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Free Anonymous Phone Numbers for Online Safety

Privacy is a major issue for most people who use the Internet; particularly those who use web based listing service such as eBay, craigslist, and online dating services. Not surprisingly, to interact with these services, participants need to provide a contact phone number.

Not all participants feel comfortable in providing their home, business, or cell phone numbers to unknown parties that can conceivably place them at risk.

So how can you address this challenge? Well, luckily there are a number of free services that offer solutions to this problem.

The new kid on the block is LetsCall.me. Currently, LetsCall.me connects numbers in the US and Canada only.

From the LetsCall.me web site:

This is a free service that makes it easy and safe for people to call you. Use with online services such as Craigslist, or any other situation you want to talk, but don’t want to reveal your phone number.

Create a web address to give to people that want to call you:


Benefits of LetsCall.me

Accept calls anonymously without revealing your phone number

No caller id blocking – always know who’s calling

Block unwanted callers

Easier to remember than a phone number

Great for Craigslist and other internet sites

Be safe – don’t give out your phone number, use LetsCall.me

How it works

Pick your own URL such as letscall.me/johndoe

Instead of giving out your phone number, share your LetsCall.me page

People who want to call you input their phone number on your LetsCall.me page, and then we will call them and connect them with you.

Your phone will ring with the other person’s Caller ID – since the other person needs to receive the call first, they cannot fake their number

Talk with the other person as often and as long as you want

If you want to block the person from calling you, just tell us their number

Check out this free service at LetsCall.me

Another recent addition to this category of fee service providers is Hookup digits.

Take a look at this from Hookup digits website.

How does it work?

Simply type in your REAL phone number (cell or landline number)…then our system will automatically give you a hookup digit phone number. Share this number with who ever you like. The caller never sees your REAL number. (unless you call them) All incoming calls through this number are anonymous.

In addition, the person calling you also shows up anonymous. (the caller ID will show your hookup digits as an incoming call so you know it isn’t your mom calling) The callers are protected too. No sharing of REAL numbers will happen unless you want them to.

What else do I need to know?

Your hookup digits will be active for 7 days, during which anyone can call you anonymously.

After 7 days, if you don’t want to use the number any more, you don’t have to do anything, it just expires. If you still need the number, just return to the site and renew it.

Calls can last for up to 10 minutes, if you need more time, just have the caller call you back. You can do this as many times as you like!

And best of all, its completely free!

Check out this free service at the Hookup digits website.


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