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TOP 10/20/50/100 Lists – The Best Of The Best?

imageThe whopping number of “TOP” 10/20/50/100 Software lists, shot our way every year at this time, can in fact, have some value – at least the top 10/20 selections.

Running past the 20 mark though ….. often seems pointless. In most cases, I find my enthusiasm takes a big hit once I’ve bounced past the 20 mark.

So, while Santa was making his list and checking it twice, I took the opportunity to zip around the Web and selected a few “best of”, “top of”, lists – short, manageable lists.

BTW – if you’ve ever wondered as to the popularity of “top” lists – the Google search screenshot below, might surprise you – 200+ Million! Who knew!


PCWorld’s Favorite Downloads of 2011 – All year long, PCWorld reviewers immerse themselves in desktop programs and Web software. These programs and services are the ones reviewed for PCWorld Downloads.

20 Best Browser Apps of 2011 – Your browser is now a source of apps for games that you can play for hours, services that will keep you safe, and simple utilities that can be useful or fun. Read on to learn more about the 20 best browser apps of the year.

The Best Games of 2011 – These days, you can play video games on just about every device that can run an app. Home consoles and portables may immediately come to mind but you can also game on phones, tablets and, of course, on PCs–both as installed apps and inside Web browsers. These are the best of the best.

Best of Google Maps and Google Earth 2011 – Using these Google tools, you can now see the insides of large stores, views of the world’s magnificent mountains, and a record of the devastation of Japan, among many other advancements.

TechRepublic: Hot software downloads in 2011 – Disk analysis and optimization, PC diagnostics, and security are among the themes of the software downloads in this year-end roundup. These seven software downloads are among the most downloaded items from TechRepublic’s Software directory in 2011.

Project Gutenberg:  Top 100 EBooks – Project Gutenberg offers over 36,000 free ebooks to download to your PC, Kindle, Android, iOS or other portable device. Choose between ePub, Kindle, HTML and simple text formats.

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