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13 best privacy tools for staying secure;  Here’s how to block ‘whitelist’ ads from AdBlock Plus;  Five top widgets to speed up tasks on Android;  OS X utilities to make your Mac better, faster, and more productive;  9 typing tips every Android and iOS user should know;  The best open-source software for serious Linux users;  5 Hidden Facebook Tricks You Need to Know;  Study: Facebook Can Cause Depression;  Serious bug in fully patched Internet Explorer;  Boxed Wholesale app: Warehouse shopping without the annual fee;  Staples to buy Office Depot for $6 billion;  Obama Says Terrorism Is Not an Existential Threat;  Comodo Firewall – FREE.

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13 best privacy tools for staying secure – From encrypted instant messengers to secure browsers and operating systems, these privacy-enhancing apps, extensions, and services can protect you both online and offline.

Over 300 businesses now whitelisted on AdBlock Plus, 10% pay to play – Since 2011, AdBlock Plus, a popular browser plugin that blocks online ads, has kept a “whitelist” of websites that are allowed to serve ads despite the presence of the AdBlock Plus plugin. In an e-mail to Ars, AdBlock Plus Communications Manager Ben Williams wrote that currently, the browser extension has granted a pass to “over 300 sites/entities” out of “over 1,500 applicants” to the company’s whitelist. That’s up from October 2013, when AdBlock Plus allowed the ads of 78 sites or entities out of 777 applicants.

Here’s how to block ‘whitelist’ ads from AdBlock Plus – Eyeo, the maker of the AdBlock Plus browser extension, is being roasted for accepting money to “whitelist” some ads, letting them pass through the software’s filter mechanism—but there’s an easy way to tweak it to block all ads. Eyeo is dealing with the aftermath of an article by the Financial Times, which reported this weekend that not only Google, but also Microsoft, Amazon and advertising network Taboola are among the companies paying to stop having their ads their ads blocked. In response, users have blasted the company and have vented frustration with the software on social media and elsewhere.

9 typing tips every Android and iOS user should know – Wish it were a little easier to type in ALL CAPS on your Android or iPhone, or ever get stumped while looking for the em dash? What about typing letters with accent marks, or dealing with cumbersome URLs? Or maybe you’re just hankering for an alternative to tapping on a slippery glass screen. Read on for 9 ways to make typing on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device a little easier, from how to turn on “caps lock” to a simple shortcut to the exclamation mark.

Five top widgets to speed up tasks on Android – Android’s widgets have always been a great differentiator over iOS. But widgets don’t just have to be giant, scrolling notification bars with news or sports scores. They can be small and focused, getting you to a specific file, contact, or even a book without having to launch the app and potentially start from scratch. Here are a few that you may want to try on your own to supercharge your smartphone or tablet productivity.

17 Tips to Help You Master Microsoft OneDrive – Files stored with OneDrive can also now be as big as 10GB, up from 2GB. (Dropbox file size is unlimited.) But…so what? Lots of storage, you install the software to sync your files (or just turn it on in Windows 8), so you set it and forget it, right? You shouldn’t. There’s a lot more to OneDrive than that. Check out our list of tips in the slideshow. You’ll get the scoop on exactly what you need to take full advantage of a service that could be named Windows Live SkyFolderShareMeshDrive… but thankfully, is not.

How (and why) to use Google Drive as a powerful note-taking tool – Don’t overlook Google Drive as a potential go-to note-taker even though it’s generally designed as a word processor. The productivity suite has some key advantages that the note-taking not-quite-competition fail to offer, at least as a singular package. First of all, all of your docs (or notes in this case) are saved in Google Drive, which has the best search capabilities around, hands-down. That makes it easy to find the note your looking for in a flash. Evernote’s search is good, but not as good as Google’s. You also can use Drive’s excellent collaboration feature to write and share notes with others in real-time—an especially useful scenario if you’re doing a group project with colleagues or classmates.

The best open-source software for serious Linux users – Everyone has their personal favorite programs, but some users are more serious about their software than others. One such group includes the people at LinuxQuestions. These are Linux experts who are kind enough to answer newbies’ endless questions. So when they pick out their favorite Linux distributions and open-source programs, I take their opinions seriously. Mind you, that doesn’t mean that I always agree with them. Without further ado, here are the most important results from the recent LinuxQuestions annual survey.


