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Yeah, It’s Hot – But Don’t Say….

imageIt’s hot outside. The current temperature in downtown Toronto with the humidity factored in, is 51 Celsius (126.8 Fahrenheit). Yeah, that’s HOT!

High temperatures, just like very cold temps, seem to lead to the same old, same old, tired weather observations. Maybe, in this case, it’s just to hot for the grey matter to get in gear.

Here’s a few “it’s hot” classics, I picked up while roaming around the Web.


Courtesy – Max Faulkner/AP

Uh, Willis Carrier, the “father” of the first practical Air Conditioner, is my hero of the day. Gotta honor good old Willis by maxing out the Air. Sorry.


Courtesy – Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

A bit of a twist on the old – “when I was a kid I had to walk through 6 feet of snow on the way to school – all Winter”


Courtesy – Steve Apps/AP

This one should be a Capital offense.   Smile

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