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Congrats to TechPaul and Tech-for Everyone

thumbs-up My good friend, and fellow technology Blogger, TechPaul who writes the popular Tech-for Everyone Blog, has just turned the clock on half a million site visits. This is an enviable achievement – one that requires consistent daily effort to accomplish.

Blogging is tough. To consistently write useful content, for the reader, is one of the most difficult jobs going, and TechPaul now has more than 500 technical articles on his site. A terrific accomplishment – must be that California air!

Not only is Paul a great writer who is knowledgeable in the whole arena of technology; for me, he has been my sounding board, a great coach, and a special friend.

Congratulations Paul, I look forward with anticipation to many more of your insightful and timely articles.

Pay a visit to Tech-for Everyone , and you are sure to become a regular visitor.


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