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I’ll Be Back

One of the most satisfying rewards of being a long time blogger has been the amazing people I’ve met online over the years. In many respects, my online friends are often the equal of those with whom I communicate face to face.

Since I’ve been unable to effectively post to Tech Thoughts this past 45 days or so, I’ve been humbled by the concern shown by so many people from so many places around the World. So many emails, that I’ve found it difficult to respond to all those who deserved  a response.

Until now, I’ve chosen not to burden readers with a personal tale of medical woe – we all have personal loads to carry and sharing my current burden seemed somehow counterproductive, to me. On top of that, I’ve not been entirely comfortable with the idea of posting personal medical data for all the reasons one might consider.

Still, the time is right, I think, to let readers know that I’m out of the saddle only on a temporary basis – although I’m unhappy with the extended timeframe to date.

Initially, I was prepared for a short medical leave from Tech Thoughts –  a week or so – maybe less. But, life can sometimes rearrange the best laid plans. You’ll see what I mean from the following.

Long story short – Checked into the Hospital on December 4, 2015 to have the first of two non-malignant skin cancer surgeries – one small, and one requiring a skin graft. While waiting in pre-op (wired up to various machines), my heart ran out of control (215 beats a minute) – controlled chaos immediately ensued.

Within minutes they shut down my heart and then restarted it – electrical pads, front and back, to get me rolling.

Not the end.

Two days later, while in my “new” Cardiologist’s office, he wired me up to an ECG and then freaked out. Within 3 minutes I’ve got the Fire guys and the Paramedics rushing me to the Hospital which is directly adjacent to the Cardiologist’s office (wouldn’t let me walk). Again organized chaos and, once again, it’s “let’s make Bill dead for a minute.” My rib cage is still paying the price for that one. It still hurts like hell.

Kidding aside – all the people I came into contact with throughout this ordeal were magnificent – I mean “magnificent.” My respect for those involved in high tech emergency medicine knows no bounds.

So, no cancer surgery – both postponed until the ticker ticks and tocks in step. As it is now, I have a rogue circuit in my Heart that needs to be burned out using a micro-surgery technique. Wire into the Heart and sizzle the bad guy. At this point, I’m scheduled to undergo this procedure on February 19 – fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I’m on a couple of drugs that reduce blood flow to various places, including my Brain, which makes me a little stupid. Some might say – “more than a little.” Smile   Example: I can’t hold a continuous thought for more than a few minutes. For a man like me that’s Dante’s Inferno come a calling.

Piled on top of that, I feel like I have the worst flu I’ve every had. The anxiety though, is the worst. But, there’s a pill for that – a pill that reduces the anxiety somewhat but makes me sicker than ever.

Funny thing is – other than this rogue circuit I’m in tip-top shape. Blood pressure averaging 118/78 – resting heart rate of 62 – less than 5 pounds heavier than I was in my 20’s – and, I’ve already passed the 65 milestone.

I’m hopeful that I can get back on board with the “News” by March 1 (or sooner) – I have no intention of just quitting. Truthfully, I can hardly wait to get back in the saddle.

I’ll be back – you can count on that.

Kind regards to all of you,



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