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Gingrich to world: Rename the cell phone – It’s time this country addressed the real issues. Things cannot go on the way they are and cometh the hour, cometh the man. That man is Newt Gingrich. No, the great Republican doesn’t want to impeach the President, repeal Obamacare and institute conscription for everyone aged 15 and older. Instead, he believes that for America to progress we need to call the cell phone something else. Please, this is serious.

Windows 8 Mega-Guide! 50 Insider Tips – Confused by Charms? Tiles got you riled? Our Windows 8 help guide will make you an app-clicking, screen-swiping expert in no time.

50 Essential Windows 7 Tips, Tweaks, and Secrets – Make the new Windows work for you with our mega-guide of essential shortcuts and secrets.

Facebook makes break-ups harder to take, study says – There is a certain torture that social networking brings, a University of California, Santa Cruz study finds. Many find it difficult to delete digital memories.

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The 25 Best Free Windows Store Apps – Free apps for Windows 8 and RT PCs and tablets are popping up all over Microsoft’s new Windows Store. Check out our 25 must-haves.

MedRef for Glass adds face-recognition to Google’s wearable – If there’s one thing people keep asking from Google Glass and other augmented reality headsets, it’s facial-recognition to bypass those “who am I talking to again?” moments. The first implementation of something along those lines for Google’s wearable has been revealed, MedRef for Glass, a hospital management app by NeatoCode Techniques which can attach patient photos to individual health records and then later recognize them based on face-matching.

Windows Blue: Undoing a Mistake is Never a Mistake – I was confused by Microsoft’s decision to remove the Start button from Windows 8, and make it impossible to boot directly to the classic Windows desktop. But I’m equally confused by the notion that there’s any downside to Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Blue undoing those bold-but-bad decisions, as it now seems likely it may.

10 reasons why Canonical and Ubuntu will connect the masses with Linux – Could Canonical and Ubuntu give Linux a chance to gain widespread acceptance? Here are 10 reasons why it might play out that way.

13 Essential Steps: Set Up Your New PC – Just got a new laptop or desktop? Don’t check Facebook yet! Here’s what to do first.


Microsoft warns of new Trojan hijacking Facebook accounts – Malware focusing on the social network’s users in Brazil masquerades as a legitimate Google Chrome extension and Firefox add-on.

Car and electronics shoppers at risk of escrow fraud – Criminals are increasingly taking advantage of the spread of legitimate escrow websites that mediate between buyers and sellers to set up fake sites. Scammers generally pose as sellers on authentic auction websites, then direct buyers to a fake escrow service the seller controls. It’s a tale as old as time – the scammer takes the money and never delivers the goods.

No money mule, no problem: Recruitment website kits for sale – The package includes a backend administration system, web site template, spam email templates, mule correspondence templates and more. The entire package is preconfigured for a fake brokerage company that is searching for “talented people to join our team of professionals.” Our investigation uncovered a map of the company’s headquarters, which is conveniently located in the Moscow University campus.

Cloud project risks: Five questions the board should ask before saying yes – In a period when individual departments are just going out and buying software services – with or without IT’s blessing – international risk association ISACA thinks it’s time the board kept all cloud initiatives on a tighter rein.The body has just issued new guidance on the risks and governance of the cloud, in the form of five questions that boards should pose management teams

Biometric security tested by UK bank using vocal passwords – Barclays Wealth & Investment Management is using Nuance’s FreeSpeech voice biometrics solution to automatically confirm and identify customers, instead of using security questions that rely on the customer’s ability to remember a number of different details.

Can mobile devices be more secure than PCs? – Mobile devices continue to fight an inaccurate perception that they’re not as secure as traditional PCs. Entrust believes that mobile devices, when properly managed and protected, can be a highly secure platform for digital identities and online transactions. Despite the growing reliance on mobility, IT decision-makers still incorrectly believe traditional PCs are more secure than mobile devices. Of those who responded, some 71 percent either somewhat or strongly agreed that desktops/laptops are secure, as opposed to 43 percent that said mobile devices are secure.

