Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – March 23, 2013

Grab Glary Utilities Pro for Free (Normally $40) – Glary Utilities is a comprehensive PC maintenance tool, with features to clean and repair your system, optimize startup and memory, shred and undelete files, and more. The Pro edition, normally $40 (but discounted to $28 right now) is completely free with this special promo. The Pro edition promises enhanced system fixing and optimizing, automatic maintenance in the background, free technical support, and allows for commercial use.

12 best practices for better social media privacy – It’s impossible to remain completely anonymous while you’re using social media—anonymity would defeat the point—but every network has a few key, commonly overlooked privacy settings that take only minutes to set up and drastically improve the security of your shared data. Follow these simple steps for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram to ensure you’re not oversharing.

How to Boot From a CD or USB Drive on Any PC – Occasionally, if you’re troubleshooting your PC or installing a new operating system, you’ll have to “boot it from a disc” or USB flash drive. Here’s what that means, and how to do it.

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Use Magnifier for Facebook to enlarge photos without clicking – Check out this Chrome extension that will enlarge the photos in your Timeline without having to open each one.

Why You Should Get a Range Extender – Ranger extenders can work wonders, and I specifically recommend those from Netgear.

Quick Cliq – Quick Cliq is a portable menu based application launcher and productivity tool which speeds up your daily computer activities by giving you links to folders, files, programs, URLs and command line operations. It also offers window management, extreme clipboard manipulation, and note taking capabilities. All of this is provided in a compact menu that you can show anywhere and within any application or window through customizable hot keys and mouse gestures.

Google Drive hit by three outages this week – Google Drive, the cloud storage and applications suite used by millions at home and at work, has suffered three service interruptions this week, making it impossible at times for affected users to access their files and applications.

Have an older PC? Try the new Ubuntu Linux-based LXLE – For users of Microsoft Windows, frequent hardware upgrades tend to be a fact of life in order to keep each new iteration of the resources-hungry operating system running smoothly. Not so Linux, however, which is renowned for its generally small footprint and minimal hardware demands. Some Linux distributions do even better at this than others, however, and I’ve already covered Puppy Linux as one shining example of those that excel on low-resources PCs. Recently, however, another one made its debut: LXLE, a brand-new Ubuntu Linux spin created specifically for older hardware.

Make your website stand out in Windows 8 – Although Windows 8 remains controversial, it counts millions of early adopters, and Windows will likely remain the most popular operating system for the foreseeable future. That’s why it matters to optimize your website now for Microsoft’s newest OS. Luckily, all it takes is adding add some custom code to your website, and it doesn’t take heavy-duty developer skills. Read on to get started.

No one likes to pay taxes, eh? Translated from the original Canadian, that reads, “No one likes to pay taxes.” – WinTax is a Canadian payroll tax calculator. WinTax provides users with an easy way to calculate taxes on regular salary, bonus, retroactive pay, and commission. Calculations include CPP, EI, Federal tax, and Provincial tax (including Quebec). WinTax has the following features such as save employee information, easy to understand tax calculation reports, and user definable earnings and deductions. WinTax Calculator can calculate and save payroll tax calculations for one employee for any province.

Senate embraces Internet taxes – Senators vote 75 to 24 to glue an endorsement of Internet sales taxes onto a Democratic budget bill, despite opponents predicting the idea is antibusiness and a “bureaucratic nightmare.”


Apple Takes Tool offline After New Security Hole Surfaces – Less than a day after Apple announced a new two-factor authentication to better protect Apple ID and iCloud accounts, the company was scrambling to fix another major security hole with its own password reset tool.

How To: Chrome Browser Privacy Settings (video 4:04) – Manage privacy settings and security while navigating the web.

Fake Zendesk security notice spammed out, directs traffic to Canadian drug websites – Should you trust the security notice you have just been emailed, telling you to watch out for scam emails and to use hard-to-crack passwords? Perhaps not.

Anatomy of a bug: Battlefield: Play4Free hole allows dodgy updates to go unnoticed – A pair of Maltese vulnerability researchers have found a security hole in Battlefield: Play4Free from digital games giant EA. The vulnerability abuses the fact that different versions of Windows deal differently with erroneous input to the function used to start new processes.

Company News:

Mailbox App Hits 1 Million Users in Six Weeks – Mailbox, the iPhone email app recently acquired by Dropbox, announced a major milestone on Thursday — it hit one million users.

Judge says Xbox doesn’t infringe Google patent – In a ruling that reverses his earlier decision, a U.S. International Trade Commission judge says Microsoft did not infringe a patent owned by Google unit Motorola.

‘Android’ watchmaker Oko sues Google for trademark infringement – Just as rumors resurfaced that Google is getting into the smartwatch game, Oko International, the maker of a wide range of watches and timepieces sold under the brand name ‘Android,’ is suing the company for trademark infringement.

