4 responses to “Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – May 4, 2015

  1. Fred

    Hi Bill!
    “Note: As of today, Tech Thoughts Daily Net News will fall back to a three times a week schedule – that is, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”
    Bill I remember when you did this 7 days a week, and never missed a day. For me it was like Total Immersion back in college days! Cramming as it were! 🙂 I kept saying to myself how does the man do it! Then after some time you went to the 5 days a week schedule. Again I said, how does he put forth so much content, reply to posts and still do his work… Well I think I know why—and I have got to say it whether it is polite or not: YOU ARE DAMNED GOOD AND DAMNED SMART. And you have PASSION!
    I do feel it is good for you to ease back a bit. Life is getting more and more hectic, at least I think so. And yet your blog will STILL have more VALUABLE content than any of the others I read in ALL fields.
    Now if I may ask a question, which was piqued by your reply to me of last week “Not many of us have exactly the exact same system configuration – the same applications – the same hardware… As a result, “problems” are often system specific ” and I thought WOW I had never thought of that, I had thought it was all the same but it IS NOT. So my question, and please answer at your leisure, is the TRUSTED INSTALLER process, why does it, on my computer at least, go up to about 50% of CU and just for a few seconds mind you, on any visit to a webpage, even this one?
    Well my friend I hope your new schedule gives you the time you need to avoid BURN OUT.
    I do like your FIRE, from one Irishman to another 😉
    I truly do wish you the best, always, my dear friend,

    • Well thank you Fred – the passion thing incidentally, gets me into all sorts of hot water with my associates. 🙂

      Nope, no burnout coming this way. In fact, what I really want this year is a totally relaxed summer – but, starting in late August/September the schedule will be Mon/Wed/Friday, Tech News – and, Tues/Thurs application reviews/personal opinion pieces. It’s been 2 years now since I last focused on the latter and, I miss that challenge.

      As for Trusted Installer – not to worry. It’s simply a Windows executable file that periodically checks for Windows updates. It does however, scare the hell out of users when it eats up large chunks of CPU cycles. Best solution? Sit back and relax. You could however, set this to “manual startup” – but, I wouldn’t recommend it.

      Have a great day, my friend.