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Faketube.A Worm and Zapchast.EX Backdoor Trojan – PandaLabs Reports

Courtesy of Panda Security: This week’s PandaLabs report looks at a worm, and a backdoor Trojan.

The Faketube.A worm spreads via email. The message includes a link to access an erotic video. Some of the message subjects are: “Giga Video
Movie Britney Spirs and 8 Beverage Andorran” and “Stimulating Image
Britney Spirs and One Manifest South Korean”.

If users click the link, the browser opens and a fraudulent website is displayed, which resembles YouTube.


Additionally, users are asked to update their flash player version to see the video. If they accept, the worm is downloaded.

Zapchast.EX is a backdoor Trojan that spreads using a fake Christmas card. In order to view the card, users are asked to install a special version of flash player which is really the Trojan.


Once Zapchast.EX is installed on the system, it establishes connections with
several IP addresses, awaiting orders and gathering user information.

More information about these and other malicious codes is available in the Panda Security Encyclopedia. You can also follow Panda Security’s online activity on its Twitter and PandaLabs blog.

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