Boxed Wholesale app: Warehouse shopping without the annual fee – Boxed Wholesale brings bulk shopping to your mobile device — it’s available for Android and iOS — the idea being to give you the same savings as a big-box store, but without the membership fee. Or the long drive. Or the exhausting Saturday afternoon. (Also not included: free food samples. Which, considering my impulsive nature, is maybe a good thing.) In other words, there are savings to be had, even if not every item is available at the absolute lowest price. Ultimately you’re getting the convenience of bulk shopping from the comfort of a handheld app. I’m not saying you’ll want to give up your Costco membership, merely that Boxed can save you a lot of time stocking up on things you use regularly.


Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

Google Now is about to get even more powerful with third-party app data – The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is rolling out an update today that will allow third-party apps to integrate directly with Google Now. Apps like Airbnb, eBay, Lyft, and numerous others will directly deliver information without you having to actually open up the app. For instance, if you were previously searching for a charming bungalow on Airbnb, Google Now might later produce a card about that cute little place to remind you to book that weekend getaway you’ve been on the fence about. Google told the Journal that the update will introduce over 40 new cards.

Eero wants to create mesh network for your home WiFi needs – However the FCC rules on Net Neutrality (we hear you’ll like the outcome), we’re sure most people consider their home Internet a utility. Connectivity is crucial to thriving in society, as we’ve migrated our physical existence to the digital world. That’s why poor WiFi, especially at home, is rage-inducing. A new startup, Eero, wants to change all that. Their small hardware, when positioned strategically around the home, cobbles together a range extender, repeater, and router into one device. By connecting more than one Eero, you’re creating a mesh network, scalable to your wants and needs.


Windows 10 Pricing: Some questions answered, more info coming soon – There seems to be a lot of confusion out there surrounding the “free upgrade” that Microsoft promised for Windows 7 and 8.1 users at the January 2015 press conference, here’s what we know so far.

OS X utilities to make your Mac better, faster, and more productive – There’s little doubt that OS X 10.10 ‘Yosemite’ is a fully-featured operating system that helps you to get a lot done, but by adding a few extra utilities will allow you get an awful lot more from the platform with very little extra effort.


Twitter’s Instant Timeline gives new users a feed full of content – Think back to when you created your Twitter account — it was a lonely timeline and you were prompted to follow a bunch of accounts in order to change that. This resulted in following friends and maybe a bunch of others randomly, then picking through them over time, getting rid of some, following others, until you were getting the tweets you really wanted. Twitter isn’t satisfied with this new-user experience, and so has addressed it with a new feature called Instant Timeline, something that does exactly what its name suggests.

Study: Facebook Can Cause Depression – Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have found that being envious of your Facebook friends can lead to depression, a finding that should give some of us pause. Based on a survey of 700 students, the study found that users who engage in “surveillance use” – “brows[ing] the website to see how their friends are doing compared with their own lives” – versus simply using the site to contact friends and family can experience symptoms of depression. In short, hate-viewing photos of your friend’s fancy vacation or scrolling through your friends high-price purchases brings you down.

Five apps for keeping your receipts in order – Managing your receipts isn’t the tedious, time-consuming chore it once was. Tom Merritt looks at five apps that can make tracking expenses a snap.

China now has over 500 million mobile Internet users – According to Chinese authorities, China now has 557 million unique mobile Internet users. That’s an 11.4% increase over the previous measurement a year or so before. This is an important metric to keep in mind as the smartphone and tablet market booms in China, but equally important for commerce. The same report also notes that China had roughly 649 million Internet users total, and that online-to-offline businesses (those where you buy in-app but receive physical goods or services) is growing in a big way.

How to set up your dSLR for beginners – Just got your hands on your first digital SLR? Here are some tips to help set up your camera for beginner photographers.

5 Hidden Facebook Tricks You Need to Know – More than 1 billion people regularly use Facebook, but that doesn’t mean they’re all well-acquainted with the social media site. It’s constantly being refreshed, and between profile redesigns, new apps and privacy changes, it’s hard to keep up. Here are five tricks to make sure you’re on top of your Facebook game:

FCC to propose treating ISPs as public utilities – The FCC might be heating up the old net neutrality debate again come Thursday. The agency is expected to propose the rules that would determine how business around the Internet will be treated in the years to come. In this latest version, FCC chair Tom Wheeler is expected to adopt President Obama’s stance to treat broadband providers the same way telecommunications companies are treated and to regulate them as public utilities, giving government more weight over the deals between broadband providers and content providers, much to the chagrin of many in the industry.

