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IObit’s Advanced SystemCare Free 3.7 DOES NOT Install Spyware

There are times when you have to fall on your sword, and for me, this is one of those times.

On Friday of last week, I posted an article which laid out a case that IObit’s Advanced SystemCare Free 3.7, installed malware on a users machine based on test results (including rough copy), provided to me by an associate who is relatively new to this type of analysis.

The responsibility for posting this false information is mine of course, since I did not perform due diligence prior to posting. If I had, I would have found:

The testing methodology was not up to standard.

The results of the analysis were factually incorrect.

Questions raised following the posting of this article, led me to setup a “test of the test”, in which ten independent technologists installed Advanced SystemCare in an attempt to duplicate the results. In all cases, the application installed correctly with no indication that malware was part of the package.

In the circumstances, I offer my apology to IObit (whose products I have recommended without reservation, numerous times in the past), and to the readers of that particular posting.

Moreover, I apologize to regular readers who have come to depend on factually correct and unbiased product reviews, and recommendations. In this case, I have let you down.

Bill Mullins


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