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7 Signs You’ve Got Malware – Does your computer have a malware problem? How would you know? Computers are complicated enough that they don’t always do precisely what we expect. Sometimes an unexpected behavior is just a fluke; other times, it’s an outward and visible sign of an inward and terrible malware infestation. If you notice any of these security warning signs, your system may well be compromised.

When you encrypt a file or a hard drive, is it really secure? – There’s no such thing as perfect security. Someone with sufficient time and money, and a strong enough motive, can crack anything. So the real question becomes: Is your encryption secure enough?

Facebook plugs Timeline privacy hole – Europe v. Facebook, an Austrian student organization that keeps tabs on Facebook’s privacy transgressions, recently discovered that Facebook’s latest timeline redesign allowed friends of friends to see the total number of Events a user has attended, even if that person’s privacy settings were set to only allow friends to see such events.

Hands on with Google Keep: Can it kill Evernote? – The note-taking Android app may be rough, but the mobile version is far more refined than the web interface.

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The EU Needs to Quit Crying Over Google Search – American practices are always interpreted by foreigners as anti-competitive. In reality, it’s just that the European offerings aren’t competitive. You’d think, for example, that the European Union and Eastern Europe could put their heads together and come up with an operating system that would wipe out Windows. Instead we hear grousing. So now it is Google’s turn to get skewered. With all the brilliant minds in Europe and Russia, can’t anyone develop a search engine to compete with Google? I guess not.

Make your business shine online: 8 steps to boost visibility – Managing your own website and submitting it to Google are good first steps, but they’re no longer enough. Read on to learn how to upgrade your online presence on your own website and on third-party sites, so that people can find you on the Web when they come looking.

New Verizon app untethers text messages from your cell phone – New app and Web client allows customers to send and receive texts from several devices, including PCs and tablets.

MediaMonkey organizes your MP3s – iTunes lets you do a lot with your music, but—let’s face it—Apple’s media management application doesn’t really focus on music. It’s simply too busy handling everything else. If you like the look and feel of iTunes, but wish that it kept its focus on music, you’re going to love MediaMonkey. Especially if you use a mobile device that does not run iOS.

Free portrait photography cropping guide – In the latest of our photography cheat sheet series of free infographics, we’ve put together this easy guide for understanding some of the best places to crop a subject in a portrait, and some of the places where you should not. ‘Yes’ areas are marked in green, while ‘bad’ locations are marked in red. Simply drag and drop this free portrait photography cheat sheet on to your desktop and keep it handy for your next photo editing session.

Microsoft Reveals Law Enforcement Data Requests – Microsoft last year received 75,378 law enforcement requests for customer information covering 137,424 accounts or other identifiers. The report covers Microsoft’s online and cloud services, including Hotmail,, SkyDrive, Xbox Live, Office 365, and Skype. The company pledged to release updated information every six months.

Mozilla: Has Firefox become too customizable? – Alex Limi, who works on product design strategy at Mozilla, in a blog post on Monday – “We’re trying to design software that can be used by everyone — that also means we have to keep them safe and not make it so easy to break a product they rely on every day,” he explained. Bottom line: Limi wants Mozilla to reconsider and revamp the Firefox settings. Whether that happens remains to be seen.

6 Note-Taking Alternatives to Google Keep – Here’s a quick look at some of the competition faced by Google Keep.

Microsoft discontinues Office 2010 sales, some retailers jack up prices – Some sellers have raised the price of Office 2010’s lowest-cost multi-license package after Microsoft discontinued retail sales of the suite. Giant online retailer, for example, now lists what Microsoft called the “Full Packaged Product” (FFP) of Office Home & Student 2010 at $170, $20 higher than the former list price, representing a 13% surcharge. Another seller on the site pegged Home & Student 2010 at $250, or 67% above list.


BBC Twitter Accounts Hacked by Pro-Assad Group – The BBC’s weather, Arabic, and Radio Ulster Twitter feeds were hacked by a Syrian group.

Australian banks ‘not immune’ to hack attack – A senior security analyst says the major hacking attack which paralysed several South Korean banks and TV broadcasters this week could happen in Australia. According to the Korea Internet Security Agency, television stations KBS, MBC, YTN and two large banks were “partially or entirely crippled” by the malware attack. Trend Micro Australia’s senior security manager Adam Biviano says it was a sophisticated attack that could occur in Australia. (recommended by Mal C.)

Yontoo Adware Trojan Targets Mac Browsers – Researchers have uncovered a new Trojan, dubbed Yontoo, that installs adware on the browsers of infected systems with just a few clicks. Russian anti-virus firm Doctor Web outlined how the scam works on Macs, but said that a similar scheme is also targeting Windows PCs.

Iran is a more dangerous cyber threat to U.S. than China or Russia – Testifying before the House Committee on Homeland Security’s cybersecurity subcommittee, witnesses drew a sharp distinction between the threats from comparatively mature actors like China and Russia, with which the United States has longstanding—if strained—diplomatic and economic ties, and nations like Iran and North Korea.