The Net Neutrality Fight Is Already Over and Regular People Won – All the phone calls, comments, and general backlash have spurred new competition that will make the FCC’s decision almost irrelevant.

Backblaze releases drive reliability data – Big players know which drives are junk and which aren’t, but they keep the data secret. But now Backblaze, with over 100 petabytes of capacity, is giving consumers a treasure trove of drive reliability data today.


Serious bug in fully patched Internet Explorer puts user credentials at risk – A vulnerability in fully patched versions of Internet Explorer allows attackers to steal login credentials and inject malicious content into users’ browsing sessions. Microsoft officials said they’re working on a fix for the bug, which works successfully on IE 11 running on both Windows 7 and 8.1. The vulnerability is known as a universal cross-site scripting (XSS) bug. It allows attackers to bypass the same origin policy, a crucially important principle in Web application models that prevents one site from accessing or modifying browser cookies or other content set by any other site. A proof-of-concept exploit published in the past few days shows how websites can violate this rule when people use supported versions Internet Explorer running the latest patches to visit maliciously crafted pages.


New Adware Found In Google Play Apps With Millions Of Downloads – A new report from security firm Avast out this morning reveals the discovery of a new form of malware on the Google Play store, which begins to display advertisements disguised as warning messages to end users when they unlock their Android smartphones. What’s interesting about this malware – or adware, as it’s better known – is that some of the applications where it was discovered already have a large number of installs. For instance, a card game app called Durak has 5 to 10 million installs, according to the data on Google Play. The apps are available in English-speaking countries and in other language versions as well, and have been downloaded by millions of users, assuming Google Play’s own data on app installs is accurate.

Malicious ads on major sites compromise many computers – Attackers who slipped malicious advertisements onto major websites over the last month have potentially compromised large numbers of computers. Several security vendors have documented attacks involving malicious advertisements, which automatically redirect victims to other websites or pages that silently attack their computers and install malware. The malicious advertisements redirected users through several domains before finally dumping them on pages hosting an exploit kit, an attack tool that scans for software vulnerabilities.

Ex-RadioShack worker charged with stealing customer’s racy cell phone pics – A former RadioShack worker is being charged in a California state court with accusations that he stole racy pictures from a woman’s iPhone that was brought in for a cracked screen repair. The victim, a 28-year-old San Francisco woman who took her phone in for servicing, noticed that her device had texted as many as 17 photos of herself that were housed on the phone. She called the police.

Raptr service powering AMD’s Gaming Evolved app hacked, passwords and user info stolen – Hey, Radeon owners: It’s time to change your password if you use the AMD Gaming Evolved software to optimize your PC games, chat with others, earn rewards, or record and stream your gameplay. The Raptr gaming service that powers AMD’s app was hacked, Raptr CEO Dennis Fong admitted in a forum post last week. The baddies may have snatched both personal info and hashed passwords for Raptr users.

BMW patches flaw that could let hackers unlock car doors – BMW has released a patch for a flaw affecting 2.2 million vehicles, which could allow hackers to remotely unlock doors.

Company News:

Staples to buy Office Depot for $6 billion – Staples is scooping up Office Depot to the tune of $6.3 billion. Combined, the two companies own around 4,000 stores and see annual sales of more than $35 billion. But the two have been hit by greater competition from online retailers such as Amazon as well as chains such as Target and Wal-Mart, which also sell office supplies and consumer electronics.

Samsung hires ex-Googler to make SmartThings smarter – SmartThings is a company that takes everyday things and makes them… well… smart. Samsung acquired this company this past August and since then, they’ve been growing rather quickly. This week the folks at SmartThings – owned by Samsung – have announced that they’ve hired ex-Google woman Dora Hsu. With Samsung’s SmartThings, Hsu will be working as Chief Platform Officer, working on the developer platform product and engineering team, developer relations and evangelism, and certification programs, leading the lot, taking charge, and all that good stuff.

