Canada’s Super Spies “Discover” Cybercrime is a Threat

image Canada’s Security Intelligence Service, CSIS, (Canada’s spies), according to a just released, heavily censored “TOP SECRET” memo, (no, I’m not making this up), has ferreted out a startling fact on cybercrime – it’s growing!

I can appreciate why this startling discovery needed to be designated “top secret”. Panic in the streets, possible riots, a reverting to pre- Internet days, are all conceivable outcomes should the average Canadian become aware that CYBERCRIME IS GROWING!

Here’s a sampling of the content from this “top secret” memo – “Compromises of computer and combinations networks of the Government of Canada, Canadian universities, private companies and individual customer networks have increased substantially”.

These “top secret” spies didn’t stop with just recognizing this previously unknown threat to Canada’s safety and security. After all, these are highly trained spies who, you have to know, are the cream of the crop.

No, they went on to craft a well thought out, highly creative response to this newly identified cyber security threat, and focused on this advice – “the federal government needs to take urgent action or risk being targeted by hackers who use social media, such as Twitter, to steal secret government or corporate information.

Wow, this is startling news. Hackers using social media, including Twitter. Who knew!


The Canadian Government responded to this newly discovered threat in its usual forthright and non-compromising manner, by assuring Canadians “they are working to develop a framework to deal with cyber-attacks”.

When I read this statement, I was overcome with a huge sense of relief. I felt like standing up and shouting “hurrah”. Yes!

Not only has my government put its best and brightest to work identifying this previously unknown threat, but it’s prepared to take action – at some point. I must admit, I was impressed with this.

What more can a citizen expect than to have a government which is, “working to develop a framework to deal with cyber-attacks”.

Now, if you’re a Canadian, I’m sure you must feel safer knowing that your government, assigned its “James Bond” department which used the latest high tech and secret tools (to secret to disclose here), to hammer down what had previously been just a rumor, that CYBERCRIME IS GROWING!

If you’re elsewhere in the World, and you have even a modicum of knowledge of the current Internet environment, and the enormous threat to your personal safety and security cybercrime represents, and has represented for some considerable time, you can now sit back and LYAO.

How clueless, and  inept, is a government which classifies as “TOP SECRET”, what is common knowledge held by anyone who can click a mouse button. If you’re a Canadian, then at the next election consider throwing these bums out.

Only in Canada, eh!

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