensions, register system dlls, enable and repair Windows update, clear dns and hosts cache, reset user default registry settings, fix installation problems, empty all browsers cache, reset security settings, defragment and optimize the hard drives, install Java, Flash, DirectX, .Net Framework, Fix the WMI and the system restore, delete all restore points, fix the windows shell and the user shell folders and much more.


Automatic anti-malware scans:

Perform automated scans with the most known malware removal programs: MalwareBytes’ AntiMalware, SuperAntiSpyware, Hitman Pro, Kaspersky TDSS Killer and ComboFix.
Automatically delete the threats found in the scans.
Run a configurable automated UVK system repair script after the scans.
Run ComboFix in unattended mode.
Perform all these actions automatically with no user interaction, which can save several hours of work.


Then, on to SUPERAntiSpyware.



In the short time I’ve been running this application – I’ve been impressed. I’ll keep this one around.

I should point out – taking full advantage of all of the features of this application, requires better than average skills.

Checkout the full feature list (much, much more), here – UVK – Ultra Virus Killer

Download at the developer’s site: carifred.com

Developer’s Note:

If your .exe file extension has been corrupted by malware, download the .com version.

You can take a peek at the application in action. Watch – UVK – Ultra Virus Killer – Powerful Virus Removal & System Repair Tool by Britec, on YouTube.

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