Amazon falls in 2nd place to Alibaba in drone race – Amazon’s Drone delivery program will catapult the world fully into the 21st century! I remember that day quite clearly. Waking up, turning on the computer for the latest tech news, and seeing THE Amazon headline. You know the one I mean: Amazon announces delivery by drones. The future had finally come at last. We still didn’t have the flying cars we were promised as children, but this drone thing was very cool indeed. Seems like China has beat Amazon to the Punch.


ARM just introduced the processors that’ll power smartphones in 2016 – ARM has just released a suite of new CPU and GPU designs that’ll make 2016’s mobile devices faster and — more importantly — more power-efficient. The core of the new processors ARM is introducing is the new Cortex-A72 mobile CPU — it’s rated at 3.5 times faster than the current generation Cortex-A15 that started shipping in late 2012 in the Nexus 10, and it uses 75 percent less energy than the A15 under identical workloads. Another big piece of the new ARM lineup is its new Mali-T880 mobile GPU — the company says it’ll provide about 1.8 times the graphics performance while reducing energy consumption by 40 percent (compared to the current Mali-T760 GPU). As to why you’ll need all this graphics and processing power, ARM spent a lot of time focusing on two fronts: gaming and 4K video.

Amazon reportedly looking to create hundreds of physical stores – Amazon might be looking to massively expand its physical presence in the US by buying at least some of the chain of brick and mortar RadioShack locations. The report comes from Bloomberg, and is quoting “people familiar with the matter” going on to state that the company may end up buying hundreds of stores across the country. However, seeing as they are only one of the bidders, Amazon may still scrap its plans before actually going all in.

10 million handsets don’t lie: Motorola is doing really, really well overseas – The company saw exponential growth in the last quarter and now that it’s officially under Lenovo’s wing, it seems like things could only go up from here.

Games and Entertainment:

February’s Hottest Video Games – February means Valentines Day, and if you significant other is a gamer, we’ve got some great gift ideas. The month of love and affection is upon us. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, where most of us feel forced into buying loved ones useless baubles and unhealthy candies. If your special someone is a gamer, you can do better. If not, there’s no harm in treating yourself to the gift of a game, right?

New Nintendo 3DS XL Review: A Big Upgrade For Now, And For The Future –  The New Nintendo 3DS XL doesn’t exactly have a name that rolls off the tongue, but it does reflect that what you’re getting is hardware that’s very similar to its predecessor, albeit with some fresh paint and new features that really do help make a big difference in very specific areas. The result is a handheld console that feels as though it has ‘graduated,’ in terms of both user experience, as well as fit and finish.


Star Wars Humble Bundle summons the Dark Forces – Today Humble Bundle brings heat with a number of Star Wars-themed games for PC, Linux, and Mac. The team behind Humble Bundle have successfully high-fived the folks who own the rights to these games – previously called LucasArts – and are pushing cash to charity. Users are asked to pay $1 or more – hopefully a lot more – to gain access to a number of rad games from Star Wars history. And what’s that – at least one super classic title – Dark Forces, the original 3rd-party Dash Rendar-like character first person shooter back from the dead.


Teenage coders behind Tampon Run take their feminist game to the App Store – There’s no known antidote to the toxicity of Gamergate, but one good way to recuperate is by directing your attention to the teenage creators behind a game called Tampon Run. Sophie Houser, 17, and Andrea Gonzales, 16, met during a summer program run by the non-profit Girls Who Code. For their final project, the New York City high school students built a game to try to de-stigmatize menstruation by letting players shoot tampons (not guns) at their enemies. The game brought so much attention to its precocious creators (and the taboo subject) that the pair is launching a new-and-improved mobile version in the Apple App Store today.


Sony adds five PS3 games to PlayStation Now streaming subscriptions – Effective today, PlayStation Now subscriptions include access to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, God of War II HD, Red Faction: Armageddon, Galaga Legions DX, and Arcana Heart 3. The additions mimic PS Now’s existing mix of big-name console exclusives with smaller, sleeper gems that PS3 owners might have missed the first time around, bringing the service’s selection up to 109 games. In an announcement blog post, PlayStation Now Director of Marketing Peter Jamshidi also promised that Sony will “add games to the service each month” going forward.

