Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – April 8, 2013

7 Top Health Apps – In celebration of World Health Day, PCMag visited seven healthcare specialists and these apps really are just what the doctors ordered.

Infographic: The Internet Is Making Kids Stupid – Kids’ Internet obsession is having a shockingly negative impact on their intelligence, but there is a fix. For more about how the Internet is making kids stupid, check out the full infographic.

Fear of Facebook: 7 apps that guard your privacy – Facebook users are constantly being told that their privacy is under siege. Here are seven apps that can help secure your personal data.

Sophos UTM Home Edition – Our Free Home Use Firewall is a fully equipped software version of the Sophos UTM firewall, available at no cost for home users – no strings attached. It features full Network, Web, Mail and Web Application Security with VPN functionality and protects up to 50 IP addresses. The Sophos UTM Free Home Use firewall contains its own operating system and will overwrite all data on the computer during the installation process. Therefore, a separate, dedicated computer is needed, which will change into a fully functional security appliance. Just right for the spare PC you have sitting in the corner!

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Keyboard shortcuts for Facebook – Facebook doesn’t have a lot of keyboard shortcuts, but the few that are available are useful, especially the News Feed navigation shortcuts.

Twitter, hate speech, and the costs of keeping quiet – Purging mass media of hurtful opinions would deny everyone important knowledge. Simply put, says author Greg Lukianoff, it’s far better to know that there are bigots among us than to pretend all is well.

10 things I’ve learned about Twitter as a late adopter – Twitter is closing in on its seventh birthday, but some people remain skeptical about its value and usefulness.

Mozilla pulls tracking trigger for Firefox 22, ignores ad industry attacks – Mozilla has added automatic third-party cookie-blocking to a preview version of Firefox 22, a move that will put the feature in most users hands by late June and the company on a collision course with the online ad industry.

YouTube Will Still Block Some Videos After DMCA Counter-Claim – Depending on the contracts YouTube has with the rights-holders issuing DMCA notices, your video might be gone for good — fair use or not.

Ubuntu 13.04 goes beta – In a few weeks, the latest and greatest version of Ubuntu Linux will roll out. Here’s what to expect.

Google Author Rank: What Small Businesses Need to Know – Google Author Rank could give your content a big lift in Google’s search engine rankings. You may not have heard about Google Author Rank yet. But if you have a small business website for which you regularly create content, you need to know about Author Rank now, because its implications for search engine optimization (SEO) are likely to be huge.

Windows XP: One year to go but is it already too late to move? – With Microsoft’s cut-off date for support for Windows XP exactly 12 months away, the options are narrowing for the many organisations that have yet to carry out an OS upgrade.

More than 2 billion gadgets are forecast to ship in 2013 – Almost 2.4 billion computers, tablets and cellphones will ship this year, according to estimates from Gartner. Android is already the most dominant operating system and is expected to solidify its position this year, when roughly 861 million of the 2.4 billion devices expected to be shipped will run the OS. Microsoft’s Windows is predicted in second place at 354 million and Apple’s OS X and iOS combined in third at 293 million devices. RIM’s BlackBerry OS will account for 31 million devices.


Bill Gates offers $5000 for Facebook sharing? It’s just not that funny – Bill Gates may be a billionaire, but if he’s going to splash his cash around he’s got better things to do with it than give it to people who simply share a photo of him on Facebook.

Anonymous targets Israel in another cyberattack – The hacktivist collective claims to have caused more than $3 billion in damage in protest against treatment of Palestinians, but officials say the attack has caused minimal disruption.

Parking ticket firm ‘exposed private info’ – UK Parking Control (UKPC) is accused of revealing photographs of Brits’ cars parked with number plates clearly to be read and in some cases the location revealed. In some images it’s alleged that other details such as identification cards, shopping or belongings are clearly visible. Campaigners against private parking firms believe these images – allegedly made easily accessible to anyone on the UKPC website – exposed drivers’ personal information.

Silent Circle aims for email that’s as secure as it gets: PGP and Navy SEALs take on privacy – It’s been 22 years since Phil Zimmerman, Jon Callas and the rest of the PGP crew brought encryption to the masses for free, and now the same team – augmented by backing from a couple of former Navy SEALs – has expanded into a new privacy concern that will launch an email service in a couple of weeks.

Company News:

EA Responds to Worst Company Poll: ‘We Can Do Better’ – Electronic Arts is in hot water with gamers over the botched SimCity launch, and users aren’t hiding their frustration with the company. The video game giant has now found itself in the semifinals of Consumerist’s annual Worst Company in America poll, battling it out with Ticketmaster for the title. For the record, EA “won” the title of Worst Company in America last year.

Facebook reveals its first TV ad for Facebook Home – Facebook has just revealed its first television commercial for Facebook Home, which is set to hit your television sets soon. The commercial is titled “Airplane” and it centers around a man who livens up his business trip by bringing his friends “on the journey with him”.

Online electronics store buys into bitcoins as sole currency – Bitcoinstore, which officially launched last month, sells its goods at wholesale prices. Additional savings come from the use of bitcoin as a payment method, which is intended to show retailers such as and NewEgg its utility, said Jon Holmquist, Bitcoinstore’s head of marketing, who is based in Anaheim, California.

