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Facebook research: What our usage reveals about us – Facebook is hot—or not, depending when and whom you ask. But there’s no shortage of people talking about the merits and demerits of the social network, especially researchers who love to dig into how it’s helping or hurting its users. Here’s the latest roundup of what they’re saying about how much we’re using Facebook, if it’s good to have at work, what it does to our egos, and more.

6 Apps That Make Managing E-Mail Easy – Even if you don’t get hundreds of messages a day, most people feel some frustration with e-mail. Here are several good apps that can help.

FREE Fax Service For Occasional Use – On two occasions in the past month I needed to send a fax. Having no actual fax machine to do this, I started exploring some of the online (Internet based) faxing options. What I settled with that worked very nicely, on both of those occasions, was an online faxing service called MyFax.

A simply beautiful weather app – From the same team behind the iOS weather app Dark Sky, this new Web app makes reporting the weather look good, even when it’s cloudy out.

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Find My Friends Update Allows for More Specific Stalking – Apple’s updated Find My Friends app now features the flexibility to choose the geographical area about which you want to be notified about

Digital Camera Buying Guide – In this buying guide we’ll help you understand which options and features are most important for what you want to accomplish and offer suggestions ranging from budget all the way up to high-end models for enthusiasts.

In your face, Facebook style – You won’t be able to ignore ads on Facebook any longer, and that’s going to thrill advertisers and Wall Street — unless users are like me and hate it.

Listen for the next big thing on Twitter: #TwitterChats – But the real million-dollar question is: Is it worth it? Needles says for the most part, it’s a fairly low-risk but potentially high-reward proposition. It doesn’t cost a lot of time or money to host a Twitter chat, so it’s basically a no-lose situation. The worst that can happen is nobody participates, then so what?

Crisis Hotlines Turn to Text Messages to Reach Teens – As more teens have gone mobile, using their phones as an extension of themselves, hotline providers have tried to keep up.

Jump-start your job! 10 essential career websites – Inside: a horde of terrific online resources for education, job searches, and overall career advancement.

Tracking the rumor that just won’t die: Facebook phone – This urban legend is alive and well, despite regular denials. Here, we’ve rounded up the rumors from the past two-and-a-half years.

US limits agency use of Chinese gear, citing cyberespionage – Obama this week signed a spending law that included a provision requiring NASA and the Justice and Commerce departments to get clearance from the FBI before buying information technology systems from companies “owned, directed, or subsidized by the People’s Republic of China.”

It’s about frickin’ time: U.S. gov requires security review for Chinese tech purchases – We have been letting the fox guard the hen house for far too long, and it’s high time the U.S. government did something about it.


5 Min Security Tip: Put Your Security Mask On – Each Internet computer user has the power to improve his or her security for free, in less than 5 minutes and without downloading anything.

Outdated (and vulnerable) Java usage abounds, analysis finds – Despite the widespread and well-publicized exploitation of vulnerabilities in Java, large numbers of businesess continue to use versions that are weeks, months, or even years out of date, a Websense survey of its customers reports. Collecting data from millions of endpoints, Websense discovered an amazing degree of fragmentation of Java clients, with three quarters using a runtime that was at least six months out of date.

NSA Director: Information-Sharing Critical To U.S. Cybersecurity – NSA Director and U.S. Cyber Command chief Gen. Keith Alexander discusses challenges to protecting U.S. interests in cyberspace.

Honeypot Stings Attackers With Counterattacks – Researchers test the controversial concept of hacking back and gathering intelligence on attackers.

Company News:

Google Gets into the Same-Day Delivery Race. Why? – Like eBay and others, Google is trying to make a business out of really fast, really cheap delivery. Good luck!

Reports debate how much Amazon paid for Goodreads – The estimates for how much Amazon paid for Goodreads range from a modest $150 million to a whopping $1 billion.

Pertino serves up small-business networks, in the cloud – Backed with new funding of $20 million, the startup aims to offer software-defined networks for SMBs that don’t want to make – or can’t afford – complex hardware.

Webopedia Daily:

Hybrid database – A relational database system that supports both in-memory and on-disk storage. Hybrid databases are typically deployed to retain the high performance and small database footprint advantages of in-memory databases while leveraging the durability and potential cost savings of on-disk databases.

Games and Entertainment:

Finally, Video Games You Play by Peeing (video 1:51) – What inspired prince-of-lavatories genius came up with this: video games you play by peeing.

Why You Should Watch Doctor Who – Doctor who? If you’ve never investigated the 50-year-old TV show about a time traveler in a broken time machine, here’s what you need to know for the Doctor’s return this weekend.

How virtual reality tech will change the future of games – Thousands of programmers, artists and designers flock to the Game Developer’s Conference every year to discuss the state of the games industry. A significant part of that discussion revolves around gaming technology, and the GDC show floor is filled with companies showcasing their latest game-changing hardware.

Diablo 3 Director Admits Auction Houses ‘Really Hurt’ Game – Diablo 3‘s former director Jay Wilson apparently admitted the game’s auction houses — both the real-money and traditional in-game mechanisms — “really hurt the game.”

Off Topic (Sort of):

You didn’t make the Harlem Shake go viral—corporations did – Experts said the “Harlem Shake” phenomenon was emergent behavior from the hive mind of the internet—accidental, ad hoc, uncoordinated: a “meme” that “went viral.” But this is untrue. The real story of the “Harlem Shake” shows how much popular culture has changed and how much it has stayed the same.

The honest ad your cable company will never make – Here’s a satirical “ad” that aims to expose some of the inner thinking of your local cable company. Tagline: You won’t like it and there’s no other option.

True Facts About The Naked Mole Rat – In association with BBC’s Earth Unplugged!! Check out another special episode on their awesome channel on The Star Nosed Mole! (suggested by Michael F.)

Happy Birthday Superman – With all the buzz and excitement surrounding Man of Steel, how could we forget that it will soon be Superman’s 75th birthday?

Rare Apple photos: Cook in high school, Jobs back on the job – Vintage shots surface on the Web: Tim Cook during his high school days in Alabama in the mid ’70s, and the fortuitous night Steve Jobs returned to Apple and set about engineering a legendary comeback.

Peering into the sci-fi future of PC displays – Prepare to be amazed with eight prototypes that show display innovation at its finest—and most fantastical.

The PC You’ll Never See for Sale – PC manufacturers are neglecting a big part of the market and leaving lots of money on the table.

Today’s Quote:

I have a simple philosophy. Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. And scratch where it itches.”

–      Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Today’s Free Downloads:

Dropbox Folder Sync 2.5 – Dropbox Folder Sync is a simple app for Dropbox that allows you to seamlessly sync folders outside the Dropbox folder. Pretty handy for syncing Firefox profiles, saved games, music library, Outlook data files etc., to Dropbox directly from their locations.

CSE HTML Validator Lite – Clean up your site with CSE HTML Validator Lite for Windows! CSE HTML Validator Lite is an award winning FREE (for personal and educational use) HTML editor and basic HTML syntax checker for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and above.

TSR Watermark Image – TSR Watermark Image software, is a free program for personal use that can add digital watermarks to all your images, photos and pictures with the transparency you decide. The program can also resize the images before the digital watermark is added.



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