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What Do You Know About Your Internet Connection And Home Network Security? – Free ICSI Netalyzr Fills In The Blanks

No matter how much one might want to keep up with all the available tech resources on the Internet – it’s a battle that just can’t be won. The sheer volume of information is simply overwhelming.

Regular reader Christopher A. (thank you Christopher), recently directed my attention to a superb free application (which, I was unaware of) – designed for those you have a need to checkout network performance and security – all of us, I should think.

ICSI Netalyzr is a small Java based application developed by The International Computer Science Institute – a leading center for research in computer science and one of the few independent, non-profit research institutes in the United States. Since its inauguration in 1988, ICSI has maintained an affiliation with the University of California at Berkeley.

ICSI Netalyzr can be run directly from the applications home page, which is hosted by USC.

A brief walkthrough.


Following the “Start analysis” command, the service jumps right into the testing process. You’ll notice the advisory – “the test may take several minutes”. It does indeed – even on a very fast connection. So, be patient – it’s worth the wait.


In the following screen capture, you’ll see a very small portion of the test results. The report is extensive and  chock full of confidential information – which you will not see here – for obvious reasons.


I highly recommend that all users run this test from time to time.

There’s still more to come   Smile.

HomeNet Profiler:

HomeNet Profiler ( a downloadable application rather than a browser driven applet), is an additional service which collects performance, configuration, and security data related to your home network.

A quick walkthrough –

Download the executable from the homepage.


Following the application launch, you will have the option to select various measurements – as shown in the following screen capture.


Once the application has developed the relevant information, you may choose to go directly to the report by following the link provided………..

Home Profile 2

Alternatively, you may chose to have the report delivered by email.

Home Profiler

The following graphic references only a small portion of the full report. I’d like to share but, confidential information in the report will not allow this. Sorry  Smile.


A full sample report is available here. I recommend that you take a peek at this.

Note: In addition, a HomeNet Profiler execution – includes a Netalyzr run as well.


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NetWrix Offers An Extensive List Of Freeware Tools For IT Professionals

imageAward winning NetWrix Corporation (13 industry awards in 2010), offers a surprising number of free tools for IT Professionals, which may be less powerful than the commercial editions, but nevertheless, are efficient and effective – and the price is hard to beat.

If you’re involved in systems management, NetWrix’s extensive freeware collection is sure to pique your interest. In fact, a number of these free applications are suitable for individual users as well.

This article is posted for informational purposes only. I have not tested these  applications  for functionality, reliability, or any other “ility”. However, in a quick scan of user comments, NetWrix’s applications generally receive top marks.

From the site:

1) Active Directory Change Reporter: This is a simple auditing tool that keeps tabs on what’s going on inside your Active Directory. The tool tracks changes to users, groups, OUs, and all other types of AD objects, sending detailed daily reports with lists of changes.

Learn more»



2) USB Blocker: The increasing mobility of flash drives, MP3 players, cell phones and iPods makes the threat of data theft greater than ever, and with a couple clicks of the mouse, this aptly-named tool blocks unauthorized usage of removable media via USB ports. USB Blocker hardens end point security by preventing the spread of harmful malware and restricting the transfer of confidential information.

Learn more»



3) Password Expiration Notifier: This tool automatically reminds users to change their passwords before they expire, helping keep busy helpdesk administrators safe from password reset calls. It works nicely for users who don’t log on interactively and, thus, never receive standard password change reminders at log on time (e.g., VPN and OWA users).

Learn more»



4) Inactive Users Tracker: This tool tracks inactive user accounts (e.g., terminated employees, graduated students) so you can easily disable or remove them to eliminate potential security holes. The tool sends reports on a regular schedule, showing what accounts have been inactive for a configurable period of time (e.g., 2 months).

Learn more»



5) File Server Change Reporter: The File Server Change Reporter detects changes made to files, folders and permissions, and tracks newly created and deleted files. The tool is useful for detecting mistakenly deleted files and it allows quick backup recovery in case of accidental changes to important files.

Learn more»



6) Active Directory Object Restore Wizard: A part of the Active Directory Change Reporter, the Active Directory Object Restore Wizard provides granular object-level and attribute-level restore capabilities that allow administrators to rollback unwanted changes (e.g., mistakenly deleted users and OUs, modified group memberships, etc).

Learn more»



7) VMware Change Reporter: Tracks and reports configuration changes in VMware Virtual Center settings and permissions, such as newly created virtual machines, containers, alerts, ESX servers, etc.

Learn more»



8) Service Monitor: This simple monitoring tool alerts administrators when one or more Windows services suddenly stop working on the specified servers. The tool also detects services that fail to start at boot time, which sometimes happens, for example, with Exchange Server.

Learn more»


9) Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker: Uncontrolled creation of virtual machines that are rarely, if ever used, consumes physical resources and diminishes the value of virtualization. This common drawback is typically called “virtual machine sprawl”. NetWrix VM Sprawl Tracker is designed to address the issue of VM sprawl via tracking of VM activity over time and reporting of VMs that have been inactive for too long, allowing administrators to decommission them.

Learn more»


10) Disk Space Monitor: Even with today’s terabyte-large hard drives, server disk space tends to run out quickly and unexpectedly. This monitoring tool will send you daily summary reports regarding all servers that are running low on disk space.

Additional free applications, for both companies and individuals, are available at NetWrix’s Freeware Products page.

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