Tomorrow Is World Backup Day – So, Are You Going To? Backup, That Is.

imageI have some bad news – sad news – for you this morning. Those graduation pictures you treasured, the pictures of your toddler’s first steps, this year’s income tax return which was just about ready to be filed, that resume you just finished updating – GONE – ALL GONE.

Your Hard Drive just quit overnight – never to be booted again. I know I should feel some measure of sympathy for you – but, I don’t.

I’m not trying to be a big meanie* here but, it seems to me, that you are the architect of your own misfortune. A little pre-planning to safeguard your irreplaceable data; documents, digital photos, email messages, personal and business related work, and important private data – could have saved you considerable distress.

If only you had a backup – but, you don’t – do you? I suspect that it’s little consolation but, you’re not alone. Despite the importance of Hard Drive and individual file backups, most computer technicians will tell you that typically, computer users’ do not backup their irreplaceable data.

It’s a little late to tell you this but, if you had been one of the few, out of the ordinary, computer users, who regularly and faithfully backup, you would have had some work ahead of you – but, you would have recovered your data.

All of the above of course, is an imaginary scenario – in fact, your system did boot up his morning. But, that’s hardly cause for complacency.

Redundant information: Just like death and taxes are a certainty, the fact that your computer’s Hard Drive will crash one day and refuse to respond, is every bit as certain.

If you don’t yet have a backup plan, it’s time you thought seriously about developing one. The effort involved in learning how to protect your data, by developing and implementing a backup plan in today’s computing age, is minimal. Much easier than it was, even as little as two or three years ago.

The best backup strategy includes imaging your Hard Drives and partitions, since that allows you to restore your important data, your complete operating system, as well as your installed applications, user settings, etc.

There are loads of free applications out in the wild blue that, used properly and regularly, will speed to the rescue. One of the best free program – one that I have no difficulty recommending is – EASEUS Todo Backup.

This is a brilliant application which will allow you to backup, recover your backups, image your Hard Drives, clone your Hard Drives, and a host of additional features. All of this, in a “follow the bouncing ball” simple, user interface.

If there’s an easier way to backup critical data, I have yet to find it.

The user interface has been designed so that a user with minimum computing experience, should have no difficulty.


The following screen captures illustrate the simple process of backing up a particular folder.


In this case, I choose the task name, selected the folder to be backed up, selected the backup media/location, and …..



Bonus: You can copy backup images to your personal cloud for data double protection. More info here.


A ton of options so that you can set the parameters of the task to suit your particular needs.


Recovery, is point and click simple.


Additional functions and features are available under the “Tools” menu.

In the following example I’ve run a check on the test backup to verify readability.


Finding that an image file is unreadable when called upon, ranks with one of life’s low points – well, sort of.    Smile

A quick initial check is a prudent move.


You’ll have the option of creating a system boot disk. You should do so.


The “emergency disk” will allow you to boot into EASEUS Todo Backup and then choose from a number of options.


  Fast facts:

System Backup and Recovery – One-click system backup. Backs up entire system state including the operating system and installed applications on-the-fly without interrupting your work to get the system up in time after crash.

File and Folder Backup – Backs up specified files, network shared files, files in use, folders or file types in case of virus attack, hard disk failure, or deletion by accident, etc.

Disk & partition Backup – Full backup disk(s)/partition(s), dynamic volume(s), or GPT disk(s)/volume(s) to image. It ensures PC security and instant data recovery in case of any data loss.

Incremental Backup – Provide alternatives to perform full backups each time by offering incremental backup. To capture changes saving time & disk space.

Backup Schedule – To run backup automatically at a predefined time. By scheduling a backup task, your system and important data can be backed up now, daily, weekly, monthly.

Disk Clone Tool – Clone or transfer all the data on a hard disk to another. Clone disk is especially useful to upgrade your hard drive to a new one without reinstalling operating systems and applications.

System requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8. (32 bit, 64 bit).

Download at: EASEUS

If you’re looking for a free application to handle all of your backup needs, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in EASEUS Todo Backup. Give it a try.

* In recent years, I’ve written 20+ articles on the importance of backing up critical data and, it distresses me somewhat that they have been amongst the least read articles I’ve written.

Good buddy TeX, summed up the backup issue neatly in a comment to a previous backup article sometime back, when he wrote – There are so many good programs out there for backing up, the problem is getting people to take that whole step seriously. It’s like dying,  “That always happens to someone else” theory.

It’s a point worth considering.

For additional reading on this important task, you might consider dropping by the World Backup Day site – DON’T BE AN APRIL FOOL. Backup your files. Check your restores.


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24 responses to “Tomorrow Is World Backup Day – So, Are You Going To? Backup, That Is.

  1. clas

    Bill, your articles and comments on backing up are like water to a thirsty traveler. Its something I always do, once a week. As you say, there are many good programs out there and a lot of free ones, so people just have to be prompted to do the back up. It takes me less than ten minutes to do an image and they have saved my bacon on numerous occaisions. I agree that the two pillars of good computing are security and backups… Happy Easter.