‘The Walking Dead’ mid-season premiere: watch the first 2 minutes – The Walking Dead’s return is only a handful of days away, and to keep us anxious for the debut have been a series of painfully sparse teaser trailers. Now that we’ve scored glimpses and peeks at what the rest of the season will hold, AMC has decided to ramp up its cruel teases by releasing some footage: exactly two minutes from the start of the return’s first episode. There’s nothing about the footage that can be considered spoiler-worthy (unless you haven’t caught up with all the available episodes yet).


Windows 10 Xbox app to start receiving monthly updates, new features soon – The new Xbox app for Windows 10 will receive updates on a monthly schedule, just like the Xbox One, and it’s expected to see its first batch of new features in the near future.


PSA: Xbox Previewers might want to stay away from the latest update for now – Those of you in the Xbox Preview program might want to stay away from the latest update for a few days as numerous users are reporting a number of significant problems with this latest preview build. Folks enrolled in the Preview program for Xbox One know that getting pre-release software often comes with unforeseen problems. But this latest update, which is now being pushed to users, seems to have an unusual number of problems with it.

Off Topic (Sort of):

California becomes first state to convict someone for operating a revenge porn website – A California jury has convicted the operator of a revenge porn website in what the state believes is the first conviction of its kind nationwide. The operator, Kevin Bollaert, was found guilty in a San Diego court last night on 21 counts of identity theft and six counts of extortion for his operation of the website UGotPosted, which was active during 2012 and 2013. The website allowed visitors to anonymously post private nude photos of others without the subjects’ knowledge. In addition to operating UGotPosted, Bollaert also operated a separate website that allowed victims to pay to have their photographs removed. According to the Associated Press, Bollaert charged up to $350 to have images removed and is said to have earned tens of thousands of dollars in the process. He reportedly now faces up to 20 years in prison.

The Fakers – With offices in a handsome skyscraper overlooking Chicago’s Millennium Park, the financial research firm says its executives have degrees from an impressive array of Ivy League universities. It boasts of a strong reputation that’s helped land big name subscribers in the nearly 20 years the company’s been in business. In reality, though, it’s probably not a great place to look for a job, or even a stock tip, for one simple reason: Altman Research doesn’t actually exist. Its website was created by Career Excuse, a service which, for a fee, provides job-seeking customers with verifiable references from nonexistent companies. While the companies have phone numbers, websites and mailboxes manned by Career Excuse, they don’t conduct any actual business, besides verifying the great work done by employees they’ve never really had.

Harper Lee will release her first book since To Kill a Mockingbird this summer – Lee’s new novel will follow Jean Louise “Scout” Finch in the mid-1950s, 20 years after the events of To Kill a Mockingbird and at a moment when the Civil Rights Movement was gaining momentum. According to the publisher’s announcement, “She is forced to grapple with issues both personal and political as she tries to understand her father’s attitude toward society, and her own feelings about the place where she was born and spent her childhood.” The 88-year-old Lee’s original novel is universally considered a landmark in modern American fiction, so a sequel is huge news for readers. And it performs incredibly well to this day, selling 750,000 copies a year. The author, for her part, has stayed mostly silent since the novel’s publication 55 years ago, coming out of seclusion to mark the book’s 50th anniversary in 2010.

Astronaut shares NASA photo spotlight with his dogs – When astronaut Leland Melvin sat for his official NASA photo, he decided to let his dogs Jake and Scout in on the action. Considering Melvin’s extraordinary life story full of career obstacles, such an endearing staff photo just seems to make sense. In fact, when Melvin tweeted photos of his dogs sitting patiently beside him and then jumping up to give him some affection, the images were tweeted and retweeted thousands of times.


Dogs are man’s best friends in any galaxy. NASA

Here’s what Coca-Cola’s low-fat, low-sugar, high-protein milk tastes like – All of the buzzy promo speak sounds nice, but when it comes to something as healthful and natural as milk, Coca-Cola has a lot of trust to rebuild — at least for me. It’s numerous controversies, including the unforgettable “Coming Together” ad campaign, a laughable attempt to respond to soda’s connection to the obesity epidemic. I want to drink a healthier milk; I’ll pay more for it. But it’ll take awhile to get past that aftertaste.

Something to think about:

“Never compare your insides to everyone else’s outsides.”

–       Anne Lamott

Today’s Free Downloads:

Comodo Firewall – FREE Comodo Personal Firewall – Secure your system against internal attacks such as Trojan viruses / malicious software and external attacks by hackers. Comodo Internet Security and Comodo AntiVirus are also available.

