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Tibet Websites – A Hackers Paradise!

Security experts are warning that hackers are exploiting websites about Tibet, inserting malicious code to infect the PCs of unwary surfers.ScanSafe has warned that sites such as FreeTibet.org and SaveTibet.org have been exposed as the world watches the protests currently surrounding the Olympic torch’s journey across the world to Beijing.

Visitors to the homepages of these sites are redirected to a site that hosts a Trojan downloader which then attempts to infect the PC.

“Given the world’s attention on relations between China and Tibet ahead of the Olympics, it makes sense that these sites would be targeted as web surfers go online to learn more about Tibet and Tibetan independence,” said Spencer Parker, director of product management at ScanSafe.

He said that the attack appeared to have been the work of top-level hackers rather than amateur malware authors.

“These websites appear to have been specifically targeted as this is not a generic Trojan downloader. Someone or some group has gone to great trouble to rewrite the exploit and personalize it to the FreeTibet.org and SaveTibet.org websites,” Parker said.

Source: Web User (UK)

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