    • Hey Clas,

      I do recall that you’re a weekly “backer-upper.” And, as you point out – it takes only a few minutes.

      Glad that you mentioned the connection between security and a backup routine. As you know, they go hand in hand – “they have saved my bacon on numerous occasions.” 🙂

      Good to hear from you.



  2. Reblogged this on master novice and commented:
    exactly what I must do consistently

  3. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    A timely reminder indeed. Unfortunately, the ‘it won’t happen to me’ syndrome is part of the human condition. Smokers, drinkers to excess, the obese, all suffer from it. Trust me, I’ve been there in two of those scenarios.

    Luckily, backing up a computer is much easier than giving up tobacco, or losing weight. It just amazes me that, with our increasing reliance on digital data, people are so lackadaisical about this.

    Just as luckily, we have people like you, who never seem to tire of banging their heads against the brick wall.

    May you have a headache-free Easter.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi John,

      True heartache – Fellow sits down and writes a rather serious account of a particular adventure in his life – for another site (6 hours work). Several days later while getting ready for a system reinstall, he decides all images are up to date and completes the OS install. And, of course, loses the un-backed up article. Worse, the spontaneity is gone from the replacement article.

      Angry fellow sits down and writes article on the importance of backing up. 🙂

      Even with the best of intentions screw ups happen.

      You’re right of course – this lack of planning/action, is part of the human condition. Hardly restricted to technology. Just as, when the shit hits the fan, it’s everybody’s fault but ……. Sigh.



  4. Hi Bill,

    EASEUS Todo Backup may be great, but it’s not free, or am I mistaken?

  5. Windows 7 and 8 comes with it’s own backup program. There isn’t any need for a third party application.
    My computers get backed up each Sunday night while I’m sound asleep.
    I actually create a system image that way if I have a hardware failure or, wind up with a nasty infection, restoration is only a click away and within a reasonable amount of time I’m back in business and the amount of personal data that’s lost is always minimal.
    If you need some help finding the Image backup function in Windows 8,
    the following video should help:

    • Hi Bob,

      Well, we’re going to disagree on this one I’m afraid. Not in the sense as to whether Win7/Win8 can get the job done (that’s not debatable). But, as to whether or not there’s a need for a third party application.

      With Microsoft – there’s always a need for a third party application. Which would explain why, there are so many of them that have been developed to duplicate, and expand upon, a WIN OS system tool. Most often, the third party application is superior to the MS tool.

      Having used both Win 7 and Win 8 from Day 1 of both Beta’s (including testing Win7/Win8 backup under its various guises and names), I choose to stay with my long time favorite – EASEUS Todo Backup.

      Since MS makes it difficult to locate Backup, your video will prove very helpful. Well done!



      • Like you, I also did beta testing on both Win 7 and 8. Unlike you, I started right off using the built in Backup feature in Windows 7 and when it wasn’t easily available in Windows 8 I started digging a little deeper.
        There’s nothing wrong with Easeus it’s a great program and a program used by many of my friends and associates.
        I’ve never used it and since the built in feature has never let me down, I’m as happy with it as you are with Easeus.
        Hope you have a great Easter,


        • Hi Bob,

          It never ceases to amaze me, just how much choice we have as consumers in software. The numbers are staggering. Little wonder that we have variances in opinion. Ya gotta love it. 🙂

          Thank you for the Easter wishes which I’ll return to you – Best Wishes for a Happy Easter!


  6. John

    Hi Bill,

    Spot on as usual. 🙂

    I must confess to being one of those that doesn’t regularly back up, yeah I know shame on me, but thanks to your timely reminder I shall endeavour to improve my slovenliness.

    One thing which always confuses me is what’s the diff between cloning and imaging as I’m never sure as to which I should be doing?


    • Hi John,

      Yeah – shame on you. 🙂 Get going on this.

      Cloning vs imaging? Here’s a good breakout – Should I Image the Hard Drive or Clone It? Personally, for practical purposes, I’ve always considered the differences to be minor.

      Hope all is well.



      • John

        Hi Bill,
        Many thanks for that link, explains it all rather well. Imaging it is for me!
        All is good here except I’m feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself at the moment, just had another hernia repair and they were a bit hard on my bits and pieces, I can hardly sit down I’m that bruised and swollen, HaHa.


        • Hi John,

          YIKES! That sounds very painful – especially not been able to sit down. That sucks!

          I’d have to agree – imaging is the way to go, for you.

          Take care of yourself – treat yourself a little special until you’re back in the saddle. You deserve it. 🙂



  7. delenn13

    Figured this was a good page to put this…Then you can put it where you want. Just follow the rules…
    Ashraf is da man…..72 hour giveaway….

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    • Hey Delenn13,

      Yes – a great place to put it since I don’t have time today to write something up on this.

      I’ll lead off with it in tomorrow’s TNN.




  8. Because of this post.. I bought a 1TB hard disk to backup tons of things! 🙂