Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – May 15, 2013

Speed Up PC Performance by Replacing Microsoft’s Built-In Antivirus – AV Comparatives researchers found that about a third of the products tested impacted performance less than MSE alone, so replacing your default antivirus with one of these would actually speed up your computer! Read our story to find out which.

Researcher refuses to help Saudi telco to spy on people – You would think that a Saudi Arabian telecom firm interested in monitoring its users’ mobile communications would not be asking a well-known pro-privacy researcher such as Moxie Marlinspike for help, but you would be wrong.

Windows Blue snags official name, pre-holiday release – Tami Reller, the top Windows marketing and financial exec, tells a J.P. Morgan conference that Windows 8.1 will be free and available later this year.

8 apps you need for summer travel plans (pictures) – From picking your flights and packing your bags to airport layouts and chronicling your adventures, we’ve got you covered.

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First California lawsuit over mobile privacy issues crashes – Court rules that federal airline laws preempt state statutes in suit seeking to force Delta Air Lines to notify mobile app users about data collection plans.

Creep bugs woman with drone – In Capitol Hill Seattle’s complaints blog, a woman has reported a stranger flying a drone near her house and refusing to leave.

Nine Ways to Stretch Your Battery To The Max – We all love our smartphones, and rely on them for a lot of daily tasks. But we’re all left with the same frustration when they run out of power in the middle of an important call or while watching a video. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to extend the life of your battery. Here are nine of the best.

75 PC-Building Tips – These can’t-miss tips will ease your next PC build.

Busting digital piracy myths – The results of a large-scale, analysis of BitTorrent file-sharing of computer games, focusing on using open methodologies are to be published in the International Journal of Advanced Media and Communication and bust some of the common myths about digital piracy.

The right way and wrong way to use Twitter – Tweeting is a great way to share thoughts and information with friends and followers, as long as you stay safe, keep it civil, and most importantly, be interesting.

Five lesser-known web browsers worth trying – Not all web browsers are created equal, but obscurity does not mean they are not worth your attention.

Adaptive learning application lets parents track what kids have learned – A new feature released Tuesday from children’s app maker Kidaptive lets parents track the progress of what their children are learning inside the company’s first story and game application.

The Best Computer Tips and Tricks – Want to dramatically improve your computing experience? Our 142 quick PC fixes will help you work and play simpler, faster, and safer.

Home networking Part 7: Power line connections explained – CNET editor Dong Ngo explains home power line networking and answers frequently asked questions about the technology.

Your Twitter account: A recruiter’s perspective – What do recruiters look for in your tweets? We asked an experienced recruiter, and here’s what he said.

Pinterest is making it too easy to spend all your time on Pinterest – The online bulletin board has quickly responded to requests—and the inevitable complaints—from regular users since its Web and mobile redesigns rolled out earlier this spring. Now Pinterest is tweaking its mobile apps to incorporate features that users asked for.


Outbreak! Fake Amazon UK emails spammed out, delivering malware – Although there has been increased talk recently on drive-by-downloads and compromised websites being used to deliver malware, it’s worth remembering that email-based malware is far from dead.

Internet Explorer best at blocking malware – While Chrome’s malware download protection improved significantly – rising to more than 83% from 70% in NSS’ October 2012 comparative test – Internet Explorer 10 continues to outperform the other browsers with a block rate of 99.96%. Safari, Firefox and Opera continue to lag far behind Chrome and Internet Explorer with overall block rates of 10.16%, 9.92% and 1.87% respectively.

Windows Malware Techniques Spread to Android – Because its use is so widespread, Windows is an extremely popular target for malware writers. They hone and tune attack techniques and work hard to innovate new sorts of attacks. Android’s growing popularity is making it a similar target.

Mozilla pushes out new Firefox and Thunderbird: 8 security advisories, 3 critical fixes – Not to be outdone by Microsoft and Adobe’s Patch Tuesday releases, Mozilla pushed out its latest browser and email client updates today. There are no bated-breath patches for in-the-wild exploits, but 3 of the 8 security fixes are deemed “critical”.

McAfee Bets on Biometrics With LiveSafe Cloud Security Suite – McAfee is banking on biometric security as the future of authentication, where users rely on voice and facial recognition technology to access their laptops, desktops,

Belkin releases secure switch for government agencies – Belkin released its Advanced Secure KM Switch and its Advanced 8 & 16-port Secure DVI-I KVM Switches. Both product sets are designed for government agencies and financial markets that need to safely isolate networks and connected systems.

Bloomberg accused of “snooping” on customers for journalistic gain – A brouhaha is brewing after claims late last week that financial media giant Bloomberg had been using its proprietary data terminals to snoop on its customers.

Human sensors: How encouraging user reporting strengthens security – Despite the pervasiveness of cyber-attacks threatening the enterprise security today, many organizations are still not taking advantage of their most widely deployed security asset: people.

