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KidZui – Free, Safe Internet Browsing for Kids

Silki Garg has some great advice on how to give your child access to the Internet in a child safe environment.

image Internet Browsers are windows to the outside world through which a user interacts with others. While they open up opportunities to access loads of information which is available on the web, they also expose the user to the bad side of this outside world.

The bad side, which is full of spam, malware, spyware, viruses, porn etc. will try to gain your attention with the intention of entrapping you for the benefit of cyber-criminals.

While an adult is expected to understand the nasty designs of these malware artists and stay clear of them, although to a limited extent; the situation becomes more critical for children.

Safeguarding kids, on the Internet, is a topic which has been discussed a great deal, with different tools taking different approaches to this problem. Most of these tools are of the restrictive type. They search and identify websites and places, which can potentially harm a child and then block the child’s access to these unsafe sites.


However, KidZui, takes a different approach. It searches and identifies websites, which are absolutely safe and fun for kids to visit. KidZui coordinates a large team of parents and teachers, which maintains a white-list of websites for children.

While it has grown slowly over the years, today KidZui has the one of the largest number of games, websites, videos and photos reviewed by parents and teachers, anywhere. In this way, children can find what they need to help them with schoolwork and so on, without parental guidance.

As a parent, you can keep track of what your kids are up to. KidZui sends a weekly email that lets you know you what your kids are doing online.

KidZui is more than just a simple browser. KidZui is a free Web browser, search engine and community for kids 3-12.


Features of KidZui


KidZui Search is tailored to the needs of kids.

Offers suggestions and spelling corrections.

Offers search results with content relevant for kids.

Graphical presentation that is easy for kids to understand.

Browsing and Content:

KidZui has the largest number of games, websites, videos and photos reviewed by parents and teachers anywhere.

Kids can browse all this content easily and independently.


A KidZui account gives kids the freedom to learn, play, and discover over 2 million games, websites, videos and photos approved by parents like you.

Kids can now safely express themselves with their Zui, backgrounds, tags and online status.

KidZui Community:

The KidZui community is tailored to kids as they learn all the things that make them productive adults.

It’s safe with no chat, no written text and no email.

KidZui is available in two forms. You can download the stand-alone version to your computer, or you can use it as a browser extension.

There is also a paid version of KidZui, but the free version seems to have all the essential components an average user will require.

Conclusion: Overall a neat application.

Download at: Kidzui.com

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This is a guest post by Silki Garg. She advises on spyware removal, online threats and malware detection, on her Internet Security Blog. A visit to her Blog is highly recommended. You’re sure to find something of interest.


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Want the Best in Free Internet Security? – Get People Driven Security With WOT

dangerous_websites_pie_small.jpgSome time ago I received an email from Esa Suurio, CEO of a relatively new free web service/browser add-on, WOT (web of trust), in which he set out the advantages of this Internet community whose purpose is to allow its members to exchange their personal knowledge about a web site. According to WOT, the user community now has reputation data on over 17 million sites worldwide.

The shared information on a site’s reputation includes trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety. In addition, WOT uses hundreds of trusted sources including phishing site listings, to keep users protected against rapidly spreading threats.

Based on the information I gathered I decided to test this browser add-on for 30 days. A major attraction for me was WOT’s ability to provide information on the reliability/unreliability of online shopping sites. I was so impressed with WOT’s functionality that I have kept this browser add-on as part of my permanent security armor.

People-driven security is an idea whose time has finally arrived. An obvious advantage of the Internet is the gathering and dissemination of information. What better way to use the Internet then, than to provide critical security information gathered from web users, to the people most in need of this information; other web users.

Johannes Ullrich, chief research officer at the Internet Storm Center (ISC), has been quoted as saying with respect to people driven security “The good guys need to out-share the bad guys to help counter them.” Given the unstable state of Internet security, it would be difficult to disagree with the sentiment expressed in this statement.

Quick facts – WOT checks the following:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Vendor reliability
  • Privacy
  • Child Safety


WOT is free and it’s available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Download at: MyWot


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