User-friendly single click interface will allow or block access to the Internet offering complete immunity to attacks and total protection of your personal information. Real time traffic monitoring enables you to react instantly to threats and identify bandwidth bottlenecks. Silent Security Technology means no needless alerts with out-of-the-box protection against hackers, Trojans and other unknown threats. Comodo Personal Firewall is the powerful and effective, easy to manage barrier that keeps hackers out and personal information in. Comodo Personal Firewall helps you connect in a secure way to the internet and global networks. Total peace of mind is FREE!!


Dropbox 3.2.3 RC / 3.0.5 – Dropbox is a useful tool that will enable you to instantly store your files online and share them.

It can also synchronize the files from your offline directories and online storage.



Once installed, any file you drop into your Dropbox folder will synchronize and be available on any other computer you’ve installed Dropbox on, as well as from the web. Also, any changes you make to files in your Dropbox will sync to your other computers, instantly.


Let’s say you accidentally delete that 8 page report that you were supposed to have for a meeting tomorrow. A handy Dropbox feature is the ability to undelete files or pull up any previous versions of it.


You can also share files and folders with whomever you choose, whether it be music with buddies, docs with colleagues or photos with grandma, even if they’re not Dropbox users.


We obsess over speed, and it shows. Dropbox is very smart about the way it handles files. For example, if you make a change to a huge file, dropbox will only update the piece of the file that changed.


All files are transported over SSL and encrypted using AES-256 (banks use this too)

In Pursuit of Freedom – The Pushback Continues:

White House to mandate deletion of irrelevant private data collected by surveillance agencies – The White House is expected to place new limits on government surveillance today with a set of rules that will offer some additional protections around privacy and transparency, according to The New York Times. The biggest change is reported to be a requirement that intelligence agencies delete any private information from US citizens, such as an email or phone conversation, that has been collected incidentally and is not relevant to national security. Such information from foreigners must be deleted within five years.

The new rules are also reported to address National Security Letters, which allow the FBI to secretly compel companies to hand over information such as subscriber details, billing records, and other data in the name of security. Though it comes far from the overhaul that opponents of NSLs are hoping for, the Times reports that the FBI will be required to end the mandated secrecy around NSLs after three years or at the conclusion of an investigation, whichever comes earlier. Exceptions can reportedly be made if a “midlevel” officer at the agency provides written justification for the period of secrecy to continue.

Obama Says Terrorism Is Not an Existential Threat – In an interview this week, President Obama said that terrorism does not pose an existential threat:

What I do insist on is that we maintain a proper perspective and that we do not provide a victory to these terrorist networks by overinflating their importance and suggesting in some fashion that they are an existential threat to the United States or the world order. You know, the truth of the matter is that they can do harm. But we have the capacity to control how we respond in ways that do not undercut what’s the — you know, what’s essence of who we are.

He said something similar in January.

On one hand, what he said is blindingly obvious; and overinflating terrorism’s risks plays into the terrorists’ hands. Climate change is an existential threat. So is a comet hitting the earth, intelligent robots taking over the planet, and genetically engineered viruses. There are lots of existential threats to humanity, and we can argue about their feasibility and probability. But terrorism is not one of them. Even things that actually kill tens of thousands of people each year — car accidents, handguns, heart disease — are not existential threats.

But no matter how obvious this is, until recently it hasn’t been something that serious politicians have been able to say.

China Will Force Users Of Web Services To Register Their Real Name From March – China began cracking down on VPN services last month, and now the country’s internet regulator has turned its attention to domestic websites and services. New regulations announced by the Cyberspace Administration of China today [link in Chinese] require users of social media, websites, forums, and other online services to register their real name and official ID from March 1.

This policy has been implemented before — Twitter-like microblogging service Weibo enforced real names in 2012 in a bid to control the spread of so-called ‘harmful’ rumors — but these reforms are potential far more sweeping.

Rumors spread by fake accounts have “polluted the Internet ecology, harmed the interests of the masses and seriously violated core socialist values,” the administration claimed in an announcement, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal further reports that internet companies themselves will be required to implement the regulations and track users. Based on previous examples, that could prove tricky since enforcing such processes requires dedicated staffing and resources — not something which companies have prioritized in the past.



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