Company News:

Lawsuit claims Apple sold iPhone 4 with bad on-off button – The tech giant is slapped with a lawsuit, which alleges it knowingly sold iPhone 4 smartphones with power buttons that broke shortly after the 1-year warranty expired.

DOJ: Apple colluded with publishers to raise e-book prices – A new document filed in the e-book price-fixing suit accuses Apple of conspiring to hike prices, but the tech giant denies these claims, saying it was actually partaking in constant one-on-one negotiations.

BlackBerry CEO: BBM to be released as a free app on iOS and Android this summer – If you can’t beat ‘em, develop for ‘em. BlackBerry will bring its popular BlackBerry Messenger software to both iOS and Android devices.

Google close to launching streaming music service – Google has now signed on the three major labels as it gears up to unveil a Spotify rival.

Larry Page Diagnosed With Vocal Cord Paralysis – Page said the ailment will not affect his ability to lead the search giant.

Rovio Releasing Third-Party Games – This is the first time Rovio will release games that were not developed in-house.

Google loses case in Germany over autocomplete search suggestions – The company will not have to remove autocomplete in Germany, but it must evaluate potential defamation claims when they are brought to its attention.

Webopedia Daily:

Kernel – The central module of an operating system. It is the part of the operating system that loads first, and it remains in main memory. Because it stays in memory, it is important for the kernel to be as small as possible while still providing all the essential services required by other parts of the operating system and applications. Typically, the kernel is responsible for memory management, process and task management, and disk management.

Games and Entertainment:

Watch this crazy beautiful short film about an astronaut crashing on a hostile planet – In space, there is no AAA. So, if your spaceship sputters out, that’s sort of it. That’s the premise of the visually striking experimental short film, Grounded. I think?

Nvidia’s Shield gaming handheld launches in June for $349 – Shield takes the form of a console game controller with a 5-inch, pop-up screen that can display images at a 720p (1280 x 720 pixel) resolution. It runs on Nvidia’s latest Tegra 4 chip, which has four CPU cores and 72 graphics cores to support a maximum resolution of 3200 x 2000 pixels, so games can be played at full HD on an attached TV.

It is a good day to Bing: Microsoft adds Klingon support – Don’t know what that means? Don’t fret. Microsoft and its search engine Bing have you covered. The company announced this week that it’s adding Klingon to the languages available at Bing Translator on the Web and in its Windows Phone 8 app.

Video streaming is on the rise with Netflix dominating – With 32.3 percent of the market share, Netflix reigns the entertainment streaming world, but Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube still maintain their piece of the pie.

Google Easter Egg Turns Image Search Results Into Breakout Game – Google’s latest playable Easter egg stirs up nostalgia by commemorating 37 years of Atari’s Breakout.

An X-Files reunion – It’s one of those things that make you feel old, but we were just reminded that The X-Files is now twenty years old. It’s often very hard to make genre work on TV, but sci-fi usually does better than horror, and The X-Files crossed over to all kinds of viewers, becoming a pop culture phenomenon.

Off Topic (Sort of):

10 Cool Things Chris Hadfield Taught Us to Do While in Space – Chris Hadfield, on behalf of my comrades here on Earth, we salute your return to terra firma.

U.S. carriers line up against texting while driving – The major U.S. mobile operators are all putting their weight behind a campaign against texting while driving that will include a blitz of advertising and a driving simulator touring the country this summer.

Study: More Teens Killed Texting While Driving than by Drunk Driving – Chilling new research suggests that texting while driving has become the number one cause of death amongst teenagers behind the wheel, surpassing drunk driving for the first time.

U.S. residents oppose Internet sales tax, say they’ll shop online less – More than six in 10 people answering a survey oppose legislation that passed in the Senate.

Microsoft takes the offensive against Google, and it’s about time – Google was once a humble startup with a big dream—to be the David that takes down Microsoft’s Goliath. Google has become a tech force to be reckoned with, challenging Microsoft in almost every area including Web search, browsers, email, operating systems, productivity software and mobile platforms. Over time, it has chipped away at Microsoft’s market share.

Interstellar Memes – If other other star systems are listening in to our pop culture, these are the jokes and catchphrases they are repeatinf way too much. (suggested by Michael F.)

Meme Me Up, Scotty – Many of the memes that populate the Internet’s consciousness involve Star Trek. We discovered nine of the best and strangest.

Gmail at Nine: The Evolution of an Essential Web Service – I recently chatted with Alex Gawley, the service’s product manager, about Gmail’s first nine years — and a little bit about where it might be going.

Today’s Quote:

Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one.”

A. J. Liebling

Today’s Free Downloads:

FirefoxDownloadsView – This utility displays the list of the latest files that you downloaded with Firefox.

BrowsingHistoryView – BrowsingHistoryView is a handy and reliable application designed to view your browsing history from multiple browsers at once.

Cain and Abel 4.9.45 – Allows easy recovery of various kind of passwords by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords and more.

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