Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – April 17, 2013

CISPA vote: Companies can’t promise to protect your privacy – Proposed amendment to CISPA says Internet companies’ promises to protect customer privacy should be legally enforceable. But then Republicans vote it down.

Obama threatens veto of CISPA database-sharing bill – White House veto threat says CISPA does not protect Americans’ privacy adequately, raising the chances that the bill is doomed this year.

Google Glass Tech Specs – A 5-megapixel camera that records video in 720p. A bone conduction transducer for audio. Bluetooth. Wi-Fi connectivity. 16GB of flash memory. Find out what else are in the Google Glass tech specs.

Cubiez: Apps that Bring Your Favorite Content to Your Desktop – Cubiez takes what you love the most about your mobile phones and brings it to your computer: instant access to your favorite content and apps.

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Snapchat Users Sending 150M Images Every Day – Users of the self-destructing message app Snapchat are now sending more than 150 million photos through the service every day. To put that into perspective, users of the uber-popular Facebook-owned photo sharing app Instagram are currently posting 40 million photos per day, according to the Instagram press site. Moreover, photo-sharing on Snapchat has increased threefold in just four months.

Black Menu for Chrome puts all your Google services a click away – Black Menu for Chrome puts all Google services just a click away. Once installed, this extension adds a button to your browser that reveals an attractive drop-down menu for all Google’s best stuff: Search, Google+, Translate, Maps, Gmail, Calendar, and the like. Even better, when you mouse over any of these items, you get an interactive window for using them.

Investigators comb social nets to look for bombing clues – With federal and state investigators searching for clues about the person or organization behind the Boston Marathon bombing, social networks could hold a treasure trove of information.

Windows Blue may bring back boot-to-desktop, Start button – Citing unnamed sources, both ZDNet and The Verge say that Microsoft is considering a boot-to-desktop option in Windows Blue, an update to Windows 8 that’s expected to arrive this summer. This option, disabled by default, would allow users to bypass Windows 8’s modern-style Start screen when turning the computer on.

Tips for Better Business Tweeting – Trying to give your business the extra edge through social media? These pointers will help SMBs get off to a strong start on Twitter.

Six good reasons to try Manjaro Linux 0.8.5 – Manjaro Linux, a distro I first covered only a few months ago, just released a fresh update, and it’s particularly notable for the addition of a graphical installer and other beginner-friendly features. By February, Manjaro had already reached the No. 15 spot in DistroWatch’s page-hit rankings. Today, it’s up even further, at No. 10. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find in this promising new release.

8 Great Websites for Kids – The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time at all for children under two, and one to two hours a day for those older. So which sites should kids visit during their allotted time? Young ones will undoubtedly race to seek out their pals from that other screen—the television—or get right to gaming. Their choices might make you cringe but we’ve found eight sites where kids can catch up with favorite characters, play a few games, and expand their horizons while they’re at it.

How to test Firefox 23 change on unsecured content before it happens – Mozilla announced that the next version of its browser, Firefox 23, will automatically block unsecured content on encrypted web pages. You can check how that change will affect your own or other websites now. – Mozilla announced that the next version of its browser, Firefox 23, will automatically block unsecured content on encrypted web pages. You can check how that change will affect your own or other websites now.

StreamWriter – More and more radio stations are streaming online, and there’s a lot of great music and other programming broadcast throughout the Interwebs everyday. With Alexander Nottelmann’s fab freeware StreamWriter, you can record streaming audio as easily as you could pop a tape in a deck and press “record” to capture traditional broadcasts. Not only is StreamWriter free, it’s open source and community supported, with regular updates, bug fixes, and enhancements.

Pocket Filmmaker: How to light smartphone videos like a pro – We look at a few ways to light videos when shooting with your camera phone, including using natural light, reflectors, or a portable and inexpensive light pack. We also examine which settings on your phone can help you get the best images possible.


2.4M cards compromised in US supermarket chain breach – Popular US supermarket chain Schnucks has announced on Monday that some 2.4 million credit and debit cards used at 79 of its 100 stores may have been compromised during a four month period.

Symantec Declares On-Demand Antivirus Tests “Misleading” – Last week independent antivirus lab AV-Comparatives released the results of an on-demand antivirus detection test. The fact that Microsoft came in near the bottom wasn’t big news; the fact that Symantec scored even lower was surprising indeed. In a blog post released today, Symantec decried the entire practice of performing on-demand malware scanning tests, calling it “misleading.”

Targeted attacks hitting small business have increased threefold – Designed to steal intellectual property, these targeted cyberespionage attacks are increasingly hitting the manufacturing sector as well as small businesses, which are attractive targets themselves and a way in to ultimately reach larger companies via “watering hole” techniques.

Java 7 Update 21 to fix bugs, change applet warning messages – Thirty-nine of the vulnerabilities patched by the new Java 7 Update 21 (7u21) can be exploited remotely without authentication, Oracle said in a pre-release announcement. Some of them have the maximum score on the CVSS 2.0 scale used by Oracle to rate the severity of vulnerabilities. In addition to security fixes, the new update will also make changes to how Java applets — Web-based Java applications — are handled and presented in Web browsers that have the Java plug-in enabled.

