Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – March 24, 2013

Get a $32 Mac app bundle for free – These three handy tools would normally cost you $32, but through Sunday, you can get them gratis.

A flowchart for not feeding the trolls – This flowchart by the United States Air Force serves as a good baseline for social media interaction and for dealing with pesky and potentially harmful Internet trolls.

Tips from a Social Media One-night Stand – Some thoughts and advice from the latest in a series of advanced social media workshops around the country. Some say they have a memorable name.

Block social networking sites with DansGuardian – If your SMB doesn’t want to fool with the hassle of monitoring employees’ use of social media sites and creating a social media policy, try the open source DansGuardian to block such sites altogether.

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Five Star Rated Calculator For Google Chrome – If you are a regular here, then you know I especially like software made clocks, weather apps and calculators. Several months back, while exploring the Google Chrome Web Store, I happened across a really nice looking, functional and handy calculator that is an extension to the Google Chrome browser.

8 myths about the smartwatch revolution – Pundits, journalists and bloggers are writing a lot about the new smartwatch category. But almost everything they’re predicting about the future of smartwatches is wrong. Here are the 8 biggest myths about the coming smartwatch revolution.

Google Keep has the basics down, but that’s it – Enough with the talk of Google Keep killing Evernote. In its current form, this newborn app would be no match. That said, it’s still a pretty good note-taker that has a lot of upside.

Password’s rotten core not complexity but reuse – Summary: SANS Institute list of Top 7 Human Risks in computing includes phishing, passwords, devices.

Do we need another Windows OS? – Microsoft made a case this week for Windows RT, its stripped down version of Windows 8. But do we really need a third version of Windows, or should Microsoft simply throw its weight behind Win 8?

Microsoft to update all built-in Windows 8 apps – Microsoft appears ready to roll out updates to its full set of core Windows 8 applications.

Lawmakers seek to ban drivers from wearing Google’s high-tech specs – West Virginia lawmakers are already pouncing on the existence of Google Glass and introducing a bill that would prohibit drivers from making a spectacle of themselves.

New report details cyberwar rules, puts hackers in crosshairs – Use of lethal force on those behind a cyberattack on a nation would be legal if the virtual attack meets criteria similar to those currently accepted for real-world warfare, said Michael N. Schmitt, chairman of the International Law Department at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, R.I.


Apple ID security issue fixed, password page back online – The page was taken down yesterday, after reports of an exploit that could let hackers with a user’s e-mail address and birth date change the user’s Apple ID password. The company has fixed the issue.

Botnets Used For Click Fraud – Botnets “can allegedly generate more than $6 million a month through bogus clicks on online adverts.” Cybercriminals are very smart in their use, and cross use, of the tools they have to commit money-making crime.

South Korean cyberattacks used hijacked patch management accounts – According to South Korean antivirus company AhnLab, the 20 March attacks used stolen IDs and passwords for its Patch Manager software to distribute the malware to an unknown number of the 32,000 PCs affected inside the victim firms, including the Munhwa, YTN, Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) TV stations, and the Shinhan, Jeju and Nonghyup banks.

GSA breach highlights dangers of SSNs as IDs – A recent security breach at the U.S. General Services Administration highlights the dangers of using your Social Security Number for identification. Federal and state laws restrict use of SSNs by public and private organizations.

Security vendors fix flaw in Samsung phones screen lock – The problem comes from Samsung’s implementation of the emergency call feature, which allows people to dial emergency services or reveals a contact people can dial if they find someone’s phone, said David Richardson, a product manager at Lookout Mobile Security.

Company News:

Apple buys WiFiSlam, maker of tech for locating phones indoors – The startup’s product lets smartphones pinpoint their location using ambient Wi-Fi signals already present in buildings.

Blackstone proposes counterbid for Dell, reports say – Blackstone’s proposed counterbid is in the price range of between $13.65 and $15 per share, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday. That either matches or exceeds the $13.65 per share offered by Michael Dell and equity investor Silver Lake to take the company private.

Bing boosts Twitter, Facebook findings in search results – The changes are designed to give users at-a-glance answers to their search queries while at the same time highlighting the relationships between results, Microsoft announced last week in a blog post.

Juniper to unveil new advanced switch, promises networking improvements – Juniper Networks is readying a new programmable core switch to address software-defined networking in campuses and data centers. Sources say it is called the EX9200 and is based on the MX router. It comes in three configurations: 4-slot, 8-slot and 14-slot chassis, the same form factors as the company’s successful MX 240, 480 and 960 routers for enterprises and service providers.

Webopedia Daily:

Willow Glass – An advanced, flexible screen currently in development by Corning that is expected to be used in making bendable mobile devices like smartphones of the future and possibly smart watches such as the rumored Apple iWatch. Corning’s Willow Glass is an extremely thin, malleable glass that’s only 100 microns (0.1 millimeters) thick. While easily bendable, Willow Glass can also break fairly easily if bent too much. Willow Glass is also capable of roll-to-roll production runs rather than the sheet-to-sheet production runs that are used for most of the screens on existing mobile devices. Devices with Willow Glass could appear on the market as soon as early 2014, although some analysts believe advanced “wearable computing” devices with flexible Willow Glass screens are still several years away from becoming publicly available.