Company News:

Apple’s ‘iRadio’ Streaming Service Reportedly Stalls with Sony Music – Sony Music is allegedly the final holdout of the “big three” record labels that Apple needs in order to get its streaming service off the ground

Windows RT already needs an overhaul, analysts advise – One of Microsoft’s top Windows executives this week said the company remains bullish about Windows RT and has no intention of dumping the limited-feature, touch-enabled tablet operating system. Analysts accepted that at face value, but remain suspicious of Windows RT’s chances unless Microsoft makes dramatic changes, including dropping the price of the licenses it sells to OEMs.

Apple Rumored to be Enhancing AppleCare – Nothing’s set in stone yet; however, the changes are said to have been discussed in an Apple town hall session this past Thursday between the company’s tech staff and Apple Vice President Tara Bunch. That’s according to an unnamed Apple employee who spilled the beans to AppleInsider – so take the news with whatever grain of salt you feel befits Apple rumormongering.

Webopedia Daily:

133t speak – Slang used by hackers and by gamers on multiplayer game servers and in chatrooms. 133t is the slang word for “leet” which is short for elite, meaning the best. 133t speak usually consists of numbers replacing vowels in words (example: A=0, E=3), but occasionally the numbers will replace a consonant. It cannot really be spoken or handwritten — as such it is considered to be an Internet language dependent on a keyboard.

Games and Entertainment:

‘Google Play Games’ leaks ahead of I/O signaling new social features – Plenty of games are already available for Android devices through Google Play. But just ahead of Google I/O, a leaked APK indicates that they’re all about to get a lot more social.

ABC will reportedly launch TV streaming app this week – App will allow TV viewers in New York and Philadelphia to watch live streams on their iPhones and iPads, The New York Times reports.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Bill Gates: Steve Jobs was better at design than I was – In an emotional interview on “60 Minutes”, the Microsoft chairman speaks of visiting Steve Jobs in his last days and marveling at how well he understood the concept of brand.

Slaves to the algorithm – Computers could take some tough decisions out of our hands, if we let them. Is there still a place for human judgement? (recommended by Michael F.)

After teen is shot, mom allegedly goes first to WebMD – After her 14-year-old son was shot, a mom goes to WebMD and searches “gunshot wounds” to try to solve the problem, police say. It is seven hours before she takes him to hospital.

Chris Hadfield sings Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ in ISS farewell – In one of the coolest zero-g cover songs ever recorded, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield does a heartfelt rendition of David Bowie’s classic before returning to Earth.

UK student builds his own telepresence ‘Sheldonbot’ – A student at the University of Central Lancashire has created a telepresence robot that mimics human behavior. Known as MAKIIS, the robot is inspired by the Sheldonbot from U.S. comedy “The Big Bang Theory.” Moving on wheels and projecting a live video of the user’s face via an iPad, MAKIIS can allow an office worker in London to chat with a colleague in Paris as if they were in the same room.

Today’s Quote:

The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.”

–     Mark Twain

Today’s Free Downloads:

Database .NET 8.4.4881 – Database .NET is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool.

xpy 1.3.5 – xpy is a small program which will disable the default threats of your Windows XP installation.

Listen N Write – Listen N Write can be used to play and transcribe ordinary WAV or MP3 recordings.


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4 responses to “Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – May 13, 2013

  1. delenn13

    Hi Bill,

    Thumbs up to Chris Hadfield and his son for making space interesting again for kids and adults. Now we need a new space exploration(Star Trek) TV show for inspiration…like it used to be.

    • Hey Delenn13,

      Yep – like it used to be – totally agree.

      Last week, saw a survey which stated that 17% of Canadians didn’t know who Chris Chris Hadfield is – blew my mind. Laugh or cry? Still deciding. 🙂



      • John Bent

        Hi Bill/delenn13,

        Even here in the UK we know who he is. His landing was on BBC national news. Plus he has nearly a million followers online. WAKE UP CANADA!

        Loved his Bowie cover – not sure the day job is in much danger though 🙂

        Kind regards

        • Hi John,

          Really disgusting! How in the hell can this percentage of people choose not to interact with the world they live in? No wonder this country is a mess with people like this.

          Yep, it really pisses me off.