First anti-malware product for UEFI – Kaspersky Lab released Kaspersky Anti-Virus for UEFI (KUEFI) – an anti-malware solution which can protect the user’s PC before the operating system even starts loading.

Employees admit to accessing or stealing private company information – In a survey of 2,000 employees, 23 percent admitted to having accessed or taken confidential data from their workplace.

Company News:

Microsoft exec talks mobile smack, trashes iOS as ‘boring,’ Android as ‘a mess’ – Microsoft’s top executive for mobile phones took shots at both iOS and Android today, calling Apple’s operating system “boring” and claiming Google’s is “a mess.” Speaking at a conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D, Terry Myerson, who heads Microsoft’s Windows Phone group, knocked the competition.

Intel profit dives 25 percent amid PC market slump – Intel reported a drop in profits and revenue for the first quarter, as the biggest PC market slump in recent memory weighed on its business. Despite the drop in profit, Intel managed to do slightly better than analysts had forecast. Excluding one-time items, Intel reported pro forma earnings for the quarter of $0.41 per share, a penny ahead of the consensus analyst estimate, according to Thomson Reuters.

Red Hat, Hortonworks prep OpenStack for Hadoop – Merging the worlds of big data and cloud computing, Red Hat, Hortonworks and Hadoop integrator Mirantis are jointly building a software program, called Savanna, that will make it easier to deploy Apache Hadoop on an OpenStack cloud service. The software will “allow Hadoop to take advantage of the scale-out storage architecture that OpenStack offers,” said Adrian Ionel Mirantis CEO. “Enterprises will have a much easier way to deploy and use Hadoop at scale.”

Windows 8 touch devices to drop to $200, says Intel CEO – Windows 8 touch devices will dive in price, according to Intel executives. The price of Windows 8 touch devices, including laptops, will sink to price points that penetrate inexpensive tablet territory. These new “innovative” designs will be based on Intel’s upcoming quad-core “Bay Trail” chip, Intel executives said today during the company’s first-quarter earnings conference call.

Pirate Bay co-founder charged with alleged hacking and fraud – After sitting in Swedish prison for months following a high-profile arrest and extradition from Cambodia, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg is expected to go to trial in May.

Microsoft inks patent protection deal with Foxconn parent – In exchange for unspecified royalties, Microsoft agrees not to sue the parent company of the world’s largest hardware maker for devices it produces that run Google’s Android and Chrome operating systems.

Webopedia Daily:

Cloud backup solutions – Cloud backup solutions enable enterprises or individuals to store their data and computer files on the Internet using a storage service provider, rather than storing the data locally on a physical disk, such as a hard drive or tape backup. Backup providers enable customers to remotely access the service using a secure client log in application to back up files from the customer’s computers or data center to the online storage server using an encrypted connection.

Games and Entertainment:

90% of game hacks and cracks contain malware – Computer and online gaming is big business for companies creating the games, but a considerable drain on the finances of gamers, so it should not come as a surprise that many of the latter decide against buying games and add-ons, choosing instead to download cracked games, keygens, patches and more from torrent or file-sharing sites.

Satirical Steve Jobs movie now available for viewing on Web – Comedy site Funny or Die releases “iSteve,” a 79-minute movie about the Apple co-found based largely on Wikipedia research.

Black Annex is the best QBASIC game you’ve ever seen – Not only are the simple visuals awesome, but the gameplay actually looks complex and tough to master—not something you’d expect from a programming language with simple loops and statements. It’s an isometric corporate sabotage and infiltration game. What that means exactly I’m not sure but you can choose your own playstyle and outfit agents to “steal, destroy, kidnap and kill” as you wish.

Time Warner Cable Adds Live, On-the-Go TV Streaming for iOS – Time Warner Cable on Tuesday announced that subscribers will soon be able to watch certain live and on demand content outside of their homes on their iPhones and iPads.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Can the Feds Shut Down Cell Phone Service? – In an age when our smartphones are a constant companion, what is the protocol for shutting down wireless networks in an emergency? Is it allowed, and would it even help?

Video: Florence Police Pursuit (Through our Eyes) – Florence Police Motor Officer Troy Gurley attempted to stop a vehicle driven by Justin O. Sanders, 24, for traffic violations. The vehicle refused to stop. Mr. Sanders led police on a chase through the City of Florence and was subsequently charged with various drug, firearms, and traffic violations.

The 10 best words the internet has given English – From hashtags to LOLs to Cupertinos and Scunthorpe problems, Tom Chatfield picks the most interesting neologisms drawn from the digital world. (suggested by Michael F.)

Report: Apple’s 30-year ban at California resort lifted – Apple historians tell us that Steve Jobs and his charges were thrown out of the La Playa Carmel in 1983 for their bad behavior. “All is forgiven,” the new owners say.

Today’s Quote:

“You can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. Forty percent of all people know that.”

–      Homer Simpson

Today’s Free Downloads:

MarkdownPad – Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML).

Speak-A-Message 9.0.2 – Speak-A-Message offers the widest range of features for voice recording and voice email. Audio recording is three times faster than typing. New: Post your voice and photo messages to Facebook!

VSO Downloader – Download videos from thousands of sites with fast download speed. Steaming content is automatically detected and downloaded extra fast. Convert downloaded videos to MP3, AVI, iPad, iPhone, Mp4, H264, Xvid. Compatible with any web browser.


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