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PandaLabs Trojan Warning – FakeWindows.A, and UrlDistract.A

Courtesy of Panda Security: This week’s PandaLabs report looks at two new Trojans (FakeWindows.A, and UrlDistract.A), that try to trick users in order to steal their data.

FakeWindows.A is a Trojan that resembles a Windows XP activation process.


This malware can reach computers through email, or can be downloaded from a malicious Web page.

It tries to get users to believe that the operating system is requesting their data to activate the account.


In addition to personal data, the Trojan also requests bank details. On entering them, the program displays an error screen indicating it was impossible to
connect to the server. Consequently, in addition to making data theft
easier, users’ computers are blocked.

The UrlDistract.A Trojan, reaches computers through emails with an icon that resembles a video. When run, the Trojan silently steals users’ information, while it distracts them by opening a YouTube video called “Little Superstar” where an actor dances to the music.


The Trojan then connects to an address in Atlanta, and sends all the data
stolen from the computer.

More information about these and other malicious codes is available in the Panda Security Encyclopedia. You can also follow Panda Security’s online activity on its Twitter and PandaLabs blog.

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