Company News:

Intel hopes to trump cable TV packages with new set-top box – Later this year, Intel will release a set-top box that will deliver live TV and on-demand content through a customized Web user interface. The set-top box could replace cable TV boxes, Apple TV, or Roku boxes, and will also deliver TV and Internet content to tablets and smartphones.

DoD Denies Plans to Ditch BlackBerry for Apple – The U.S. Department of Defense on Thursday said reports this month claiming it plans to end support for BlackBerry smartphones were “in error.”

BlackBerry 10 OS Surpasses 100,000 Apps – Less than two months after its release, the new BlackBerry 10 operating system has surpassed 100,000 applications.

Zynga Cuts the Cord With Facebook, Kinda – When social game developer launches next week, it will drop the requirement that players sign in through their Facebook accounts.

Google sticking to plan to keep Android, Chrome separate – Google wants to remind you, once again, that a grand convergence between Android and Chrome OS isn’t happening any time soon. That’s hardly a new revelation, but the recent replacement of Android boss Andy Rubin with Sundar Pichai, who already oversees Chrome OS, fueled speculation that the two operating systems were destined to become one.

Webopedia Daily:

Subscriber identity module – A subscriber identity module (SIM) is a smart card inside of a GSM cellular phone that encrypts voice and data transmissions and stores data about the specific user so that the user can be identified and authenticated to the network supplying the phone service. The SIM also stores data such as personal phone settings specific to the user and phone numbers. A SIM can be moved from one phone to another and/or different SIMs can be inserted into any GSM phone. For example, if a user has one phone but uses it for both personal and business calls, he can change the SIM depending on how he will be using the phone (one card contains his personal identity and data and the second card carries his business identity and data).

Games and Entertainment:

Free Game Friday: Weeklong roguelike challenge – Roguelike games, defined by their high degree of difficulty and randomly-generated loot and enemies, are seeing a resurgence lately—games like Binding of Isaac and FTL remix the tried-and-true Rogue formula and bring a lot of indie attention to the genre in the process. This week we’ve got 5 games from the recent 7 Day Roguelike Challenge, where devs had just one week to make an original roguelike.

March Madness: Get It All Online – Away from a TV? Here’s how you can stream all of the March Madness games and follow the action on Twitter.

5 Things to Build in Minecraft 1.5 – Minecraft 1.5 added tons of features to play with; here are a handful of cool new things to try. Happy crafting!

Star Trek Into Darkness international trailer is here! – Team Abrams has posted the international version of The Star Trek Into Darkness trailer. Warning – major spoilers ahead!

Chrome ‘World Wide Maze’ Experiment Turns Websites Into Playgrounds – Google Chrome’s World Wide Maze turns users’ favorite websites into their personal playground, creating a 3D maze through which gamers navigate a sort of electronic pinball toward ..

Logitech Unveils New G Line of Gaming Accessories – Logitech rebranded their G Series with the same name and has announced it as their official gaming line along with a variety of new keyboards, mice, and headsets.

15 best Android games – Having trouble finding the right games to download on your Android device? Here are 15 of my favorites.

Off Topic (Sort of):

10 Cool Classic Film Cameras – PCMag’s digital camera analyst, Jim Fisher, tests the most advanced digital cameras in the world but he still shoots on film. We don’t review those cameras because we are an all-digital operation these days, but a large amount of his personal work is done on film. He isn’t a Luddite–he isn’t even particularly romantic about film–he just likes the process and the final product. Here are some of his favorite film cameras.

The world’s top porn search terms revealed – The top search term for British-based users of pornography websites was “British”, followed by “Indian” and “MILF” – an acronym referring to pornography featuring older women. The top search terms in other countries were more unusual. Ukrainian porn fans were most likely to search for “Raincoat (gay)”, while in Romania the top term was “Mom and son”.

Video: Zero Charisma analyzes the geek psyche – When I saw the title Zero Charisma on the ‘Net, it definitely made me laugh. It’s a new film about geeks that at least one review says hits the nail on the head pretty hard.

Dongle jokes and a tweet lead to firings, threats, DDoS attacks – A developer tweets her objection to jokes told at a conference, leading to the dismissal of one of the men — and herself as well.

French students’ group seeks $50M in criminal damages from Twitter – A French Jewish student group has filed a lawsuit seeking $50 million in criminal damages from Twitter and its CEO Dick Costolo over the company’s failure to identify those responsible for a series of antisemitic posts last October. Twitter retorted that the union was “grandstanding.”

Microsoft’s cash-for-apps plan reeks of desperation – Awarding a $100 bounty for Windows apps will just lead to crap software, not the triple-A titles Microsoft needs.

Today’s Quote:

Wrong – one of those concepts that depends on witnesses.”

–      Scott Adams

Today’s Free Downloads:

Ghostery 2.9.3 – Ghostery sees the “invisible” web, detecting trackers, web bugs, pixels, and beacons placed on web pages by Facebook, Google Analytics, and over 1,000 other ad networks. Protect your privacy. See who’s tracking your web browsing and block them with Ghostery.

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype – Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is an absolutely free application for recording Skype calls without any limitations. It has a very simple interface.



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