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The Best Sites for Internet Radio

Radio – it’s not what it used to be. Guest writer, Jason Miner takes us on a tour of  Radio land and, I must admit – I was surprised by the volume of available choices. You might be as well.


imageAs technologies for Internet bandwidth have allowed for improved streaming, many office personnel and home users are finding their favorite music in the form of Internet radio stations. While streaming music has been around for quite some time, the increased bandwidth supplied by the Internet has provided the means to stream higher quality music as opposed to the lower-quality WAV formats of yesterday.

Finding the best Internet radio site is completely up to the user. Although one person may find Pandora to be the ultimate site, others may have an affinity for Yahoo Music. Regardless of your preferred musical genre, there are sites-a-plenty for your entertainment needs.

1. Pandora – One of the most popular Internet radio stations online, Pandora is full of a great deal of music for all fans. Listening to streaming music is as easy as entering what you want to hear from the main page. Complete with artist and title, Pandora offers links to sites like iTunes and Amazon in order to buy your favorite music.

2. Shoutcast – Developed with Winamp in mind, Shoutcast can deliver a wide range of music for the popular MP3 player or straight from your web-browser. Radio stations can be viewed according to the most popular based on how many listeners are using it at that moment in time. Shoutcast also works for the Android version of Winamp.

3. Jango – Nearly as easy to use as Pandora, Jango is loaded with various genres of music. This site is free to sign up with and can base your login off of your Facebook profile. Music is available to purchase from the links to iTunes and Amazon.

4. Slacker – Although is more commercialized with image and banner advertisements than some of the others, the website does have a large selection of music for instant streaming. By signing up with for a low monthly fee, you are able to listen to exact tracks from a variety of soundtracks. However, the site is completely usable with a wide range of music for free.

5. Yahoo Music – Find radio stations all over the country in Yahoo Music. Many radio stations will have online broadcasts of the local content. Although not every radio station in the United States is present in Yahoo Music, a large variety of local stations are. Listen to radio stations from your home town, if it’s available on Yahoo.

6. Radio Tower – Like Yahoo Music, Radio Tower has a very large listing of various live online radio stations to choose from. While the site itself is extremely busy with banners and advertisements, you can find radio stations from all over the world and listen to music in your native tongue.

7. Local Stations – A great deal of local radio stations have online counterparts now-days. Whether the radio station advertises this or not, a search in your favorite engine can yield results relating to music from your local stations. You’d be surprised by how many local radio stations broadcast the content live on the website.

Internet radio can supply you with virtual on-demand music of your favorite bands, genres, or time periods. Some may discourage online entertainment of this nature for it takes away from the local radio stations in one’s area. However, many of these local radio stations have online broadcasting methods to ensure that their computer-based fans can still be within reach.

The Internet is shaping the way the future is looked at by the entertainment industries. We should embrace innovation and look forward to what can be developed next.

Author Bio:

Jason Miner, an expert freelance writer loves writing articles on different categories. He is approaching different bloggers to recognize each other’s efforts through “”. He can be contacted through e-mail at jasonminer8atgmaildotcom.


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Boxee – The Open Source Software, Not The Box


I don’t watch much TV. No, that’s not some kind of elitist remark – you know, the type of comment thrown about by some who consider themselves a step above the rest. From my perspective, television actually sucks.

I’m tired of the fact that the History Channel rarely runs anything that’s remotely concerned with history. I’m tired of the fact that the Learning Channel long ago stopped pretending “learning” had anything to do with its mandate. And, that’s the short list.

Not only is television a vast wasteland, it’s become a toxic dump where morons like Charlie Sheen, and other emotionally unwell idiot actors (I’m trying to be kind here), set the standards for what supposedly passes for real life. It’s definitely not where my head is at.

Thankfully, the Internet with it’s virtually unlimited selection of educational, informational, and entertainment packages to choose from, helps to fill the “wasteland” gap admirably.