Games and Entertainment:

GarageBand adds Audiobus support to make it even better – GarageBand is the best app for music creation on a touch screen. With real-world instruments, true-to-life sounds, and tons of easy-to-use tools, there is simply no other app in its class for iOS.

Game maker: Apple banned our sweatshop iPad game – Sweatshop HD, designed to get kids thinking about where some of their favorite products are made, falls foul of Apple’s, well, taste levels.

NHL celebrates 20-year anniversary of NHL ’94 in awesome throwback fashion – Arguably the most coveted hockey game of all time gets honored on with a throwback spin on some modern highlights.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Could Google Glass someday start breakfast or do chores? – Google last week filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for technology that enables Google Glass to control everyday devices, such as a garage door opener, a refrigerator with a control interface, a home alarm system, or a copy machine. So, someday, Google Glass might just fire up your coffee maker, if Google sees its vision through.

Embrace, extend, extinguish: How Google crushed and abandoned the RSS industry – Most of the commentary I’ve read so far about the loss of Google Reader has been about its use as an RSS client. But that’s a red herring. The real victims were companies that had planned in 2005 and 2006 to build RSS sync engines. Google stomped them out of business like Godzilla sweeping through Tokyo.

Techie Fired After Tweeting About Men’s Comments – A female developer was fired after tweeting about a group of men she said were making sexual comments at a computer programming conference, fueling an already vigorous debate about gender equality and culture in Silicon Valley.

Cracked: 28 Inspirational Image Memes (Revised for Honesty) – Motivational sayings have been plastered on images in poster form for years. And now that anyone can type on images they found on Google Image Search, and your parents have figured out how to forward emails, they’re apparently here to stay.

Man accused of selling golf-ball finders as bomb detectors – A British businessman allegedly charged 27,000 pounds (around $41,000) for devices that weren’t quite what he said they were. Government organizations bought them.

Today’s Quote:

Play by the rules, but be ferocious.”  

–     Phil Knight founder of Nike

Today’s Free Downloads:

Free One Click ZIP & RAR Wizard 2.0 – Zip, unzip and unrar made easy with just one click. This great program is especially designed for beginners who are new to computers and user interfaces.

SpyShelter Personal Free 8.0 – The SpyShelter monitors vulnerable and weak spots in your computer system to ensure that even the most advanced keyloggers are shut down even before these can launch a single dangerous attack against your computer. SpyShelter antikeylogger system is fast, efficient, and easy-to-use.



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19 responses to “Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – March 24, 2013

  1. Thanks. I have two comments of the free software offered in this edition.
    1. One Click Zip&Rar – Caution, loaded with toolbars and other unwanted crap. You can bypass it by not agreeing to it but, they are tricky.
    2. SpyShelter Personal – The free version is not available for those of us who are using a 64 bit OS.

    • Hi Bob,

      Same old story isn’t it? Loads and loads of crap. Thanks.

      Long time SpyShelter Personal user Mal C. (see comment above), successfully installed the app – although, as you can see from his comment – “not perfect.” The developer of this application advertises the fact that the app is the “World’s first 64 bit anti keylogger.” It’s rather counterproductive if there’s an issue with 64 bit systems. Very strange.



  2. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    Re: SpyShelter Personal Free 8.0
    FINALLY. Thanks for the heads up on this new release. Just tested it, and although not perfect under x64 Windows 8, it is good enough combined with my other protection (Mamutu and AVG). I feel a lot happier having this baby up and working again. The good thing is, the licence I bought for a previous version is for life, so I got the full version for this latest release.

    • Hey Mal,

      Yippee-ki-yay!! About bloody time too! 🙂

      Could you fill me in on any issues you’re having with x64 (not perfect) when you get a chance?



      • No issue. The program simply gives you the message that the free version doesn’t support 64 bit systems and asks if I want to try the paid version.
        Since I came for something free, trying the paid doesn’t interest me.

  3. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    No problem. Only one issue so far I have found. Spyshelter failed Zemana’s keylogger tool. Not real good, but the new program comes with keystroke encryption, so that is helpful. It passed all other tests of Zemana’s and also the Antitest package.
    Some protection is better than none I guess.

  4. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    I can confirm bob3160’s comment that the free version does not support 64bit operating system.

    As you say – very strange.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi John and Bob,

      Gentlemen! Something is amiss here. 🙂 Two super geeks say “she no work” – one super geek says – “yes she does.”

      I’ve bashed off an email to the developer – let’s get the 411.



      • John Bent

        Hi Bill,

        Is not the answer that Mal already had a lifetime licence for the full version?

        Kind regards,

        • Hi John,

          I don’t know – I’m a little confused here (happening more often these days 🙂 ). In any event, I had a couple of questions for the developer so, I’ll hang in until the response to my email.



  5. Mal

    Hi Bill,
    Yes, that is the confusion. I did purchase Hitman Pro premium last year, which is why I can run it on my x64 machine. The free version does not support x64 machines. Sorry for the mixup Bill.
    I’ve had to do without Spyshelter until the developer added Windows 8 x64 support, which is why I was so excited when this new version finally came out.

  6. Mal

    Hi Bill,
    Now I’m getting my wires crossed. I meant I purchased the premium version of Spyshelter lol.