India’s HCL to build social network for US schools – The Indian outsourcer is building an online “hub” for American organization North Carolina New Schools, where educators and students can share content and discussions, and access tools and resources.

Fraunhofer tests an LED lamp that will light up your PC at 3 Gbps – When you think about broadband connections, you usually picture radio airwaves or wires, not ambient light. But the emerging field of LED broadband (sometimes dubbed Li-Fi) aims to turn your light bulbs into data transmitters by subtly manipulating the rate they flicker. One of the organizations researching such optical communications technology, Germany’s Fraunhofer, has hit a new milestone: a lighting system that could deliver up to 3 Gbps. (suggested by Aseem S.)

Google must defend privacy policies to 6 European agencies – Six European data protection authorities will conduct formal investigations of Google’s privacy policy after the company repeatedly rejected their requests that it reverse changes it made to the policy last March. Data protection authorities in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the U.K. have resolved to conduct investigations or inspections of Google’s privacy policy, following an initial investigation by the French data protection authority.

Invite Tips Google Fiber Rollout in Austin, Texas – Google today sent out invites for an April 9 joint event with the City of Austin, prompting speculation that the search giant will expand its Google Fiber 1 gigabit Internet service to the Lone Star State.

Microsoft, Google, and Apple: Which one faces doom in 2017? – Last week, Gartner released a report that had tech bloggers declaring Microsoft obsolete and the PC dead. But a closer look paints a surprisingly rosy picture for Microsoft.

Torment kills it on Kickstarter as top-funded game ever – Torment: Tides of Numenera, a science fiction role-playing game under development, yesterday became the most funded game on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, raising more than $4.1 million. More than 74,000 people pledged the developer, InXile Entertainment, anywhere from $5 to thousands of dollars to to help enable Torment come to fruition.

Webopedia Daily:

Targeted tweets – Enhanced Twitter messages (“tweets”) that enable brands to reach specific people or audiences on Twitter without having to send the Tweet to all followers. Brands and advertisers can compose targeted Tweets using the enhanced Tweet box in Targeted Tweets is a pay service offered by Twitter, however brands will only be required to pay when users engage.

Games and Entertainment:

Microsoft exec sees nothing wrong with “always-connected” game consoles – I’ve always believed many hardware engineers and game devs simply don’t understand that a huge amount of people in the United States live in rural areas.

Banning Used Games Is A Deal-Breaker – Let me say this loud and clear: any game console that tries to block used games will fail. And I, along with other gamers, will be happy to see it.

Sony reveals pricing for its more budget-friendly 4K TVs – A 55- and 65-inch Ultra HD LED TVs will be available for order later this month for $4,999 and $6,999, respectively.

Black Sabbath is finally back – It was first announced back on November 11, 2011 (11-11-11) that the original line-up of Black Sabbath, with a lot of prodding from producer Rick Rubin, would reunite and record their first album of new material in over thirty years.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Why People Are Afraid of Google Glass – At times, it is hard to say if this is a grassroots defense of our un-augmented humanity or a simple joke. One thing is certain: Google Glass scares a lot of people. Me? I’m just scared I won’t get a pair.

iWorship: Church uses WiFi and tablet computers to stream prayers and hymns to congregation in UK’s first ever digital service – The tech-savvy congregation at St John’s Church in Mickleover, Derbys., followed hymns, readings and sermons on iPads and other handheld devices in the UK’s first ever digital service today.

Solar planes are cool, but they’re not the future of flight – Have you heard of the Solar Impulse? It’s a Swiss aircraft that’s powered entirely by solar energy. The ambitious goal of this project is to fly around the world using only solar power. On May 1, they’ll begin a trip from San Francisco to New York City, with multiple stops along the way. (suggested by Michael F.)

Witness the birth of ‘Jurassic Park’ dinosaurs – How did special-effects whiz Stan Winston create the beasts of “Jurassic Park”? As moviegoers experience “Jurassic Park 3D” we reveal the inner workings of the dinosaurs in the film.

Nudge here, nudge there, can bring behaviour change – Nudging theory says people can be pushed into a particular behaviour, with the right context, whether it’s to conserve energy or to pay back taxes. (suggested by Aseem S.)

Filmmaker turns to Kickstarter for a journey into the brain – The group called Neurodome led by director Jonathan Fisher have launched a Kickstarter project to raise $25,000 by May 14 to produce a dome-format movie made with real 3D images of the brain that will search for the biological reasons we need to go where no one has gone before.

The sharing (and selling) of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg – In order to peddle a new product that he hopes will take over your Android phone, Mark Zuckerberg seems to feel forced to share details about himself. After all, the more human he appears, the more you can trust him, right?

Today’s Quote:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

    Mark Twain

Today’s Free Downloads:

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype – Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is an absolutely free application for recording Skype calls without any limitations. It has a very simple interface. You don’t need to download or install any extra libraries to be able to use the program. You just need to specify the mode you like, choose the output folder and press “Start”. If you don’t want to record some moments during the conversation, just click on “Pause”. In order to finish the record select “Stop”.

SpringPublisher 3.1 – SpringPublisher is a professional and easy to use desktop publishing software. With its included various templates and online template store, powerful multi-layer editor, detailed help-files, SpringPublisher enables you to design and print Business Card, Flyer, Postcard, Letterhead and other artworks within a few minutes.

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