Generally, I find myself watching Internet entertainment on my wide screen LCD display, which is in reality, a high-definition display. Sitting at my desk however, is not quite as comfortable as I’d like – so for months, I’ve been on the hunt for a free application which will seamlessly connect Internet output to my television. Gotta sit in that easy chair – don’t ya know.

I think I’ve finally found it in Boxee. Boxee is an open source social-media application (Windows, Linux and Mac compatible), which allows users to stream content from both the Internet, and their personal home media, to a TV – from a simple package.

Step One:


Graphic courtesy of Boxee.

Step Two:


Graphic courtesy of Boxee.

Step Three:


Graphic courtesy of Boxee.

Firing up the application:

On first launch, you will have to set up an account and sign in. Here’s why, according to the developer –

Boxee is meant to be social – not just with friends online, but also with people in your house. With this in mind we designed Boxee with multiple user accounts so that your social network, favorite TV shows and apps remain personalized and accessible only to you.

OK, that sounds sensible.

All of the following screen captures can be expanded to their original size by clicking.

The interface could do with a “facelift” – if you’ll pardon the expression. Nevertheless, it’s relatively functional, straight forward, and simple to use.


Changing the settings is fairly simple, and the user can easily customize the application to meet specific needs.


Adding apps to the application couldn’t be easier, and it expands the range of possibilities dramatically. The apps (for my purposes), are a lifesaver.


In the following illustration, I’ve clicked on the installed CNET app.


The video output from CNET (screen shot from my Monitor), really is 1080 HD. Crystal clear.


The CineTrailer app (installed for this test), is illustrated below.


Screen capture (in 1080 HD), from the Green Lantern trailer. Impressive.


Shakira video running through the YouTube app. Love Shakira!


Since I missed the national news last night, I added the CBC News app in order to catch up.


Screen shot from the news showing the turmoil of the Vancouver riot.


A very handy File Browser is part of the package.


System requirements: Windows, Mac, Linux

Download at: Boxee

So that you can get the best out of this free software, I recommend that you checkout the Boxee Software User Guide.

Perhaps the most important Boxee software question – are there monthly fees to use Boxee?

Boxee does not charge you any monthly fees, but some premium applications accessible through Boxee require a fee.

I’ve been using Boxee for only a few days (I haven’t run an HDMI cable yet – maybe this weekend), and I’m sure I have much more to discover – but, to this point I’m liking what I’m seeing.

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Mirror Your Mood With Free Emotional Internet Radio

Popular guest writer Rick Robinette, has done it again! Rick, who has a knack for finding great free applications, introduces us to his latest find, StereoMood.  StereoMood is a free service that streams music that best suits your mood, and your activities. It’s very cool!

image Feeling sad, feeling glad, feeling nasty, feeling bad…  How would you like to play music to match your mood or emotion?  You can with a cloud app called StereoMood. They say that behind every song is an emotion.

StereoMood is a tag cloud, reflecting various types of moods.  You click on one of the tags and Stereo Mood will suggest a playlist that best suits your mood and your activities.

However, if you wish to customize StereoMood for your own personal taste, you can, by creating libraries and playlists.  You can even go as far as, searching for and  listening to your favorite music by a specific artist, or a track.

In order to create personal customized playlists and libraries, you are required to create an account and be logged into StereoMood.  In my case, I did not create an account; I simply visit the web site, select a mood from the tag cloud, minimize StereoMood to the task bar and life is good.


If you are wondering where the music is generated from for Stereo Mood; the StereoMood tracks are derived from a selection of the best international music blogs.

Stereo Mood

Overall, the music I have experienced is quite good.  I like the fact that I can click on a mood (e.g. relax) and get music that matches the mood.

This is a guest post by Rick Robinette, who brings a background as a security/police officer professional, and as an information technology specialist to the Blogging world.

Why not pay a visit to Rick’s site at What’s On My PC. Like me, you’re sure to become a frequent visitor.

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