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Spice Up Your Blog And Forum Comments With BBCodeXtra Firefox Add-on

imageI must admit – I love to pore over readers’ comments following articles I’m checking out on other sites. Courteous comments (which by their nature, raise the level of intellectual persuasion), will often elevate a mundane article above the crowd of similar articles. The article may be the main meal, but reader comments are, in many instances, the spices that give it the oomph, the zest and the zing…….

If you’re the type of Internet user who likes to express your point of view, or share your wisdom and your insight by commenting on forums, on Blogs, or on any site which engages with its readers by supporting comments – then you’ll find BBCodeXtra (which adds Bbcode, HTML, and XHTML context menu commands to Firefox), very useful.

With BBCodeXtra installed you can markup your comments to display bold, italic, or underlined text, and more. As well, additional submenus increase functionality substantially.

Here’s an example in which I’ve selected “cool application” for italicizing, “just one more” for underlining, “you” to reference a URL, “much more closely”, for a block quote, and finally, “Always good to see your comments), for bolding.


The BBCodeXtra context menu commands makes it very easy to add emphasis to your comments – without the need to learn coding.


Settings menu


You can create a custom tag to insert a fixed plain text or symbols like ©, ® e ™ (both HTML entity or UTF characters).


System requirements: Firefox, Seamonkey.

Download at: Mozilla

Note: A comment tip from regular reader Michael F. pointed the way to this terrific add-on. Thank you Michael.

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