HTC One’s U.S. smartphone launch delayed until ‘end of April’ – While British, German and Taiwanese retailers will begin selling the phone next week, the rest of Europe, North America and “most of Asia-Pacific” won’t see the highly anticipated handset until weeks later.

Barnes & Noble is now just giving Nooks away – The company has announced a limited time deal where customers who order a Nook HD+ tablet ($269 for the 16GB version, $299 for the 32GB version) between March 24th and March 31st will also receive a free Nook Simple Touch E Ink reader ($79). This is a good deal for families trying to decide if they should purchase an e-reader or invest in a more brawny tablet.

Zynga moves beyond Facebook in online game repertoire – On Thursday, Zynga rolled out changes to its homepage allowing users to create an account on the site just for playing games without having to log in first through Facebook, as has been the custom previously. The moves are part of a larger company plan to further distance itself from Facebook in an effort to expand and solidify its own user base.

Webopedia Daily:

Entity-relationship model – Also called an entity-relationship (ER) diagram, a graphical representation of entities and their relationships to each other, typically used in computing in regard to the organization of data within databases or information systems. An entity is a piece of data-an objector concept about which data is stored. A relationship is how the data is shared between entities. There are three types of relationships between entities:

Games and Entertainment:

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is Ghastly entertaining – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is a highly entertaining sequel over a decade in the making and is one of the 3DS’ newest must-plays.

Capcom Reviving DuckTales for Modern Consoles – Capcom today announced plans to revive the classic NES DuckTales (woo-oo!) game. The updated game is set for a summer release on Xbox Live, PSN, and Wii U

Wizardry Online brings 1981 dungeon crawling into the MMO era – This game is not for people with a low tolerance for frustration, or who expect glowing neon arrows leading them from quest to quest, or who want a lot of bright colors and shiny effects. Wizardry Online is gritty, difficult, and brutally unforgiving. The history of MMORPGs strongly hints it will become much less so over time, so, if you want bragging rights of having played when it was tough, start now.

AMD’s newly-announced Radeon HD 7790 guns for the budget 1080p gaming crown – Last month’s release of Nvidia’s Titan graphics card—the most powerful consumer GPU ever announced—may have inspired uncontrollable drooling among the enthusiast crowd, but at a cool $1000, the card simply isn’t priced to move. AMD’s latest release takes a different tack. Today, the company announced the Radeon HD 7790 series graphics card, a $150 mid-range GPU designed to bring better 1080p gaming to the masses.

Blizzard reveals HearthStone strategy card game – World of Warcraft’s maker officially announces a free-to-play collectible card game for PC, Mac, and iPad. The beta starts this summer, with a full product out by the end of the year.

Razer Edge Pro: Our first look at a Windows 8 gaming tablet – The most important thing you need to know about the Razer Edge Pro is that it works—you can use it to play contemporary PC games at decent settings, and the battery lasts long enough to let you play for at least 2-3 hours at a stretch before you need to recharge.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Cracked: 5 Ridiculous Natural Disaster Myths You Probably Believe – Despite all the advancements we’ve made in weather prediction, disaster preparedness, and sandbag technology, most of us are absolutely screwed if Mother Nature decides to throw a fit. That’s why extreme weather has become a sort of boogeyman for humanity, one we love making the bad guy in action movies because we are terrified of how helpless it makes us feel. And like any boogeyman, the urban legends and old wives’ tales have completely outpaced the original threat. So let’s take a minute to put at least five of those absurd legends to bed right now.

The 40 Hottest Women in Tech – Through web development, social media, space exploration, and video game design, we see the world of tech becoming a more equal playing field. Here are 40 women we admire doing work in the field of innovation.

Lifehacker: Want to Be Happier? Stop Doing These 10 Things Right Now – Happiness-in your business life and your personal life-is often a matter of subtraction, not addition. Consider, for example, what happens when you stop doing the following things.

Chinese government builds national OS around Ubuntu – The Chinese government has announced plans to release Ubuntu Kylin, an Ubuntu 13.04-based OS with features targeted at the Chinese market.

The Telephone and How We Use It – This booklet, published in 1951, was a beginner course in telephone use. Targeting elementary school students, it covers everything from basic use to emergency calls and proper etiquette. (e.g. – When using the telephone, hold the receiver close to your ear. The receiver is the end without the cord.)

Anti-drone revolt prompts push for new federal, state laws – Concerns about privacy, facial recognition, cell phone tracking, and infrared surveillance have dealt a setback to law enforcement’s growing enthusiasm for aerial drones.

Today’s Quote:

All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.”

–     Winston Churchill

Today’s Free Downloads:

EASEUS Todo Backup Free Edition 5.8 – Protect your PC with EASEUS Todo Backup Home by just a few quick steps. If you lose any files you like or need to go back to an earlier version, don’t worry, you can recover them in time.

Spiceworks IT Desktop – Spiceworks IT Desktop is the only application that combines Network Inventory, Help Desk, Reporting, a built-in TFTP Server, Monitoring, Active Directory Management, and Troubleshooting in a single, easy-to-use interface.


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